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Powerful activations for your potent magic!

To unlock you.

Activate you.

Guide you to remembering who the fuck you are.

Reconnecting you with your unique magic.

Helping you SEE who you truly are....and connecting you to the potency of your VISION through Shadow Mastery and Alchemy.

Bringing YOUR vision to life.

So you can make INCOME and IMPACT through your VISION.

Your unique vision.

Your unique magic.

Your potent Genius.

You're not here to play small. You're here to make a difference through your soul gifts. And your business...and Empire...are just the vehicle for you to do that!

I help you EXPAND your vision to create MORE MONEY from your GIFTS...by EXPANDING your business through Energetics, Consciousness and Shadow Alchemy & Mastery.


  • For the Spiritual Entrepreneur with a massive fucking VISION!
  • Those who KNOW that you are here for MORE! More income! More impact! More freedom! More soul! More expansion!
  • You know that you have a powerful purpose within you...a soul mission...a CALLING...that you're called for MORE...that you're DIFFERENT....because you don't desire to play by some fuckity fuck rules...you're here to be a Game Changer through your business...and Empire!You believe in MAGIC! And more specifically...your OWN powerful magic! (And if you don't fully believe it...well buckle up...this is what I do through Shadow Alchemy & Mastery to flick that switch within you and UNLOCK your potent TRUTH!)
  • You're here to FINALLY remember who the fuck you are...and become that person! Which means actually GETTING PAID to be YOU! 
  • You're ready to leave your bullshit excuses at the door....to face your shadows...to dive deeper into the darkness of your psyche so you can call your VISION into the NOW!
  • You're ready to go QUANTUM! In life and business....making epic leaps...as if by magic...because it is when you allow me to flick that switch within you for a COSMIC BOOM! I play in the Quantum...I don't believe in dragging time out...and can ACTIVATE your magic in an instant!
  • You know you're a limitless multidimensional being...with magic at your fingertips...when you get the fuck over yourself and just  BE all of you. Getting out of the HOW...and connecting to BEING.
  • You're ready to see your business (and EMPIRE!) as a VEHICLE for your SOUL GIFTS  to be expressed freely and expansively...making you SUPER fucking attractive to your SOULMATE CLIENTS who desire to PAY YOU for what you can do for them. I help you become MAGNETIC!
  • You're ready to learn the Secrets of the Cosmos through Energetics, Consciousness and Shadow Alchemy!
  • You're ready to be a Mistress (or Master!) of your Craft...and step into your ZONE OF GENIUS! Because THIS is where the MAGIC happens - in the Zone of Genius....where you get to CREATE your own unique playground to showcase your TRUTH. And where your soulmate clients LOVE to hang out...with you...because you SPEAK to their SOUL when you operate without shadow.



I'm a Catalyst. The Queen of Shadow! A Quantum Witch. A Cosmic Priestess. An Alchemist. A powerful Psychic Intuitive Oracle. A Visionary. A Seer. A Shaman. A Mystic.

I see the bigger vision of what you're here to create through your business...offering a different perspective...like seeing the jigsaw pieces of your vision and purpose put together.

I work within the realms of darkness, shadow, energetics, higher consciousness and multidimensionality.

I feel your magic.

I understand your Genius.

I see through your masks.

I see where you're hiding.

I see the illusions you hide behind.

I see the realities that are available to you....the timelines...of what's possible when you TRUST. And step into YOUR TRUTH.

I feel your energy and can read you like a book.

I hear the truths to be told to you.

I know how to activate you. The words to use. The energy to convey that flicks that switch within you to recode you and activate that next level you.

And how to alchemize your shadow into your wealth. To create income and income from soul....with a business and Empire that are completely SOUL-LED.


Leave ego and bullshit at the door as you enter this realm of the Dark Divine and my Cosmic Playground.

Let your fears and shadows be seen as we alchemize them into your power. Calling forth your VISION!

Potent powerful alchemy!

This isn't the place to hold back.

I invite you to bare all.


To reaquaint yourself with your shadows...because they house your GENIUS.

Your Genius is your unique power. Your soul gifts when they are truly switched on. When you are using your soul gifts with passion and precision. And owning the fuck out of them by showing up and doing the work of your soul. Instead of apologizing for them or hiding them or taking the for granted.

Your Genius COMMANDS your respect. Your Genius is your unique Star Power.

And most often its hidden within your shadows...because you've either consciously or unconsciously rejected it...by not honouring your soul gifts and your vision. Buying into other peoples bullshit about yourself. Toning it down. Dimming your light. Filtering your truth. Not FULLY being seen.

And most importantly....not knowing HOW to transform shadow into Genius. Or WHY it's important for your Vision.

This is my magic. My playground.

Genius is powerful. And I see your power within you. Waiting for you to show the fuck up. And CLAIM IT.

Only you can truly do what you do in a way that is unique to you.

And your Genius...when activated...is what allows you to create a business from SOUL that is expansive, easy, fun...and lets you make a fuck ton of money!

Because ain't nobody got time to be broke and bored!

This is what I remind you of within The Vortex.

Reminding you of YOUR POWER. Your PURPOSE.  Your MAGIC. And your VISION. All through your GIFTS.

So you can CREATE life on your terms - the freedom, the expansion, the income, the abundance...in all areas!

In the Vortex, the focus is on using Shadow Mastery and Alchemy to really hone in on your unique gifts and to alchemize shadow energy (including fears, ego and illusions) and use it as a launchpad to expand your business - from your Zone of Genius.

I help you alchemize SHADOW into your GOLD!

