March 29

Twin Flame Tarot: Soul Searching To Realise You’re What They’ve Been Asking For – YouTube

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Twin Flame Tarot Reading YouTube


Here’s my latest Twin Flame YouTube video for you all – it’s a collective Twin Flame Tarot reading focussing on Twin Flames as a whole. I was channeling a lot with this reading! The overall message is that someone has been doing a lot of soul searching (or both could have been but I felt like it was more 1 person than both) and really coming to a full 360 understanding of the connection between you both and what it is they want.

I also had the “Honeymoon” card from the Doreen Virtue Romance Angels Deck at the beginning of the reading which is all about fresh starts and new opportunities!

As with all Tarot readings, whether mine or others, not everything will resonate with you and I tend to tune into the energies of those going through some major changes in life. I am a big believer that you will be guided to a video because there’s a message for you and it’s one you are supposed to have. Please remember that you always have free will with any Tarot reading and that all readings are for entertainment purposes only.

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