A 2 hour 1:1 POTENT video call infused with Energetics, Consciousness, Channelling, ALCHEMY, MAGIC…and PLAY! 

The Activation is for the Leader who desires to tap into her multidimensional self and higher consciousness to create a ripple effect - actually, a huge tsunami effect (that's why I call my work "The Tsunami Effect") - of revolutionary transformation in your Spiritual Empire.

Thus creating an additional ripple effect in your Life, Business, Relationships, Spirituality & MORE. 

This is the POWER of working with Energetics with a Catalyst like myself - I activate ALL areas of your life!





To flick a switch. FAST!


  • It's for the Spiritual Entrepreneur looking for MAGIC - to create an EMPIRE
  • For the Spiritual Entrepreneur - a Visionary, a Rebel, a Multipassionate or Revolutionary….who is called to create an Empire...because you know you're here for more. More impact. More income. More prescence. Recognition.  And...you’re fucking BORED of holding back, of getting caught up in “The Noise” (oh fuck me the online space noise!)…and are ready to be that Leader…on your own fucking terms. Whether you currently earn 4, 5, 6 OR 7 figures a year…it doesn’t matter…this is ENERGY. And we can ALL play bigger!
  • For the Entrepreneur who is looking for more clarity in your business - services, offers, clients, vision, pricing etc. Whatever it is for you, my Visionary perspective and not-of-this-world abilities can give you the gift of sight in your business and can channel your Business Consciousness for you (your Business is it's own entity and consciousness....and desires to play far bigger!)
  • You're ready to BLOW UP your income! You've reached a plateau in your current income. You're comfortable. Money is coming in (or not). Clients are reaching out to you. But...it's all become very same-y. You want to increase your income...because you know that more income equals more impact. But you seem to be going round in circles. The results you had before have fizzled out. My energy will activate a powerful shift within you!
  • You’re BORED FUCKING SHITLESS of Cookie Cutters telling you how to run your business, how to market, how to sell, what to sell, how to speak, what to eat, when to shit etc…you get my message (!)…I can help release you from Cookie Cutter Hell and tap into YOU...reconnecting you back to your message, your energy, your creativity...your prescence.
  • You’re dancing around your worthiness to charge whatever the fuck you want to charge and you’re bored of attracting clients who don’t light you up. You're here to work with Leaders right?! So why are you attracting needers not leaders? I unlock this within you.
  • You desire to PLAY! To increase sales in your business a way that feels FUN and EASY so that money just FLOWS to you effortlessly…because you’re showing up in your entire fucking truth…and with YOUR energy. This is entirely achievable!
  • You want to become SUPER MAGNETIC to your soulmate clients – and quantum leap your business with people you actually ENJOY working with…whether you currently make 4, 5, 6 OR 7 figures a year. Energy is energy is energy is energy - I work with energetics across ALL levels of income.
  • You desire to create MASSIVE IMPACT but are holding back…maybe you’re scared and wondering how YOU will pull it off (I get it! this was me for so long!), maybe you are focussing on the wrong thing in business instead of truly understanding your soul gifts and how to BLOW UP as an Entrepreneur by…guess what…BEING YOU. I can help you get to the bottom of this...and maybe you'll even pivot in your business!
  • You desire to have more FUN and PLAY in life and business and stop making it so fucking boring…you’re here to revolutionize through your message and impact, right?! Not be a boring arsehole with no soul or essence!

A 2 hour Activation with me costs £1111

Once you complete your purchase, you will receive an email from me with a calendar link to schedule your session and complete an Application Form


Powerful activations for your potent magic!

To unlock you.

Activate you.

The Activation came about from a desire to really help others tap into their Highest Self and flick a huge fucking switch! In rapid time!

No dragging you through months of work. This is rapid hit to your energetic system to give you that high...NOW.

Resulting in...more income, more impact, more clients, more play, more fun, more ease, better relationships and spiritual ascension.

I tap into Collective Consciousness. Channel Spirit. Channel your multidimensional selves. Read energy like a complete badass - feeling into the nuances and the unspoken words. Seeing straight through illusions, masks and shadows...and getting to the crux of who your soul is.

Thanks to my 12th house Neptune conjunct my Ascendant - I see and feel it all! Illusions and shadows are MY thing and I see what others don't.

I am a Mirror.

A powerful Mirror known as a Heyoka Empath

As a Mirror, I reflect back to you who you are.

My Genius. 

What you see in me...is what is within you.

I can show you where you’re hiding subconsciously (hello shadows and limiting beliefs!) - everything that you may not realise about yourself...I see and feel.

I can show you who you truly are…without the masks, the illusions…just pure Authenticity. Helping you to GROW. To LEAP. And not just leap…but take a quantum leap in your life and business! In any area that is desiring this energetic infusion.

I see through ALL OF IT…I work within the realms of shadow, darkness and consciousness…and reflect like a Mirror back to you.

And yes…that goes for the parts of ourselves we love…just as much as those we dismiss and hide from.


The unconscious aspects of us.

Shadows are your friend though...even when they feel shit when you get triggered. They show me where you're hiding the most..your biggest fears or cockblocks from ego or comfort zone….and how to go to that next level in life and business (whatever that looks like for you).   And not just any level…QUANTUM levels.

This is POWERFUL energy…and I can help you alchemize it.

Basically…turning shit into gold!

