The Alien Mind Matrix is Cutting-Edge Higher Dimensional Spiritual Consciousness Technology created by Leanne Juliette

For The Most Powerful Transformation, Freedom, Liberation, Expansion & Multidimensional Quantum Healing There Is

To create breakthroughs in Healing & Self-Transformation that are Alien to the Human Psyche.

Imagine experiencing the kind of transformation & healing that seems totally illogical – completely non-sensical – magical – in the manner and speed in which the transformation & results occur.

And yet – your entire life shifts in an instant.

As if by magic.

Making zero fucking sense as to how this happened – but blowing your mind all the same – and transforming you at the Energetic Root of who you truly are.

Discover The Magic of The Alien Mind Matrix.


The Alien Mind Matrix is a Revolutionary Consciousness Technology & System channelled and created by Shamanic High Priestess, Leanne Juliette.

This Consciousness Technology takes a pioneering approach to transcending your reality, your Self-Identity & daring you to live a life that defies all logic by breaking free of the 3D Matrix and the illusions you have been living by – unconsciously.

I am a complete anomaly in the field of Consciousness.

A Pioneering Visionary & powerful Mirror who desires to see people breaking the societal rules we’ve been conditioned to live by and making our dreams a reality.

Pulling from the Alien Mind – creating through energetics – and daring to traverse the path of the Unknown.

I dare you to defy all logic as I show you the illusion you’ve been living through pretty much your entire life – aka The Multidimensional Shadow – and how to transcend the illusion to reclaim your Divine Truth & Sovereignty by stepping into a version of you that you can only dream of.

The Alien Mind Matrix is Quantum Energetics in a way you’ve NEVER experienced before

I am a complete Anomaly in the Realms of Consciousness & Transformation.

A Glitch in the Matrix and within your Human Psyche.

A Bridge between the Physicial & Spiritual Worlds.

A Shamanic High Priestess with many lifetimes in Lemuria, Atlantis & Ancient Egypt, I have served society over lifetimes as a Divine Conduit and one who is able to work with Energetics in a way like no other.

I see the Energetic Root of whatever is out of alignment for you – whatever is a disharmony in your life – be that physical, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual or a combination of them all.

I see it. I feel it. I know it. I sense it.

My gift is being able to traverse the Unconscious Realms.

The Hidden Realms of who we are.


Disrupting Energetics at the Quantum Level within us.

Some call it the Shadow. Some call it illusion.

They are both the same. They are both a disconnection from our Divine Truth.

I know how to exactly pinpoint whatever isn’t serving you – and transform it at the Energetic Root across Multidimensional lifetimes.

Meaning – I liberate you from whatever shit isn’t serving you.

I don’t do “surface-level” healing. My Magick resides within going to the root of who you are.

Creating balance & harmony at the Energetic Root.

To Reclaim The True Self-Identity of Divine Truth.

Which is why I’m able to create such rapid – and often non-sensical – results for my clients across a multitude of areas of their lives which defy all logic because I don’t operate within the constructs of “time”.

Time is an illusion after all.

Creating results out of thin air – physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, spiritually & in business.

Results such as:


  • Freedom from years of pain medication addiction (opiates) with the client no longer needing the medication or being able to tolerate it
  • Menstrual cycles becoming normal and regular within a month of our session after many years of menstrual irregularities & painful periods
  • Skin conditions such as psoriasis clearing up within days
  • Chronic pains disappearing immediately after working with me
  • Constant nausea from M.E disappearing within days
  • Weight-loss without going on a diet or over-exercising – the body released what wasn’t required
  • Blowing up electronic devices after being on a call with me (yeah, that was a funny one to hear!)


  • Lifelong & crippling anxiety disappearing within weeks with no long-drawn out therapy – but Energetics instead – and an understanding as to the Energetic Root of the anxiety
  • No longer experiencing stress or other mental health triggers – just gone
  • Complete clarity in who the client is and a sense of peace to know themselves finally after a lifetime of feeling disconnected from themselves
  • Brain fog disappearing that was a symptom of M.E
  • Freedom from self-destructive behaviour such as self-sabotage and self-abuse (such as alcohol dependency) because of a clearer understanding that this wasn’t their Truth and was a false Self-Identity


  • A lifetime of abuse & trauma being purged out of the body immediately – a “trauma detox” – and the client no longer feeling the repressed emotions in her body or in her life
  • No longer getting triggered or activted emotionally by situations & circumstances that would have previously created an emotional reaction – just complete neutrality & the ability to be in a situation without reacting to it
  • Releasing a long-standing eating disorder – overnight


  • Heightening intuition & psychic abilities
  • Ability to feel energy on a much deeper level in a way that wasn’t available prior to working with me
  • Unlocking & activating dormant spiritual gifts
  • Toxic relationships breaking down to create freedom from karmic cycles


