I invite you to step into this energetic portal with me

an activation is a 2 hour 1:1 experience via video call

It will leave you breathless.


Questioning everything you knew about yourself – and freeing you to experiencing everything you’ve denied yourself.

It will awaken the deepest part of your psyche.

It will connect you into the Highest Vision your soul has for your life.

Most likely – and I do hope so! – it will scare the shit out of you…as I transform you from the inside out.

Reaching into you – probing around – flicking a switch within you to create an energetic vortex to be exactly who you are here to be.

This is a fusion of energetics, alchemy, multidimensional healing…and potent magic

I invite you to let go of everything you’ve ever known & believed to be true about yourself.

To release the illusions.

To see the shadows & acknowledge them.

To embrace the Darkness & the Unknow.

I am a Mirror for your truth. Holding it up to reflect back to you who you are. Activating you.

an activation with me is a 2 hour potent 1:1 video call.

An infusion of Energetics, Galactic Consciousness, channelling, alchemy, magic…and play!

Where we play in your unique energetic frequency.

Transcending time & space – unlocking multidimensional timelines – re-writing the past & creating an energetic vortex for you to step into the most optimal timeline.

An Activation with me is high energy work

It requires your complete surrender as we work with your shadow energy & dis-spell illusions.

An activation with me can create a tremendous portal of growth in your life.

In your relationships.

In your business/career.

In your finances.

In your spiritual gifts.

In your Spiritual Development.

In your Self.

This is revolutionary transformation!

Creating freedom, growth, expansion, vision, income & impact!

I flick a switch within you. Activating you. Turning on your highest frequency

An activation is like a rapid hit to your energetic system – creating momentum within you – NOW.

I don’t drag shit out.

I don’t believe in dragging energy out. Or offering surface-level modalities. They work for a while – until you stop getting a hit from them.

Until your energetic system becomes used to them.

I go straight to the root of who you are

Straight to the deepest (most stubborn!) shadow.

Straight to the crux of who you are.

Feeling into your energy. Connecting with your Highest Dimensionl Self. Speaking directly with your Soul.

An Activation with me is highly transformational


It WILL make you uncomfortable.

It WILL trigger your ego.

It WILL bring up your fears, doubts & shadows.

And it WILL require you to completely SURRENDER to yourself.

And to the magic I’m here to facilitate within you.

Surrendering to the Unknown. To the Darkness. To the truth.

The magic lies within the unspoken energy

An Activation with me is like coming home to yourself.

Finally…you can breathe!




Flicking a switch within you to create rapid & dramatic results in your life – FAST – as I strip you back to your core.

Yes…it WILL be uncomfortable.

True growth ALWAYS is!

This is because of my unique ability to work directly with your shadow energy – and your multidimensionl energy.

Shadow energy is the most potent kind of energy within you.

Shadow wants to be seen. To be acknowledged. To be brought into the light. To no longer hide.

I DIS-spell the illusions, fears & shadows.

Re-writing who you are.

Quantum healing.

Traversing time & space to visit Past/Present/Future versions of You – channelling your Highest Dimensional Self & working with Galactic Consciousness – Truth Consciousness – to free you from what no longer serves you.

I am a powerful Mirror – aHeyoka -I reflect back to you exactly who you are

A powerful Catalyst for your growth – activating what’s already within you

I don’t fuck around.

I’m blunt.


Able to see through the cracks.

To feel the subtle shifts of energy. To mould & wield new frequencies.

My Genius loves to tear down what no longer serves you.





Creating a new energetic framework for you to grow from.

My Genius loves to DESTROY.

Death & Rebirth.

Stripping you of what no longer serves you. Calling forth what does.



During an Activation I will:

– Work with your shadow energy to alchemize it into your own potent power

– Tune into your multidimensional selves – past/present/future aspects of who you are

– Channel Galactic Consciousness – higher energetic frequencies – to create a vortex – a portal – for your to step into your most optimal timeline

– Time-travel (cool, right?!)

– Channel past (parallel) lives

– Channel future versions of yourself to create a new energetic foundation for your highest truth

– Connect into your soul’s highest vision for this life & activate that timeline

– Tear apart whatever no longer serves you – aspects of yourself – in order to create a Rebirth within you

– Get to play in your energy as we have fun with who you truly are!

– Unlock & activate your highest potential – creating a platform for massive quantum leaps across all areas of Life, Relationships, Business/Career & Spiritual Development

This is high energy work – and only for those seriously ready to surrender


Everone is different. Everyone responds to my highly-activating Mirror energy differently. 

I also take a unique and wholely holistic approach to each individual client based on the energy I read from you.

But, here’s what people experience after working with me and being in my powerful energetic field:

  • Inspiration to take massive aligned action doing something you’ve never done before or have been holding back from
  • Complete clarity on who you are and what your vision is
  • A increase in your spiritual gifts – or unlocking dormant ones you weren’t aware of
  • Becoming super magnetic to soul-group people who gravitate towards your energy – friends, lovers, clients
  • Attracing new opportunities to you that didn’t seem possible before
  • Letting go of toxic relationships & people in your life
  • Pivoting in business – effectively shutting down one area or a particular income stream…or the whole damn thing….and doing what you’re actually here to do
  • Feeling like complete shit – yes, I can make people feel like complete shit! As the energy works through you and brings up whatever needs to come up for you to let go of – emotions, repressed fears, insecurities, shadows, memories of painful experiences etc. This is totally normal – lean into it, surrender…purge it and let it out. Energy is stored within our cells and DNA – I rearrange it for you!
  • New clients seemingly out of nowhere – the type of clients you desire to work with – because now you’re an energetic match for them
  • Increasing your business prices and feeling fucking awesome about it – because you now feel worthy
  • Losing those stubborn pounds you’ve been trying to lose – as if like magic…again, this is energy, I shift it around for you
  • More sex!
  • A better relationship with your lover – because you’re just oozing magnetism 
  • Extreme reactions such as desiring to destroy your business and start again – or let go of all your clients who aren’t an energetic match and invite in those who are
  • Triggered as fuck – work with the triggers – these are your shadows – and alchemize that shit!
  • Desiring to let go of toxicity around you – friends, partners, family – letting go of whoever isn’t for your Highest Self so you can BE yourself

An Activation is not for those who want their hand-holding. Ego-stroking. Fluffy modalities & surface level results

I’m not here for the faint-hearted

I invite you to work with a Shamanic Priestess.

A Cosmic Witch. Visionary. Clairvoyant. Claircognizant. Clairsentient. Clairaudient. Heyoka (Mirror) Empath. An Alchemist. A Mystic. A Seer. An Oracle.

I am a Facilitator of Transformation.

A Bridge between the worlds. Between the physical & the spiritual.

Able to read through the Veil of Illusion.

To read subtle shifts in energies.

To connect into the future & bring that information back into the present.

I am Portal.

One who plays within the realms of Shadow, Darkness, Magic & Galactic Consciousness.

Able to trascend time & space – time-travelling if you please – a Multidimensional Mistress here for Magic, Majestry & Mastery.

A Catalyst for Revolutionary Transformation.

An Activator.

A Key.

I shine a light into your darkness – to highlight your own power so we can work with that power and create massive momentum in your Life, Relationships, Business/Career & Spiritual Development.

The investment in yourself to work with me at this level is £2000

The after-effects are – however – priceless