YouTube Video – Twin Flame Collective Energy Tarot Reading – Are You Ready?!

Mar 20, 20190 comments

Tarot Reading for Twin Flames March 2019

I thought I’d take advantage of the crazy energies going on right now…including a Tarot reading for the Twin Flame collective! Today (when I recorded this) is the Supermoon in Libra AND the Spring Equinox. And tomorrow…we move into Aries season.

With these energies, we have the combination of the Libra Full Moon energy which is about Partnerships and Relationships (ask yourself what you need to let go of in these areas and set your intentions for what you want to invite in) and the Aries fiery energy….better watch out!!! There’s a lot of call from these cards for action to be taken and the Divine Masculine is understanding more about who he is and stepping up into that masculine energy.

This is a Twin Flame Collective Reading. Please do be aware that not everything will resonate with everyone – I tend to connect best to those energies where you have lots going on in your life and some major transitions and upleveling going on. Please choose to see my Tarot readings as guidelines as they are for the Collective energy – things will always come to you when you are taking action in your own life and focussing on becoming the best version of yourself.

This is for those who are aware of who their Twin Flame is. I don’t buy into the over-romanticized bullshit that is passed around on the Internet about Twin Flames. #justsaying LOL

Remember that with Twin Flames there is always Free Will. I don’t sugar-coat on information – I give you the information that I am channeling from Spirit. And I like to be blunt with that information to encourage you to take action in your life.


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