  • Gaining clairty on their spiritual purpose and being able to move forwards in life and business with this new clairty
  • Activating spiritual awakenings to take the client on a deeper journey into themselves
  • Bringing karmic cycles of other lifetimes to the surface to be rebalanced and cleared so as to liberate the client on a spiritual level


  • Channelling the business for clients including who their “future” clients are, services offered & pricing in a way that is unique to their energy – aka – pulling visions from “future” timelines to activate them in the present
  • Activating clients energetically to be able to “hold” greater levels of income & clients in their energetic field without it blowing up their nervous system aka being able to hold the frequency of a Quantum Shift
  • Quantum shifting income in a timeframe that made no sense
  • Dismantling a business that was boring the client and channelling the “new” business from the Alien Mind

The Alien Mind Matrix is a pioneering Higher Dimensional Consciousness System of Quantum Energetics to create Revolutionary Self-Transformation & Innovative Healing Solutions

I want you to experience what it is like to see yourself reflected back by the powerful Mirror that I am.

Seeing your visions, your dreams, your hopes & your fears – reflected back to you.



For I am a Mirror. A Catalyst. One who shows you what you cannot see – and who guides you back to Truth through the Unconscious Realms of the Shadow.

I want you to see yourself in a way you’ve never seen yourself before – the way that I see you beyond the illusions & the shadow.

I want you to experience things that you never thought possible before – things that defy all logic.

As I challenge you to be bigger, bolder & braver in your vision

I want you to live a life that defies all possibility – all logic – and transcends your reality beyond the scope of what you can currently envision.

I want nothing more than to show you how to break through the illusion of a Self-Identity that was never your Truth.

I desire to liberate you from whatever illusion, shadow, programming and conditioning that you have adopted as your Truth.

Liberate you from the energetics of the Multidimensional Shadow that has held you in a Self-Identity that just isn’t you.

Because it was never your purest, most Divine Truth.

I crave to breathe life into you.

To show you how to live.



Beyond limitations.

Transcending reality.

Truly, truly fucking limitless.


Here’s the Truth.

The Self-Identity you have been holding onto is an illusion.

I see you. I hear you. I feel you. I know you.

Until now, you have been living a lie. An illusion that has masqueraded as the truth.

Holding onto a Self-Identity that isn’t yours and one that certainly doesn’t define who you are and the impact your Higher Self dares you to make in the world.


I see your vision. I see the magic that courses through you. The gift of who you are. The kind of Revolutionary Transformation you desire to experience in your life.

The impact you can truly make when you just let go.

I see your hopes, your dreams and your desires.

But I also see your fears, your hurts, your pain and your deepest darkest secrets that you’ve hidden from both the world and from yourself.

I see your Shadow.


The one who walks with the Divine within the Unconscious Realms & who sees what others don’t.

I see your Sovereign Being who is seeking liberation from everything that isn’t your Divine Truth.

The liberation that will allow you to turn your dreams and vision into reality.

I am the Ultimate Mirror – the one who reflects back to you the Shadow, the Unseen and ultimately…the Truth.

I am the Holy Grail you have been searching for your entire life – to take you from lost to found, from pain to purpose and from simply existing to visionary expansion.

What you are searching for can only be defined as one thing:


The Multidimensional Shadow is a Glitch – an energetic glitch within us which creates physicial, mental, emotional, energetic & spiritual disharmony within us. A disconnection from our Divine Truth & Sovereignty – creating an illusion and false Self-Identity we unconsciously live by.

When we go to the Energetic Root of the Shadow – which is always, always Multidimensional – we are able to transform, heal & liberate ourselves instantaneously.

Leanne Juliette

I am a complete powerhouse when it comes to Energetics & the Multidimensional Shadow – being able to create magic in my client’s lives by creating results that defy all logic as I reveal the illusion – and transform it at the energetic root.

This is Quantum Magic.

Multidimensional Magic & Medicine.

The kind of results that make zero fucking sense – and yet create the most transformational experience in my client’s lives.

I am a powerful Portal.

An Activator.

A Catalyst.

A Truth Alchemist.

I see in you what you cannot see in yourself

I will stop at nothing to deliver potent Truth to you that will shatter & destroy all illusion & shadow at the Multidimensional Energetic Root.

Creating the energetic foundations for you to build – and create – your vision on.

I am a powerful Destroyer of Illusion.

A True Disruptor & Catalyst.

Known amongst my clients for my blunt as fuck – no holds barred – Truth that shatters illusion & shadow at the Multidimensional Energetic Root and creates out-of-this-world results for you – fast.

The kind of Truth which is forever delivered with fierce love – and a cheeky hint of humour – for you, your evolutionary growth & the vision we call forth together.

Not one to be caged by rules & paradigms, I desire nothing more than to show you another way of living – through the Alien Mind Matrix – which creates the most profound liberation within you at an energetic level across all areas of your life & within the Multiverse itself.

Creating results in your life that defy logic and can only be explained as pure Magic.