I’m blunt. I say exactly what I see and feel. Because I have zero desire to play into your ego. I'm here for your soul, your Highest Self and your Vision. 

I'm here for those you're here to IMPACT - by activating you to get the fuck out of your own way.

And you know what?! How fucking dare you hold back on what you’re here to do and who you’re here to impact.

The triggers are how I activate you. By reaching in and unlocking your truth…then flicking a switch…turning the light on.

This is my Tsunami Effect.

Creating a ripple within you across all energetic fields that turns into a tsunami to blast through ego, shadow, comfort and illusion.

You’ve ALWAYS held the Key to your growth…I activate that Key for you.

During a 1:1 Activation, we alchemize that energy into helping you EXPAND into your Higher Self. Your Vision. Your Impact. Your Income.

What you see in me…is what is within you. This is the power of working with a Mirror like myself.

I am an Energetic Portal for your growth...I am a Vortex.

When you decide you're ready for an Activation, you come into my energetic field, my Vortex.  This is how I'm able to create rapid results through growth, transformation, impact and income. 

This is my powerful Tsunami Effect

This is Alchemy

This is what it's like to work with a Mirror. A Catalyst. An Alchemist. A Vortex

I’m a Catalyst for Revolutionary Transformation. I DIS-spell illusion.

I don’t believe in doing things by halves…or tip-toeing around your soul’s vision and dragging shit out for the sake of it. 

I can take you on a journey both INTO and OUT OF yourself to understand your multidimensional self and what you are here to do in the world.

Then UNLOCK and ACTIVATE the fuck out of that! To help you leap….quantum leap!

These 1:1 Sessions are high energy and as such I’m only offering a limited number them a month. The investment is a one-off £1111.

All my work is infused with magic, symbolism, esoteria and ancient rituals. 1111 is a highly potent and highly activating energetic gateway for transformation.

Nothing is a coincidence. Everything is connected energetically. There's a reason you're being called to seek out an Activation. Because your soul knows. Your Higher Self knows. They know how I can flick a switch within you. FAST.


Everyone is different. Everyone responds to my Mirror energy differently. I also take a unique and wholely holistic approach to each individual client based on the energy I read from you.

But, here's what people experience after working with me and being in my powerful energetic field:

  • Rapid downloads, channelings and crystal clear vision on your business 
  • Inspiration to take massive aligned action doing something you've never done before or have been holding back from
  • Pivoting in business - effectively shutting down one area or a particular income stream...or the whole damn thing....and doing what you're actually here to do
  • Feeling like complete shit - yes, I can make people feel like complete shit! As the energy works through you and brings up whatever needs to come up for you to let go of - emotions, repressed fears, insecurities, shadows, memories of painful experiences etc. This is totally normal - lean into it, surrender...purge it and let it out. Energy is stored within our cells and DNA - I rearrange it for you!
  • New clients seemingly out of nowhere - the type of clients you desire to work with - because now you're an energetic match for them
  • Increasing your prices and feeling fucking awesome about it - because you now feel worthy
  • Losing those stubborn pounds you've been trying to lose - as if like magic...again, this is energy, I shift it around for you
  • A better relationship with your lover - because you're just oozing magnetism 
  • Extreme reactions such as desiring to destroy your business or website and start again - or let go of all your clients who aren't an energetic match and invite in those who are
  • Triggered as fuck - work with these, don't shoot the Messenger, work with them and understand why your ego is so triggered - and alchemize that shit!
  • Desiring to let go of toxicity around you - friends, partners, family - letting go of whoever isn't for your Highest Self so you can BE yourself

An Activation is NOT for those who want fluffy. Or who want surface level results. I'm not here for the faint-hearted.

I'm here to Mirror you. Reflect back to you everyone about you...the good, the bad, the ugly....and create revolutionary transformation within you as we radically shift energy and consciousness to create space for the impact, vision and message of your business.

Why invest in an Activation with me?

Why wouldn't you?! 

You're an Entrepreneur. You're here to create an Empire. Not fuck around. 

You're here to give full expression to your soul to be whoever the fuck you desire to be and create from your vision.

You desire to create massive waves of impact and income - by working with your uniqueness and your gifts - not buying into some bullshit Cookie Cutter version of yourself.

You desire to make quantum leaps with your income and business - creating a ripple effect (more like a fucking Tsunami when you work with me!) aross all areas of your life. This is energy, remember?! 

This is a soul investment. My work, my words, my writing, my pricing - they are all infused with energetic activations.

I am a powerful Mirror and Catalyst for revolutionary transformation

An energetic Vortex. I pull you in. I transform you

And...we have fun with it!

When you work with me you gain full access to my potent energy. My ability to channel higher consciousness. My full psychic intuitive abilities (I'm Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Claircognizant, Clairsentient, a Medium, a Heyoka Empath).

I help you to feel safe with me and express who you are freely.

I am a Starseed. A High Priestess. A Shaman. An Alchemist. A Mystic. A Visionary. A Catalyst. These are powerful gifts I have to help revolutionize who you are and why you're here.

I work within the realms of shadow, darkness and consciousness - and dance between the physical and spiritual realms - to bring you to your own Light.

I shine a light into your darkness - to highlight your own power so we can work with that power and create massive momentum in your life and business.

I'm unique.

Your investment is £1111 - and we supercharge not just your business, but we rewire you at a quantum level - this is my multidimensional magic!