Pioneering Spiritual Technologies & Consciousness Systems designed & uniquely coded to create powerful Disruption & Activation within you.

Channelled & Created by Leanne Juliette – these Technologies & Systems are at the root of her Pioneering work within the Realms of Revolutionary Transformation, Disruptive Consciousness & Healing.

Honed over many lifetimes & channeled from Higher Dimensions, Spiritual Technologies & Consciousness Systems are perfectly coded as Medicine for Humanity’s shift into a Higher Consciousness.

These Spiritual Tecnologies are fused with Leanne Juliette’s powerful Truth which opens a Quantum Portal within you for instantaneous Transformation, Healing, Expansion & Freedom.


The Ouroboros is the symbol of the snake who eats itself.

Who devours itself in order to transform itself.

Ouroboros Medicine utilises Leanne Juliette’s unique gift of Destruction & Creation Energetics to be a powerful Catalyst for all manner of Self-Transformation & Healing in your life.

This is powerful Truth Energetics.

The Ouroboros represents Death & Rebirth.

Destruction & Creation.

The Ouroboros is the ultimate symbol for Self-Transformation, Renewal & Regeneration.

Ouroboros Medicine occurs in 3 Phases:

Phase 1) The Unconscious Discomfort

Phase 2) The “Shedding Process” or Purification Phase

Phase 3) Revolutionary Self-Transformation & Regeneration


The Tsunami Effect is named so because of Leanne Juliette’s unique ability to affect ALL areas of your life – interchangeably.

And – rapidly.

Transformation, Healing and Expansion are not limited to one area of your life – they will occur wherever the energy goes within you to activate you at the Energetic Root.

Transformation, Healing and Expansion happen – multidimensionally.

Creating a massive Tsunami Effect in all areas of your Life and within your Multidimensional Consciousness which rips through everything that is Illusion & Shadow – anything that is not your purest Truth.


The Alien Mind Matrix is Quantum Energetics in a way you’ve never experienced before.

This Pioneering Consciousness Technology takes a unconventional approach to creating powerful Transformation, Healing & Expansion by defying all logic and creating from The Void – the Beyond – to make the impossible, possible.

We are Energetic Beings. We are Pure Consciousness itself.

We are Players in this Realm of Consciousness.

The Avatar of our Own Game.

Our own Realm.

Therefore, we can manipulate Energy to mould it, to shape it, to breakthrough the Matrix itself and to create whatever we desire – no matter how “impossible” or how “illogical” it may seem to the Human Mind – because everything around us IS the Illusion.

And we get to play this Game of Consciousness however we decide.

Making the impossible, possible.

Transformation. Healing. Expansion. Freedom. Truth.