The Tsunami Effect is a Signature Process created by Leanne Juliette to facilitate massive Revolutionary Transformation & Quantum Expansion within you – instantaneously.

The Tsunami Effect is pure Quantum Energetics.

It is Root Solution Transformation, Healing & Quantum Expanasion – activating you at the root of who you are – multidimensionally – through the Portal of the Multidimensional Shadow.

I carry a unique Energetic Signature which allows me to penetrate your aura and energy at the Energetic Root of who you are as a Divine Being.

My unique Energetic Signature is focussed on alchemizing illusion, Shadow, trauma, patterns, behaviours, limitations, fears, illnesses & anything that is not in alignment with your Divine Truth (whether Physical, Mental, Emotional, Energetic and/or Spiritual misalignment).

Alchemizing the potency of these Energetics within you – and turning them into your Divine Truth & Sacred Power.

Through the process of Self-Illumination.

In doing so, I faciliate the kind of Transformation & Expansion that makes no sense to the logical mind.

(You can learn more about The Alien Mind Matrix – another unique Signature System of mine – here.)

My Energy activates you deeply and I serve as a Catalyst for massive Expansion, Transformation & Freedom in your life.

Discover the multiple ways you can work with me – and journey with me – here.

The Tsunami Effect is named so because of my unique ability to affect ALL areas of your life – interchangeably.

And – rapidly.

Transformation, Healing and Expansion are not limited to one area of your life – they will occur wherever the energy goes within you to activate you at the Energetic Root.

Transformation, Healing and Expansion happen – multidimensionally.

Creating a massive Tsunami Effect in all areas of your Life and within your Multidimensional Consciousness which rips through everything that is Illusion & Shadow – anything that is not your purest Truth.

I create a glitch in your psyche.

Disrupting whatever frequency is running through you that is not in alignment with your Divine Truth.

Whatever needs to shift in your life in order for you to live a life in alignment with your Highest Truth, your Divine Self and your Highest Consciousness – will shift – when you choose to work deeply and intimately with me.

When you call me into your life – energetically.

My Services are bespoke. Luxury. Custom-Designed. Created & Crafted just for you.

Pure Dark Luxurious Intimacy.

I make you feel seen and heard in a way you’ve never felt before.

I see directly into your Heart, Mind & Soul – into the DEEPEST parts of your psyche – the Hidden Realms – in a way that no other has before.

As I activate you at the Energetic Root and create the Freedom, the Expansion and the Transformation within you that moves quickly through your Life & your Multidimensional Consciousness like a tsunami.

The Tsunami Effect is powerful Quantum Energetics.

I have the unique ability to not just create a ripple effect in your life – but to create an entire tsunami in your life.

This is the power of inviting (whether consciously or unconsciously) a Catalyst into your life.

As a Catalyst and powerful Disruptor, my unique Energetic Frequency – and that of The Tsunami Effect – is rooted in the Energetics of Destruction & Creation.

In the Death & Rebirth process.

Creating transformation at the root of who we are – and creating strong foundations on which to build our lives.

Because in order to create something new in our life – health, wealth, happiness, abundance, love, prosperity, freedom, growth, expansion – we have to create space for it.

Meaning, something needs to shift within us.

Expand within us.

And that can mean letting go of something else that is not energetically aligned with our Divine Truth.

Such as a way of being, a mindset, unconscious Shadow energy from this and other lifetimes, karma, trauma, illusions, conditioning, programming, beliefs, habits, a relationship, ancestral residue – the list is endless.

By activating the Destruction & Creation process within you through The Tsunami Effect, I open up powerful portals for your Revolutionary Transformation & Expansion to occur.

Life falls into place.

Things, people, beliefs, habits, illusions – fall away.

You become Lighter.

Your Frequency shifts to be more in alignment with your Highest Consciousness & Divine Truth.

No longer burdened down by whatever was not in alignment for you.

This is the power of The Tsunami Effect and of inviting me into your life as a Guide & Catalyst.

Expansion & Transformation are not focussed on one area of your life.

Whatever needs to shift within you and fall away, will do.

Wherever the Energetic Space needs to be created within you – it will.

And you will experience the powerful Energetics of The Tsunami Effect for years to come – as you radically shift your Consciousness and come back into alignment with your Divine Self.

