My clients are the Mavericks of the world.

The Pioneers. The Visionaries. The Magicians & Alchemists. The Innovators.

The Disruptors.

People who know they were born for MORE and who are here to change, innovate and lead the world by BEING MORE.

Those who will stop at nothing to create epic waves of Freedom, Expansion & Liberation – for both themselves and those around them – through the process of Self-Illumination.

Those who know that the process of BECOMING is first through the process of UNBECOMING.

Journeying with me is a unique & uncoventional experience.

It is highly exhilarating, expansive & liberating.

As I take you to heights you’ve never experienced before.

And yet – to journey with me can also be excruciating, terrifying and painful.

How so?

Because I strip you bare to your rawness as I access the deepest aspects of your psyche.

The choice is yours.

To experience exhilarating expansion as we strip away everything that is not YOU and create a life of MORE for you.

More Freedom. More Expansion. More – everything.


To cling onto an Identity that is not yours and is rooted in Shadow Energy based in other Dimensions.

You choose.

To journey with me – is to run with me into the Darkness.

I am your Guide into the deepest, darkest depths of your psyche.

Into the Hidden Realms of the Unconscious.

To journey with me – is to invite the Energetics of Destruction & Creation into your life.

The powerful Energetics of Death & Rebirth.

As I tear away all aspects of you that are not your Divine Truth & Identity.

Where you get to experience ALL OF YOU – craving and desiring MORE of who you TRULY are.

This is what Freedom & Expansion look like.


I do not tolerate people staying comfortable in a bubble of illusion, patterns, behaviours, traumas and self-limitations which are squeezing the life out of you.

I will penetrate you.


Finding the Energetic Glitch – the Shadow – within you that calls to me to be integrated into your Divine Truth.

I penetrate your energy – going directly to the root of whatever is not your Truth.

Activating you at the Root.

My healing & transformational experiences are pioneering – groundbreaking – and cross dimensions.

I connect to your Higher Consciousness across all Space, Time & Dimensions.


Accessing your Highest Truth.

Your Vision.

Your Potential.

And activating it within you at the Energetic Root.

Flicking a switch within you to alchemize Physical, Mental, Emotional, Energetic and/or Spiritual misalignment into TRUTH.

Turning Shadow into Gold.

I am the KEY to transcending reality.


My gift to you is pure fucking Magick – inviting you to step into the Portal I open for you to experience ALL OF YOU.










The Activation

A one-off call via Zoom with Leanne Juliette as your Shamanic Guide & powerful Catalyst.

This call will open a massive Energetic Portal within you to shift your life instantaneously.

Through Truth.

In my world, we shift energy and open portals together as I penetrate you energetically and unleash powerful Transformation, Expansion & Freedom in ALL areas of your life.

Activting the Truth of who you are through the Hidden Realms of your psyche, I create a powerful Tsunami Effect within you to shift your life – instanteously.

For those looking to:

– Heal an ongoing ailment (even if you’ve been told there’s no cure for it)

– Heal trauma

– Increase business growth

– Create space for a soulmate connection

– Access a Higher Truth & Vision within you

– Heal ancestral patterns

– Access pure Truth & Enlightenment

I penetrate your aura energetically.

I see all timelines – past/present/future – and will channel your Higher Self and “other” versions of you.

This call incorporates a range of my gifts and services including astrology, energetic activation, channelling your Higher Consciousness & seeing into the depths of who you are to shift your life in the most opportune direction.


Investment: £10K.










Priestessing & Consulting

A 12 month retainer to access me.

As an Atlantean and Ancient Egyptian High Priestess as well as a powerful Shaman, I have a unique connection to the Divine as a Channel & Vessel for what wants to come through me to you.

Priestessing is my unique way of being your Guide in Life.

In a world where people are surrounded by “yes people” – I am the one to give you the Truth.

No holds barred. Directly. In a way you are not used to.

To guide you in your life, your business/career, your relationships and your spiritual journey.

To tear down old ways of being – and create powerful energetic foundations for your life moving forwards.

Investment: 6 figure investment for a 12 month retainer.

Application Only.











Kingmaking is a powerful Divine Calling for me.

To explore the Divine Masculine.


In my role as Sacred Sexual Priestess.

The world has been dominated by the outdated paradigm of Patriarchy & the Wounded Masculine for too long.

The Masculine is longing to be seen in his most Divine way.

We are thirsty for more Divine Masculines to step into their Inner High King Energy.

Both powerful & vulnerable, emotionally available to himself and his Queen, this is what it means to be a King.

As a Priestess, I desire to guide you on your King’s Journey.

I see & honour the King within you as we explore your inner depths – Wounded Masculine Energy stored within your DNA, Ancestral Trauma, Past-Life Trauma connected to patriarchal dominance and fears of being truly seen.

I see you. I feel you. I know you. I hear you.

With Kingmaking, I provide you with a powerful – yet safe – container to awaken & activate the Divine Masculine within.

To explore your vulnerabilty & your power – simultaneously.

Your Inner High King awaits you.