Which means MORE INCOME. And MORE IMPACT. To really ground your vision into the NOW. And FAST! This is what happens when you bypass bullshit and operate within the quantum field!

Because you're a Leader. A Revolutionary. A Visionary. A Rebel. A Disruptor.

And you're not here to play small. Or play by anyone's fucking rules. Or filter your truth. Or be some fucking Cookie Cutter version of someone else.

Heck no!

You're here to blow shit up by BEING all of you. Unleashing your powerful purpose onto the world. And connecting with your soulmate clients in a way that feels fun, expansive and highly rewarding for you - more clients, more money and more impact!

Because business SHOULD be FUN and EXCITING!!!!

The Vortex is a powerful energetic container for you to FEEL INTO who you are...to expand your wings....to let go of bullshit and ego. To transform into who you've always been.

To be raw. Unfiltered. Messy. Chaotic. And unleash your potent fucking TRUTH!

To remember who the fuck you are.

To remind yourself of the POWERFUL MAGIC within you...whatever that looks like for you! 

To reconnect to your HIGHEST VISION.

To learn Shadow Mastery and Alchemy.

Turning lead (fears/ego/shadow) into GOLD (Genius)


Living a life of expansive freedom...

  • Freedom to CREATE a BUSINESS and EMPIRE that set your soul alight and truly light you up!
  • Freedom to create a business on your own terms...without buying into some bullshit fuckity fuck rules and boxing off your Genius! Nobody wants a Cookie Cutter or a Unicorn Marketer who is a carbon copy of bullshit.
  • Freedom to be SEEN!
  • Freedom to be VALUED for what you bring to the world as the Creative, the Messenger and the Soul Artist that you are!
  • Freedom to charge your WORTH! And make money...FAST! Because you're a limitless being! 
  • Freedom to unleash your powerful as fuck Genius as the revolutionary fucking Leader that you are!
  • Freedom to live your PURPOSE....all from SOUL!
  • Freedom from SHADOW energy that weighs you down...instead, learning how to ACCESS the powerful energy that's ALREADY within you! And alchemizing it into your GOLD!

This is The Vortex.

Close the door behind you... and take a seat 😉


The Vortex is an ongoing Mastermind for those ready for expansion! When you join you'll get:

  • Access to a Private Facebook Group for members of The Vortex
  • MY ENERGY - I'm a portal for YOUR expansion...my energy is HIGHLY ACTIVATING when you come into it - and I WILL expand you!
  • Ongoing  monthly cost of $111p/m - with no commitment or being tied into a contract - you can cancel anytime 
  • Channeled impactful Soul Transmissions (live videos and written posts) to activate your Wealth & Genius codes by alchemizing shadow energy and flipping it into your powerful Genius! This is where the MAGIC happens! 
  • Intuitive guidance within the group - show up, ask the questions, share your energy, be raw and real...and I'll give you my insights!
  • Part of a community of other Spiritual Entrepreneurs who KNOW that to deny their purpose and calling is to deny life itself! 
  • My trademark "Spiritual Asskicking" to light a fire within you and catapault you towards your Vision! My energy triggers shadow and ego...this is my GIFT to you...so you get the fuck out of your own way and step into your PURPOSE...and make INCOME through IMPACT! 
  • A "no bullshit" approach - I'm your Guide BACK to who you always were....I help you to REMEMBER that person and I activate your GENIUS by reaching through the shadow, ego and illusions to grab you by your soul and light you up! I don't do fluffy - I deliver POTENT TRUTH. And it WORKS! 

This is powerful energy in this container. I will trigger you. I will call out your bullshit beliefs. Because I see what you are TRULY capable of when you LET GO. When you SURRENDER to the TRUTH of who you are. And allow your VISION to really come through when you get out of your own way.

This is NOT for those who want fluffy. Or who want surface level results. 

This is for those who KNOW that they simply CAN'T NOT be who they are. Because it's your PURPOSE. Those ready to go DEEPER in order to go HIGHER.

And you'll do what it takes to get the fuck out of your own way, stop playing small...and UNLEASH your potent magic and truth to the world.

Because your clients...and all those you're here to work with....are WAITING FOR YOU.

Say YES to The Vortex today and get access to this powerful energetic container to transform your reality!

It's $111p/m with no commitment - stay as long as you like!

It's the ONLY place you can get ONGOING ACCESS to my highly activating Channeled Consciousness (I channel Galactic Consciousness and Truth Consciousness) designed to UNLOCK and ACTIVATE your Wealth and Genius Codes, alchemize shadow (FAST!) by flipping it into your POWER with IMMEDIATE RESULTS plus my intuitive psychic advice as a Visionary, Oracle and Quantum Witch.

Choose the Upgraded Option for $1111 and join The Vortex for 12 months PLUS get a 1 hour Oracle Session with me worth $333!

This would be $1665 if paying in full for the 12 months plus the Oracle Session but you will only pay $1111 - saving you $554 AND locking your price in for the year.

It's the ONLY place you can get ONGOING ACCESS to my highly activating Channeled Consciousness (I channel Galactic Consciousness and Truth Consciousness) designed to UNLOCK and ACTIVATE your Wealth and Genius Codes, alchemize shadow (FAST!) by flipping it into your POWER with IMMEDIATE RESULTS plus my intuitive psychic advice as a Visionary, Oracle and Quantum Witch.

PLUS...you'll get a highly activating 1 hour Oracle Session with me so we can really dive deeper into your next level activations and flick that switch within you for a COSMIC BOOM in your business (which will impact on all areas of your life!)