The Portal of Pure Transformation for Freedom & Expansion in Business

Step into The Vortex with me and let's AWAKEN, UNLOCK & ACTIVATE your Higher Consciousness to EXPAND your Business Consciousness.

And FREE YOU from being anything other than yourself. To free you from boring as fuck "rules". Ugh!

The Vortex is an Energetic Portal for the Wild Woman desiring to mine her own Gold and create INCOME, IMPACT & FREEDOM in all areas of your life...with a specific focus on Business.

The Visionary. The Rebel. The Revolutionary. The Changemaker. The Disruptor. The Catalyst. The Multipassionate. The Freedom Seeker.

For the Mistress seeking Mastery of her own Magic.

Shadow Mastery. Energy Mastery. Consciousness Mastery. Dark Mastery.  Alchemical Mastery.





To show you what's truly possible.

The place where you come to forget everything...so you can become anything.

The Vortex is an Energetic Portal for Revolutionary Transformation, Expansion and Freedom to PLAY with the energy of who you REALLY are and CREATE RAPID RESULTS in your Spiritual Empire - it costs £111p/m with no commitments, stay as long as you like!

Working with Leanne is not for the faint of heart...she will not sugarcoat things and will give it to you straight...I grow in the process.

Mely Serrano | Intuitive Astrologer | Soul Seeker Astrology


Connecting YOU to your own God Consciousness to truly SET YOU FREE to be whoever the fuck you desire to be.

Because Divinity resides within us all. But humans have a tendency to search outside of ourselves. 

Instead of within.

The place where our power...our Divinity...has always been.

According to Hindu legend...Brahma hid Divinity within humans...because it's the one place we wouldn't think to look.

Your power...is within you.

Where it's always been.

You just didn't realise it.

Until now.

Or maybe you did. But you've been hiding it. Afraid of it. Unsure of it.

The Vortex is where you tap into YOUR inner Gold Mine. Your Genius. Your potent medicine. Your Divinity. Your Power. Your Freedom. Your Vision.

It's THE PLACE for the Spiritual Entrepreneur wishing to CREATE rapid results, income, impact & freedom in YOUR Empire.

Yes - Empire.

Because with me, you play bigger.

The teachings and cosmic channellings I offer within The Vortex are designed to ACTIVATE YOUR OWN UNIQUE POWER.

To ACTIVATE your growth.

To CREATE more income seemingly out of nowhere.

To FREE you.

To help you EXPAND who you are.


To INVITE you to experience the freedom of who you truly are....activating Revolutionary Transformation in ALL AREAS of your Life, Business, Relationships, Spirituality & MORE!

Where you come to forget everything...so you can become anything.


A Multidimensional Priestess

I know you.

Because I see you.

And I see your vision and what is TRULY possible for you in all areas of your life.


I know how to wield energy, activate Higher Consciousness and DIS-spell illusion to activate your unique Revolutionary Transformation.

To flick a switch within you to CREATE RAPID RESULTS in your Spiritual Empire - just like magic!

Together, we PLAY in the realms of Shadow, Energetics, Consciousness, Transformation, Multidimensionality and Darkness.

The potent fields of Mastery and Majesty.

BUT...I'm not here to mine the gold for you.

*shakes head*

That's YOUR job 😉 

Mining your gold takes ENERGY, COMMITMENT & RESILIENCE so fucking strong that you simply cannot let your bullshit, shadows or shackles to untruths reign over your vision & freedom.

I offer you the KEY...it's up to you whether you accept it or not.

The Vortex is an ongoing Energetic Portal of Transformation






Your own energetic commitment is £111p/m

Stay as long as you desire the rapid expansion I offer you

The Vortex offers you an opportunity to ACTIVATE a deeper part of your Consciousness...to pull out shadows, limiting beliefs and bullshit programming you've been conditioned with...and connect you into YOUR Higher Consciousness and Vision for rapid expansion and transformation in all areas you desire.


