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My darling...you didn't come here to fit in.

You came here to BLOW SHIT UP through your soul's powerful mission and vision.

To stand out.

To impact like like never before!

To bring your soul's BIG VISION to life.

And me?! I help you unleash HER!

Your raw, real, authentic, genius giant power...unleashed...activated...and TURNED THE FUCK ON...just like magic!

Leanne Juliette

So you're here because somewhere...somehow...your soul guided you to check out this quirky chick! Why thank you for stopping by!

Who is Leanne Juliette?!

I'm a Catalyst. The Queen of Shadow! A Quantum Witch. A Cosmic Priestess. An Alchemist. A powerful Psychic Intuitive Oracle. A Visionary. A Seer. A Shaman. A Mystic.

I'm a Trailblazer.  A Pioneer. A badass Boss Witch, Soul Catalyst, Alchemist, Rebel and Spiritual Leader.

I'm the fucking Phoenix. 

Risen through the fire and the ashes...I allowed my life to crumble around me so I could rebuild on my own fucking terms.

Within a month, my job ended, my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer (second time), I set up a business and left my husband to be a single parent.

In 1 month.

I'm a Destroyer - I burn shit down that no longer serves my highest purpose. All of it. No prisoners. And I'm not afraid to start afresh on my own terms.

That's why I'm the Phoenix.

I could have chosen to hide away. Lock myself up in victimhood. Give my power away and refuse to be myself.

But June 2018 was my rebirth. I found myself. I claimed my power.  I empowered myself to find the growth through my experiences.  I decided that I had to be all of me. Show up. Do me. Follow soul. Even when it made no fucking sense.

Especially then!

I unlocked and activated my soul mission. I'm a Catalyst. I burn through illusion.

I show you who you are.

Bluntly. Without the cheerleading sugar-coated BS that's rife in the online space.

No illusions.

I just speak my potent fiery magical truth...and have fun with it!

I help to activate your genius.

Your power.

Your giant within.

Your vision.

I connect you back to you always were - without the illusions, the masks or the layers.

Just pure Soul Consciousness.

Alchemical Mastery...with a twist of witchy magic...if you please 🙂 

Unlocking what is already within you and recoding you to be in alignment with your highest vision!

I work with those who didn't come here to fit in or to play small. Because your soul chose this life to stand the fuck out. To show up. To create massive impact through your purpose work - and more than likely - empower millions along the way ! 

And you desire - no matter what - to bring your soul's BIG ASS FUCKING VISION to life!

Because...well...why wouldn't you want to do that?!

Unless - that is - that you desire to just fit in and please others and go along with dotting the i's and crossing the t's....whilst never satisfying that urge that calls from deep within you.

Your soul.

The one you boxed off thinking that you couldn't be all of you, do what you desire to do and have what you know you are deserving of having.

That maybe - just maybe - your vision isn't worth it.


(Picks self up off the ground)

If you're someone who loves following rules and systems, doesn't desire to connect with a bigger vision, doesn't like rocking the boat and needs to be liked by all 8+ billion people on the planet...it's highly likely that I'm not for you.

No big deal - I'm not here for everyone. Just those whose soul's are ready to be activated and unleashed by my powerful as fuck energy.

Those, like you, who are here to create massive impact by actually doing your soul's work. Your epic as fuck purpose work. 

My soul's mission?! Well I'm glad you asked!

I'm here with a HUGE soul mission - astronomical - in fact! I'm here to IMPACT, INSPIRE and EMPOWER millions to just get out of their own fucking way, show up, stand out and create a life of abundance, ease and flow...all from doing your purpose work and being unapologetically YOU!

I show women like you (and men!) that there really are no fucking limits.


That's just a human illusion.

And we are limitless souls. Genius giants in a cosmos of opportunity!

We can be whoever we damn well choose to be.

But first - you've gotta DECIDE!

Decide that it's your time.

Decide that your vision is worth you getting out of your own way. Putting fears, shadows and ego aside. Decide that you're all fucking in with who you chose to be in this life.

Decide that you are ready to - finally - listen to soul.

To take the risks that make absolutely no sense to your human - but to just trust and surrender to soul.

To Source.

To Divine Guidance.

To Universal Consciousness.

To yourself and the higher forces that guide our limitless potential.

I work with the Rebels, the Disruptors and the Visionaries - those who command respect of their leadership and presence.

Those who desire to flick that switch within them and stop fucking around.

Those ready to get lit up and be the whole damn fire.

The Messengers, the Artists, the Creators - who desire to play in their own magical playground that is both messy and chaotic...but oh so truly fucking beautiful - because their purpose work flows like a giant waterfall cascading down into the depths of their soul and radiates outwards into the Cosmos creating massive impact that empowers millions!

Those - who don't play by the rules. Because where we come from - there are none 😉

Perhaps you've been told you're "crazy" or "too much" or "too out there" - and I applaud you for being all of those!!!!

Because the world certainly needs your big ass crazy as fuck vision and epic "too out there" energy!

So why turn it down?!

Turn it the fuck up and watch your world flip upside down when you align with soul and finally be all of who you were meant to be!

Get lit up. Be the whole damn fire!

There are many ways to connect with me further! And if my soul speaks to yours - then I highly encourage you to reach out and connect!