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Experience High Magic & Powerful Energetic Transformation with Shamanic High Priestess, Leanne Juliette
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Meet Shamanic High Priestess and the Pioneer of Multidimensional Shadow Consciousness, Leanne Juliette

To be in Leanne Juliette’s presence is to experience your own powerful Truth as she invites you to come home to yourself – your Divine Truth & Sovereignty – through the portal of The Multidimensional Shadow. 

Leanne Juliette is disrupting the world through a Consciousness Revolution. A powerhouse when it comes to Energetics, the Shadow and defying reality through the Alien Mind and her Alien Empire.

She is a powerful Portal. An Activator. A Catalyst. She sees in you what you cannot see in yourself – and she will stop at nothing to deliver potent Truth to you that will shatter & destroy all illusion & shadow at the Multidimensional Energetic Root.  

She is a powerful Destroyer of Illusion and takes no prisoners when it comes to delivering her renowned blunt as fuck truth that will shatter all Shadow – at the Multidimensional Energetic Root – which is forever delivered with fierce love and a cheeky hint of humour which she is renowned for with her clients.

Not one to be caged by rules & paradigms, she is here to show you another way of living that creates the most profound liberation within you at an energetic level.

The Multidimensional Shadow is a Glitch – an energetic glitch within us which creates physicial, mental, emotional, energetic & spiritual disharmony within us. A disconnection from our Divine Truth & Sovereignty.

When we go to the Energetic Root of the Shadow – which is always, always Multidimensional – we are able to transform ourselves instantaneously.

– Leanne Juliette | Shamanic High Priestess & Pioneer of Multidimensional Shadow Consciousness

The Multidimensional Shadow Ebook - created by Shamanic High Priestess, Leanne Juliette


The Multidimensional Shadow is a revolutionary concept channelled by Leanne Juliette. Although this ebook was created to accompany Leanne Juliette’s powerfully activating & channelled 2 hour Multidimensional Shadow webinar, the knowledge in this ebook is a starter place for anyone wishing to explore themselves on a much deeper and more energetic level.

The knowledge shared within this 26 page ebook will not only revolutionize how you understand the Shadow – but it will help you to transform your life from an energetic perspective by understanding – and playing with – the energetics of the Shadow from a Multidimensional perspective.

This revolutionary knowledge will not only transform your life – it will help you to unhook yourself from outdated Spiritual Shadow Work practices and the concept of the Shadow Archetypes by helping you to understand yourself both energetically, astrologically & multidimensionally and guiding you to be able to dive into the energetic root of your own Shadow.

Which is always, always – Multidimensional.

To be in Leanne Juliette’s energy – in her life – is to experience a profound calling within you for freedom.

She is an Energetic Powerhouse for the Multidimensional Shadow & you won’t believe what hits you after being with her!

Discover The Phoenix Stargate

The Phoenix Stargate Mystery School is a fusion of Ancient Wisdom & Galactic Consciousness covering Energetics, Multidimensionality, Multidimensional Shadow Consciousness, Metaphysics, Alien Empire Consciousness, Astrology & more


The Phoenix Stargate

The Multidimensional Shadow Webinar

This powerfully activating and channelled 2 hour webinar (plus bonus video content & ebook) will take you on a deep dive journey into the revolutionary concept of The Multidimensional Shadow, how to understand it, play with the energetics of it – and most importantly – transform it at the energetic root.

This knowledge is not available anywhere else on Earth!

The Alien Mind - Leanne Juliette - Shamanic High Priestess - Multidimensional Shadow Consciousness


The Alien Mind

Powerful 1:1 sessions with Shamanic High Priestess, Leanne Juliette, as she channels, activates & integrates your Alien Mind into your Alien Empire – your Revolutionary Business.

For those who know their business is not-of-this-world & who dare to defy logic.

Multidimensional Shadow Sessions - QUANTUM ACTIVATIONS - Leanne Juliette - Shamanic High Priestess - Multidimensional Shadow Consciousness

Quantum Healing


Leanne Juliette is unique in her approach to accessing the energetic root of the Multidimensional Shadow. These powerful 1:1 sessions can be used to heal – and transform – any area of your life whether physical, mental, emotional, energetic or spiritual.

Leanne is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to energetics!! Her wisdom and knowledge is far beyond anybody that I have ever come across.

Energetics is her genius and the biggest shift for me whilst working with Leanne is understanding where I was operating from my shadow energy – as soon as she brought this into my awareness, it was a game-changer for me!!

Gret Leach

The Body Bohemian & Creator of The Human Mastery Experience | Private 1:1 Client, GretLeach.com

Understanding the Multidimensional Shadow has been a real game-changer for me!

To finally get to the root of patterns that no longer serve me and see how deeply embedded they have been in my life (and other lifetimes) has helped me to take my power back.

That awareness is invaluable!

Leanne has helped me to see so much of myself that I couldn’t see and was avoiding within myself. After years of following other Shadow Work & Shadow Alchemy methods, she has helped me to see Shadow – the Multidimensional Shadow – in a brand new light that it has totally transformed who I am!

Amanda Kaplanski | Private 1:1 Client

Leanne changed my life! Literally!

I’ve started to feel much better – like the fog of illness (diagnosed with M.E) lifting.

I thought I knew myself. I didn’t.

I’ve buried so much (following extreme trauma and abuse as a child) and now I’ve owned all of that by being shown the Shadow – and activating it at the Multidimensional root. I no longer take the daily pain medication I’d been addicted to for years – I do not need it anymore – I feel reborn again and totally awakened!

Alexis Lauren | Private 1:1 Client