Creating a Vortex of energy within you that pulls everything you desire into your life.

This is the BEAUTY of working with a Multidimensional Priestess and Alchemist such as myself - I understand ENERGY like no other.

I know how to create a cataclysmic energetic reaction within you - which creates a chain reaction across time & space to impact you and expand you like no other.

No fucking around with bullshit long-drawn out methods  - this is ENERGETICS.

And energy is POTENT. When activated, it WILL create results in ALL areas of your life.

I don't fuck around.

My energy...my words...my prescence...WILL make you uncomfortable.

I'm  a Catalyst for YOUR expansion. A powerful Priestess. I cut through illusion, bullshit and shadow like slicing through butter 😉

I see your potential. I know what you're capable of. I speak to your vision and your Higher Dimensional Self.

And yet I recognize that I am not for everyone. Some are simply too comfortable with where they are currently at.

And that's ok.

But for those of you who ARE ready....

I help you PLAY in the realms of Multidimensionality - where ANYTHING and EVERYTHING are possible.

I'm here for the Spiritual Smackdown. The Spiritual Asskicking. The Spiritual Empire.

And I give ZERO FUCKS about your EGO. I'm not here to bullshit you and hold you back - I want to see you RISE!

If you're looking for revolutionary growth....quantum growth...freedom...in all areas of  Life, Business, Relationships, Money or Spirituality...to rise the fuck up and unleash your powerful magic into the world...aka YOU...

...then stick around 😉

1-2 Key Teachings per month focussed on Business

Channelled Activations

Group Community for you to speak up, show up and play with the energy of who you truly are

Experience what it's like to play in a multidimensional playground

My trademark Spiritual Smackdowns - for rapid growth!

No bullshit, no fluff, no stroking ego - taking you straight to the core of who you truly are so you can RISE THE FUCK UP

you activate your own inner power within the realm of nothingness


where you come to forget everything...so you can become anything

We are moving into an Age of the Spiritual Millionaire.

More women like you are being called to RISE. To UNLEASH your magic. To create MASSIVE impact & income.

From OWNING your uniqueness.

Too many focus solely on the Light. Afraid of the Dark. Then wonder why their shadows are continually triggered over and over and over again.

Looking INTO the light WILL burn you.

Seeking answers SOLEY from the Light WILL misguide you.

Fool you.

Give you a false sense of security.

The warm bosom of bullshit as I like to call it 😉 

Stopping and starting with your growth...instead of just BLASTING straight through to the gold.

The Vortex is the first step I offer as the energetic gateway to activating the RAW, POTENT, DARK ENERGY within you.

You mine your own gold in order to RISE.

To awaken. To ascend. To conquer new heights of consciousness.

To expand. To transform.

To be.


Wholly you.


The Vortex is for those of you who are desiring to PLAY with your own magic.

To transform. To revolutionize. To bring power and prescence to who you truly are not just in your Spiritual Empire but across all areas of Life, Business, Relationships, Spirituality & MORE.

To alchemize shadow into gold.

To let go of limiting beliefs.

To be FREE to be whoever you are called to be and to have whatever you DESIRE to have.

Whilst letting go of all the mind fucks of who you are NOT.

Those prepared to get uncomfortable and take action in order to create massive fucking income and impact in the world.

Those desiring to play in the energy of who you REALLY are.

We don't play small in the Vortex.

I will make you uncomfortable. I will trigger you. I will hold you accountable to your vision.

Whilst holding a safe space for your rapid transformation.

I am a Catalyst.

This is how Leaders are created.

The Revolutionary Transformation I offer is £111 p/m

Play in the portal for as long as you desire!

I am part of her monthly membership group The Vortex, which let me tell you is pure gold!

Leanne is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to energetics and her wisdom and knowledge is far beyond anybody that I have ever come across.

If you feel the pull to work with Leanne, please just go for it!  Yes, she will trigger the fuck out you but that is what we all need in order to grow and trust me she will help you to quantum leap in your business and your life!