Terms of Service And payment policy

Trading terms and conditions of Leanne Juliette and www.leannejuliette.com.


Website terms and conditions, services to consumers and payments online including those connected with external payment processors such as Moon Clerk and Stripe.

These terms and conditions regulate the relationship between you (the Consumer) and myself (Leanne Juliette at www.leannejuliette.com). When you buy any services connected to Leanne Juliette and this website, you agree to be bound by them.

No person under the age of 18 years may purchase Services unless with express consent of an adult parent and/or guardian.

Email: leanne@leannejuliette.com

You (the Consumer) agree to be bound by the following terms associated with visiting My Website (www.leannejuliette.com) and with any purchases made for the services provided by Me (Leanne Juliette):

1 Content

All content created on www.leannejuliette.com remains the intellectual property of Leanne Juliette and is not authorised for reproduction in any way without my express consent. 

Leanne Juliette accepts no responsibilty for content created by other users of this Website (for example, Guest Blog Creators and those who leave comments on blog posts).

2 Conditions of Service (to include Payment for Services)

2.1 Leanne Juliette is located in the United Kingdom and any laws applicable to any breach of services will be those belonging to the United Kingdom.

2.2 All services purchased through Leanne Juliette are chargeable in GBP and consumers are bound by the conditions of the payment processors used to include Moon Clerk and Stripe.

2.3 All purchases are final and no refunds are permitted for any services already rendered. This is to protect the integrity and energy of the work I do.

2.4 It is the responsibility of you the Consumer to ensure that your payment and contact details are up to date for services such as monthly subscriptions.

2.5 Should you wish to cancel your monthly subscription to Persephone, this can be done directly by yourself through the payment confirmation email you receive or by contacting me directly at leanne@leannejuliette.com. You will no longer have access to the Private Group and all content within this group once your subscription has ended and will be removed from the group.

2.6 If choosing to use a Payment Plan offered by myself for a coaching programme (whether Individual 1:1 Coaching or a part of a Group Coaching Programme) you agree to be bound to these terms to continue to pay until the end of the agreed payment terms offered. Should you cancel your payment plan before the payment plan terms have expired, I will have no option but to continue to seek payment through your chosen payment method.

2.7 You agree to these Terms of Service when making a purchase through my chosen Payment Processor (Moon Clerk and Stripe) and will be presented with a link to these Terms of Service upon checkout. 

2.8 Leanne Juliette accepts no responsibility for the actions you take (or do not take) with regards to the Coaching provide or upon the advice provided in Tarot Readings. By agreeing to purchase Coaching with Leanne Juliette (whether Individual 1:1 Coaching, a Group Coaching Programme or Monthly Subscription Membership) you are entering into an agreement that you are knowingly willing to take the action required and suggested by Leanne Juliette. All results vary between Clients and are dependant on willingness to take on board the coaching guidance provided.

2.9 All Tarot Readings are provided for Entertainment Purposes only. You are reminded that you always have Free Will with regards to the suggestions made and guidance given in a Tarot Reading and Leanne Juliette will not be held liable for any action you do or do not take following your purchase of a Tarot Reading. Leanne Juliette does not provide Tarot Readings for Medical/Legal/Pregnancy/Fidelty guidance. You agree to seek the services of a suitable practitioner for anything Medical/Legal/Pregnancy related and not the services of a Psychic such as myself.

2.10 You agree to treat My Website with respect and shall not post any derogatory, racist or offensive content.

I have read and understood the terms and conditions, and I agree that they form part of the contract between us. If I am under the age of 18 years, I confirm that I have brought the terms and a condition to the notice of my parent or guardian, and that person has agreed that I may buy your Services.

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