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Serving as a Catalyst for Multidimensional Transformation & the Death & Rebirth cycle - across all dimensions - by disrupting illusion within your psyche, alchemizing shadow into Truth and opening the portal for massive expansion & freedom in all areas of your life.

For Those Ready To Play With Magic

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Leanne Juliette Profile Photo


Leanne Juliette is a Visionary & Disruptive Genius.


A Catalyst & Activator for Truth Consciousness.


Queen of Shadow & Paradox.


With a unique ability to work both in the Dark Underworld of the Shadowy realm and with the Higher Cosmic Realms & Multidimensionality.


A Bridge between the worlds. A Time Travelling Futurist.


Able to "see" what others cannot.


As a Heyoka Mirror, her energy is highly disruptive to those who are still hiding in the shadows of their psyche. Those hiding away from their own Truth. 


She is a Liberator from everything that is no longer Truth within us. Working with the energy of Soul Trauma to find "the root" of whatever is holding us back from our Highest Potential - seeking this root across various timelines & lifetimes and alchemizing it into Truth Consciousness.


Combining her mystical insights, deep astrological wisdom and her ability to channel Galactic Consciousness, her work is a fusion of all things Metaphysical & Quantum designed to create the ultimate freedom within those who choose to enter her world.


As a Disruptive Genius, her gift is being able to see through the illusion, through the shadow, through the murky depths of the psyche - and to pierce it with potent Truth Consciousness delivered through words and energy - to deliver a seismic blow to the shadow and all that isn't Authentic Truth of the Soul - to the Ego - in order to create an alchemical energetic reaction within the subject - thus creating freedom, transformation & a revolutionary shift in consciousness.


The Mad Scientist of the Metaphysical World - playing with energy, breaking the rules of the societal norm and doing everything backwards which appears as chaos - Leanne Juliette brings through a unique revolutionary twist to offer you an alternative perspective to who you think you are - to create lasting change and freedom - in all areas of your Life and - most importantly - across Space & Time within the Multiverse.


She is The Glitch - the one who seeks out the cracks within your psyche - saying and doing the things that others dare not - in order to create the ultimate freedom that transcends the Multiverse by dismantling everything that isn't truth within you.


Welcome to the Realm of Disruptive Genius & Truth Consciousness - where freedom is the revolution & disruption is the currency.

"My life is shifting like the speed of light right in front of my eyes!"


Gret Leach



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For Those Ready To Play With Magic

Receive potent energetic activations & disruptive truth to blast apart shadow & illusion at the root and create a worm hole in your energetic frequency through which to travel the Multiverse and expand your consciousness & create revolutionary shifts in all areas of your life.

Enter The Void of the Death & Rebirth Cycle

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