WHERE high MAGIC exists 


In Ancient Egyptian times, the Scarab Beetle represented the Void of Magic. The infinite potential within you when you submit to your magic.

The energetic essence of what is truly magical – and transformational – was carried by the Scarab Beetle.

It was worshipped by the Pharaohs. By the people. And synonymous with the Mastery of the Gods.

For its ability to transform and so create. From the nothingness.

Submitting to your power, your truth…your entire fucking Genius…by being unapologetically you.

The Void is a highly potent energetic container for the women called for more. To be more. To do more. To have more. To create more.

It is an ongoing pay monthly group container supporting you to create from a place of nothingness – to create from the future which is the now which is the past – which is the future.

This is Multidimensional Magic

Guided by a Shamanic Priestess & Shadow Alchemist, The Void is an activation within itself by coming into my highly potent energy – as a Heyoka Mirror – to come play in my magic as we explore yours.

As a Mirror, I see you. I see through you. And I know exactly how to activate you at the root through my channelled teachings, my mentorship and your access to my potent energy within the container.

The Void is for the Leader here to step the fuck up even more. To embody her truth. To unlock & expand upon the true Genius within. To create a business from Genius. To transform your entire fucking life by understanding who you really are – and owning that energetic frequency.

To be a Revolutionary.

To be free to explore the vision of your Higher Consciousness. And create that vision in the now.

The Void is the place for Leaders to own their Sovereign energy.

To shed the layers of bullshit, illusion and shadow that hold you back from your quantum leaps. From living & breathing magic.

The leaps you know are available to you within the Cosmos.



The Void is for those desiring to play with Energetics, Consciousness, Shadow, Magic & Vision.

To deprogramme & dismantle everything you took to be true about yourself – and recode yourself for immense impact, income, vision & freedom.

The Void is not the place for someone looking for their hand to be held. I am not your guru. I am a Guide.

The Void requires you to take action. To do and say the things you’ve been holding back from.

To be truly willing to be seen.

The Void asks that you put your human mind to the side – to trust the Unknown – and allow for the magic to unfold.

As it always does.

Within The Void.

The Void will take you on a multidimensional journey as we time travel together. Tuning into the message of your Higher Consciousness and creating your Life & Business from the future.

An energetic portal where everything…and yet nothing…holds power.





Welcome to The Void – where Revolutionary Leaders come to become Multidimensional Masters who can hop through portals and jump across multidimensional timelines – to create a Life & Business from the future.

In the now.

Welcome to the New Paradigm for Revolutionary Leaders creating epic shifts through their unique Genius & Magic

The Void is where high magic operates.

it costs £197 per month.

stay as long as you desire.



I am a Channel. I channel Galactic Consciousness. I work with Higher Dimensional Light Beings (I am an Indigo Starseed) and with God Consciousness by connecting to Egyptian Gods like Horus & Anubis who are my Guides.

I channel what is necessary. What is needed to create an alchemical reaction within you – my signature Tsunami Effect – to revolutionize all areas of your Life, Business, Relationships & Spirituality.

My words are my spells. I cast them to activate you.


The Void is held within a Private & Exclusive Facebook group for members only.

This where the magic happens.

Where the teachings are delivered.

Where you have access to my energy.

Where you can ask questions, receive energetic activations & show the fuck up.

We want to celebrate your growth as you make massive leaps in your Life, Business, Relationships & Spirituality!


This is the chance to get my trademark fire under your ass on a LIVE call within the group.

Your opportunity to bring whatever is pertinent to you to the call – ask a question – and get activated.

I am blunt. I don’t sugar-coat. I serve from my heart by speaking to your Higher Consciousness and NOT your ego.

The group call takes place on Zoom to give you the opportunity to speak live with me.


The Void is an ongoing monthly container.

You pay £197 per month which is inclusive of all tax.

No contractual tie-ins.

Stay as long as you desire.

This gives you the freedom and flexibility to invest in your transformation.

You can cancel anytime and will have full access to the Private Group, my teachings & my energy until the day after your membership has expired.

*Refunds are not provided as this is energy work.


What more can I say?!

I’m a Mirror. A powerful Heyoka Mirror. My energy is extremely activating as it weaves through you.

Probing you. Dissecting & dismantling the fears, illusions, shadow, ego & bullshit that you’re hiding behind.

I leave no stone unturned.

By being in my energy, you WILL transform.

I want to help you make massive quantum leaps with your income, your impact & your vision.

My energy activates what is already within you – unlocking your own Genius – recoding you – and freeing you from the monotony of not being yourself.

My energy opens energetic portals for you to step through and quantum leap in all areas of your life.


I know exactly what to tell you in order to create growth within you and leaps from you.

– I am highly Psychic & Intuitive and work with the Spirit realm & Higher Dimensional Beings to deliver clear messages.

I also like to have fun with these messages – and my Spirit team are a bunch of jokers!

You’ll get my eyes (all 3 of them LOL) on your business. Ask for the guidance. And be open to receive the message.

My truth is potent.

It is magic.

I deliver it through my words and my energy to give you the advice required to alchemize stagnant energy – and shadow – into your power in order to move your business forwards.


To create the energetic momentum required to create massive income & impact in the NOW.

If…you are willing to take action on what I tell you.

Transformation at the highest level WILL require you to get the fuck out of your own way.

I can’t do that for you. That’s your job.