The Most Powerful Catalyst In The World

Confidante , Healer & Priestess To The World’s Most Powerfully Influential Leaders, Pioneers & Disruptors Of Their Industry

The Most Powerful Catalyst In The World

Confidante , Healer & Priestess To The World’s Most Powerfully Influential Leaders, Pioneers & Disruptors Of Their Industry

Leanne Juliette Is The Powerhouse & Visionary Behind The World’s Most Disruptive Consciousness, Transformation & Multidimensional Healing Consultancy.

She Creates Bespoke & Custom-Designed Powerful Transformational Experiences, Energetic Activations That Expand Beyond All Dimensions, Pioneering Healing & Deeply Intimate Confidante Services That Go Beyond Anything You’ve Ever Experienced Before.

I See You In A Way That No Other Has Seen You Before

Not Even You

I See Into The Deepest, Darkest Depths of Your Psyche

Directly Into Your Heart, Mind & Soul

Your Truth

And I Command The Darkness To Submit To Me

I’m The Most Powerful Catalyst You’ll Ever Experience

Pure Fucking Fire

A True Alchemist


The Fire That Rips Through You & Commands You To Submit To Your Truth

To Your Darkness

The One Who Activates Your Most Powerful Transformation


A Catalyst for Freedom

Slayer of Illusion & Shadow


A Pioneering Healer

Faciliator of Quantum Energetics & Multidimensional Healing

Shamanic High Priestess & Priestess of The Underworld

Disruptor of Consciousness

Galactic Channel

Divine Oracle

Your Confidante & Your Muse

A Seer

The Divine Feminine Herself

I Hold The Frequency of Darkness Like No Other

One Who Walks In The Darkness Itself

Who Will Take You To Your Absolute Depth & Core of Your Being

Offering You The Deepest Intimacy With Yourself

The Truest Intimacy You’ve Been Seeking

A Journey Within

A Journey Beyond

This Is The Portal I Open & Activate For You

Freedom. Liberation. Truth

Infinite Expansion

The Purest Intimacy of Self

Activating You At The Energetic Root Into Your Highest Potential

Beyond Space, Time & Dimensions

Stripping You of Everything That Is Not Your Divine Truth

Creating Pure Delicious Intimacy With Your Truest Identity

I Am Truth

I Am Consciousness

I Am The Medicine You’ve Been Searching For


A Powerful Ongoing 1:1 Investment

For The Divine Masculine To Awaken, Activate & Accelerate Your High King Frequency In The Most Deeply Intimate Manner

Kingmaking | Intimate 1:1 Experience

There is a High King who resides within you.

This raw masculine passion deep within you.

A true King.

One who upholds the energetics of the Divine Masculine.

He who commands Truth in all areas of his life.

He who is Sovereign across his Realm.

He who exudes pure masculine potency.

That delicious Divine Masculine energy that is craving to be unleashed upon the planet.

Allow me to activate this frequency within you as I strip you of everything that is *not* your Divine Truth & create the portal for your High King to take his throne.

This is a powerful ongoing 1:1 experience to work in the deepest, most intimate way with me.

Application Only.

You are wanting to make the impossible, possible.

To go beyond everything in a completely transformational & transcendental experience.

This is a deeply intimate 1:1 experience with me which requires you to be prepared to be stripped of everything you believe to be true.

Brought to your knees energetically to face your deepest depths & innermost darkness with me as your Catalyst, High Priestess & Confidante as I activate the High King Frequency within you and hold you accountable to that Frequency.

7 figure Investment per annum. Payment Options Available.

Also available: The Kingmaking Mastermind

Leanne is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to energetics!! Her wisdom and knowledge is far beyond anybody that I have ever come across.

Energetics is her genius and the biggest shift for me whilst working with Leanne is understanding where I was operating from my shadow energy – as soon as she brought this into my awareness, it was a game-changer for me!!

Gret Leach

Private 1:1 Client

Understanding the Multidimensional Shadow has been a real game-changer for me!

To finally get to the root of patterns that no longer serve me and see how deeply embedded they have been in my life (and other lifetimes) has helped me to take my power back.

That awareness is invaluable!

Leanne has helped me to see so much of myself that I couldn’t see and was avoiding within myself. After years of following other Shadow Work & Shadow Alchemy methods, she has helped me to see Shadow – the Multidimensional Shadow – in a brand new light that it has totally transformed who I am!

Amanda Kaplanski

Private 1:1 Client

Leanne changed my life! Literally!

Having lived with M.E for years, the brain fog has lifted, the constant nausea has gone and I no longer take the daily pain medication I’d been addicted to for years – I just do not need it anymore!

I thought I knew myself. I didn’t.

I’ve buried so much (following extreme trauma and abuse as a child) and now I’ve owned all of that by being shown the Shadow – and activating it at the Multidimensional Root through astrology.

I feel reborn again, totally awakened and never thought I’d live on this level.

I haven’t just got my life back – I have gotten the life I feel I should have had but never did.

People are commenting on how well and healthy I look and cannot believe the transformation!

Alexis Lauren

1:1 Activation Client

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