work with leanne - experience my energy

Are you ready to experience the powerful as fuck energy of Leanne Juliette?!

If yes, then read on!

I'm a Spiritual Leader and Soul Catalyst for those here with an epic purpose and message to share with the world.

The 1% of the 1%.

Those here to create an impact through doing their soul's work and really allowing their powerful message to come forth! 

My energy is powerful and potent. 

I trigger growth.

I see through the illusions and fears that are holding your back and keeping you playing small in life and in business. And I call them out to transmute the energy of these fears, illusions and shadows into your powerful as fuck work.

Because the world needs your message!

I awaken your soul.

I awaken your genius.

I awaken your message to speak your truth.

I create leaders who are here to make an impact in the world.

And I trigger the fuck out of shadows, fears, ego and illusions!

My coaching and mentoring style is very unique....I focus on energies, intuition, my abilities as a channel and we go with where the coaching guides us. I'm a Catalyst for growth and expansion which means that you will always be encouraged to dig deeper into who you are. I'm not here to hold your hand - I'm here to show you the keys you've always had to awaken what is already within you.

Working with me is about investing in your soul's growth to go from just existing to soaring as your soul intends!


  • Work With Me 1:1
  • Ignite Group Coaching Programme (launches 6/6/19)
  • Bad Bitches Rising Community (pay monthly)


I work with Entrepreneurial Spirits who are looking to get rich from their soul's work. A bold statement perhaps, but really, when you are doing your soul's work...your true can literally do and achieve anything! I'm often told how potent and fiery my energy is...and it's true...I bring the fire through intensive 1:1 work to unleash your soul's genius and your powerful as fuck message. I create leaders and I work with those who are ready to create the impact they were born to make through tapping into the pure genius that is their Entrepreneurial Spirit and cutting through the layers of illusions, false masks and bullshit. I see exactly where and how you're holding yourself back...and I unleash a fire within you to trigger your growth.



Ignite is a 3 month intensive Group Coaching Programme launching 6th June 2019! It's a soul intensive programme for 15 women only (or men!) who are Entrepreneurial Spirits looking to connect more with your soul's work and unleash the true potential of your soul's message. It is a group where the energy will be intense as we hone in on what is holding you back from really getting rich from your soul's work (rich in all areas!). We'll be calling out your shadows and ego, triggering epic growth and really igniting the work your soul is here to do, creating quantum leaps in your business by doing the action required...the scary as fuck action that's been keeping you playing it safe and holding back from your true power and genius.


bad bitches rising 

Bad Bitches Rising is a pay monthly community where I bring the fire to the group, to light you up, to channel epic fiery truths and to trigger you to get out of your own way and rise the fuck up.  Stepping into your soul, your calling, your purpose...letting go of the illusions of fear. Every month I'll show up to deliver 3 trainings and/or channellings to light you up, to push your buttons and trigger your growth. My energy is intense, it's powerful..and it's potent! The art of Bitchcraft LOL! I see through the illusions, through the masks of inauthenticity and through the fears - and I show up energetically to show you who you truly are. We focus on Shadow Archetypes, Alchemy, Quantum Manifestation, Tapping Into Your Own Inner Magic (aka your Genius), Speaking Your Truth and much more!




Leanne is powerful & amazing to work with! Her mission to empower others comes through in all that she does and shares with others! I highly recommend her for support & ultimate clarity on your journey! 


Leanne has been a great mentor in my spiritual journey. She has taught me so much about spiritual awakenings. With her readings and dream interpretations she has been very accurate and doesn’t sugar coat things. She tells me what I need to know and she connects well with my chakras and can identify which one is blocked. She has amazing gifts and it is a blessing to work with her! I also took a Tarot course with her and she delves deep with the course...more than I expected! 

Just need to let you are a fucking legend! Thank you for all you do! Keep being you and damn it, keep turning it up!!! So grateful I decided to work with you! So many things you'e said I've resonated with in a good way, it's like you are verbalising the same stuff I've had go through my mind.