The Medicine I offer to – and to the world – is Truth.

The power to disrupt you at the Energetic Root through my piercing and highly activating energy, my blunt and direct Truth and through my disruptive Tone.

Choosing to journey with me – whether through 1:1 Transformational Experiences, Groups or the Disruptive Consciousness Mystery School – is you saying yes to massive expansion, massive waves of freedom and complete Revolutionary Transformation across your entire life.

You do not find me – my energy finds you – when I receive the energetic call from you to appear in your life at the exact moment when things need to shift for you.



  • Freedom from years of pain medication addiction (opiates) with the client no longer needing the medication or being able to tolerate it
  • Menstrual cycles becoming normal and regular within a month of our session after many years of menstrual irregularities & painful periods
  • Skin conditions such as psoriasis clearing up within days
  • Chronic pains disappearing immediately after working with me
  • Constant nausea from M.E disappearing within days
  • Weight-loss without going on a diet or over-exercising – the body released what wasn’t required
  • Blowing up electronic devices after being on a call with me (yeah, that was a funny one to hear!)


  • Lifelong & crippling anxiety disappearing within weeks with no long-drawn out therapy – but Energetics instead – and an understanding as to the Energetic Root of the anxiety
  • No longer experiencing stress or other mental health triggers – just gone
  • Complete clarity in who the client is and a sense of peace to know themselves finally after a lifetime of feeling disconnected from themselves
  • Brain fog disappearing that was a symptom of M.E
  • Freedom from self-destructive behaviour such as self-sabotage and self-abuse (such as alcohol dependency) because of a clearer understanding that this wasn’t their Truth and was a false Self-Identity


  • A lifetime of abuse & trauma being purged out of the body immediately – a “trauma detox” – and the client no longer feeling the repressed emotions in her body or in her life
  • No longer getting triggered or activted emotionally by situations & circumstances that would have previously created an emotional reaction – just complete neutrality & the ability to be in a situation without reacting to it
  • Releasing a long-standing eating disorder – without the need for therapy, counselling or other services
  • Rapid and “overnight” healings of addictions and addictive behaviours that were used as emotional cruxes by invoking Truth within the client as to where these addictions stemmed from


  • Heightening intuition & psychic abilities
  • Ability to feel energy on a much deeper level in a way that wasn’t available prior to working with me
  • Unlocking & activating dormant spiritual gifts
  • Toxic relationships breaking down to create freedom from karmic cycles & karmic relationships (healing the karma multidimensionally) and creating space for a more divinely aligned soulmate to arrive
  • Creating powerful Self-Love with oneself by removing toxic behaviours, thoughts, beliefs and people and facilitating a massive glow-up
  • Shifting “Ancestral Residue” such as patterns, behaviours and experiences connected with ones Ancestors to create freedom and expansion multidimensionally for the family


  • Gaining complete clarity on their spiritual path and being able to move swiftly forwards on a more aligned path
  • Activating powerful Spiritual Awakenings to take the client on a deeper journey into themselves
  • Facilitating powerful Dark Night of the Soul experiences to break through whatever is no longer in alignment for the client and helping them to shed the identity of the False Self
  • Bringing karmic cycles of other lifetimes to the surface to be rebalanced and cleared so as to liberate the client on a spiritual level through the Multidimensional Consciousness


  • “Old” clients falling away who were not in alignment with my clients true vision (and the fear of money drying up as they fell away) to make space for new, more aligned and more expansive clients
  • Activating clients energetically to be able to “hold” greater levels of impact in their energetic field without it blowing up their nervous system (through the Shadow) aka being able to hold the frequency of a Quantum Shift
  • Quantum shifting income & impact from a place of Service to their soul clients in a timeframe that made no sense
  • Dismantling businesses that have become boring, stagnant and restrictive – to create the space for expansion, fun, play, vision and massive freedom


Experience the power of The Tsunami Effect for yourself across all areas of your life for the Ultimate Disruption, Activation, Power, Truth & Limitless Freedom.

My service to you is truly multidimensional.

I activate you in ways you’ve never been activated before for the Ultimate Dark Intimacy – to understand yourself in a way never felt before and to truly expand beyond all that is deemed possible.

Powerful Intimacy within yourself.

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I design each experience for you personally.

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Crafting & Creating The Ultimate Experience for you.

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