A Mystery School. Revived from Ancient Times.


A Portal for Pure Alchemy.


Magic, Mystery & Misfitery.


The School of Multidimensional Consciousness.


A Temple of Ancient Esotericism & Mysticism fused with Cosmic Multidimensionality.


A Portal to play with Energetics, Magic, Mysticism & Revolutionary Truth Consciousness.


To forgo all the rules of being as I dismantle illusion, programming, shadow, soul trauma & conditioning.


Where students, like you, come to dive into the deepest depths of who you are.


Stepping into the shadowy Underworld.


The Darkness.


The Void of Magic that is within us all.


To access your Highest Potential.


Within The School of Multidimensional Consciousness, we dis-spell illusion to unleash the most Revolutionary Transformation you've ever known across all areas of your Life.


I offer a variety of ways to experience my highly activating energy - 1:1, group experiences & courses.


Self | Empire | Career | Wealth | Health | Relationships | Consciousness








Here, I don't fuck around with long drawn out teachings, forever healings or advocating wallowing in shadow which seeks to keep people "stuck" in their "pain" and therefore "codependent" upon the Teacher.


If that is you - someone who desires to stay continously on the path of healing and always seeking that next "hit", then this Portal is not for you.


You may leave this space. Close the door on your way out.


I don't do Bandaid Solutions.

I rip the bandaid off and expose the rawness within.

The Truth.


Going to the root of who you are. Across space & time. In all dimensions.


This Portal is for those of you who desire the Truth.


Who are willing to play in your own murkiest depths - to get dark and dirty - in order to access your Highest Truth, Vision & Destiny.


Your most potent Truth.


Your Genius. Your Desires. Your Magic. 


Your Freedom.



2 Schools of Multidimensional Consciousness are available.


The School of Multidimensional Consciousness & The School of Multidimensional Empire Consciousness.


COMING SOON - School of Multidimensional Consciousness


COMING SOON - School of Multidimensional Empire Consciousness