Oracle Session with Leanne Juliette

My Psychic Business Intensives are like nothing you’ve experienced before!

Most likely, you’ve never met anyone like me! Or worked with someone with the vision and gifts that I have. I’m a highly Intuitive Psychic Medium and Oracle. A Witch. A Cosmic Channel. A Seer. A Mystic. A Visionary. A powerful Heyoka Empath. And The Queen of Shadow 😉 

I have access to higher dimensional consciousness and am able to read your energy and that of your business as if I’m reading a book.

This is NOT a reading where you’ll have your fortune read and go away then not implement anything. That’s FAR beneath us both..and you know it as well as I do.

I’m not here to read your fortune or tell you what you want to hear. Or provide you with some false beliefs. Or stroke your ego for that matter.

I connect you to the Truth of the Cosmos. And help you to find your OWN way. And as a Visionary, I “see” the bigger picture for you and can open up a different perspective for you on the next steps to take in your business for massive quantum leaps.

I’m a Guide through Consciousness.

I connect with your consciousness and that of your business so you can both “talk” together.

I show you what’s possible.

I can connect the dots for you…and fit the jigsaw puzzle together so you have tangible steps to take to catapult your business forwards.

I deliver TRUTH CONSCIOUSNESS to you. I provide you with the keys to unlock the answers that are ALREADY within you.

This is a 2 hour LIVE video call with me which is also recorded and emailed to you (within 48 hours) for your future reference.

I will tune into your energy as we talk, pulling through information for you and delivering POTENT TRUTH.

I don’t fuck around. Or do fluffy info sessions. Or fortune telling. Ugh.

This is NOT a reading. I don’t gloss over things. My truth is blunt and I don’t sugar-coat things. 

That’s because I SEE, FEEL, HEAR, KNOW and SENSE everything about you – the shadows, the illusions, the masks…and what’s truly possible for you when you SURRENDER to the truth of who you are and WHY you’re here….which allows you to create MASSIVE IMPACT and INCOME in your business.

I tell you what you need to hear so that you can make your own informed decisions – and I guide you to the solutions. 

These are HIGH ENERGY sessions that are HIGHLY ACTIVATING and POTENT. Energy is energy….and it never lies. I show you what’s truly possible.

A Psychic Business Intensive is a highly intuitive, psychic and cosmic chat where we’ll tap into your multidimensional timelines but also probe deeper into who you are right now and who you are required to be in order to create the business you desire.

And I will call you out on your own bullshit if I feel this is holding you back. And will activate a quantum response within you.

I am Intuitive. Clairvoyant. Claircognizant. Clairaudient. Clairsentient. Clairscent. An Empath. A Medium. A Channel.

My Oracle Sessions are HIGH ENERGY whereby I channel a lot of information for you, tune into your unique energy and really feel into the energy of your business and what it is requiring from you.

The investment for this 2 hour intensive is $555

You will get:

  • A unique perspective on your current situation to unlock the answers that are already within you – I show you what’s possible
  • My trademark “Spiritual Asskicking” and “no bullshit” approach – this is MY Genius
  • A Visionary approach to your business – this isn’t necessarily about strategy, its about giving YOU eyes to see what’s possible IF you take certain steps
  • Clarity
  • Guidance
  • Direction
  • Tangible action steps to take
  • Channeled Consciousness
  • Highly charged energy to activate your next steps

Come Play With Energetics, Shadow & Multidimensional Teachings To Activate Your Own Revolutionary Transformation & Create The Freedom To Be You