How I grew my Pinterest engagement manually….to over 46K in 3 weeks!

How I grew my Pinterest engagement manually....to over 46K in 3 weeks! - www.leannejuliette.com


Pinterest….a complicated social media tool or complete genius search engine?!?! What do you think of it as?!

I’ve had a Pinterest account for years now….at least 6 years.  I set it up originally before I got married so that I could pin a load of wedding ideas…gorgeous dresses, wedding favour ideas (don’t bother, save your money and spend it on wine instead, that’s what I did!) plus places I wanted to travel to and cute animals.  The usual stuff that people seem to pin – weddings, animals, travel and home decor!

I didn’t really know what Pinterest was and after a few days of pinning like a mad woman I soon gave up and went back to my life.

Until….about 3 weeks ago!

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My Pinterest resurgence 

As a Blogger I’ve been looking at ways to grow my blog traffic.  Everything I read talks about driving traffic to your blog.  And the best way?! Pinterest!!!! I’d been researching ways to drive traffic and Pinterest just kept coming up again…and again…and again.  So I knew I had to look into it further….but in all honesty, I didn’t really GET Pinterest.  I didn’t fully understand how it works.  Facebook – yes.  Instagram – yes.  YouTube – yes.  But Pinterest?! I just felt that it was a big complicated minefield…but it’s not!

Every blogger I follow, every social media influencer I follow, every bit of advice on social media all point to Pinterest for increasing your blog engagement and driving traffic to your website.  So I researched it more and that’s when the light bulbs went off!  I realised that I’d been missing a BIG trick and I wanted to get involved with this site as fast as I could!

What exactly IS Pinterest?!

Pinterest is not just like your usual social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.  It’s actually a social media platform AND search engine in one!!! Genius!!! Think of it like a visual version of Google.  When you want a new recipe?  You can easily find one on Pinterest with a visual and recipe or link to the website.  Want to learn about making money online?  Search on Pinterest.  Want to decorate your bathroom? Check out Pinterest for ideas.

Pinterest is a MINEFIELD of ideas for anything that you are looking for in your life.  And THAT is why it’s a perfect way to grow your website/blog traffic!!  Because Pinterest is a visual search engine, you can create a pin for your blog/product on your website, share it to a board and hey presto….watch the magic unfold!  It really is that simple!!

Pinterest is a brilliant tool to drive more traffic to your website/blog and to create more online engagement with your online brand.  Why? Because it’s a visual search engine and works perfectly for blogs!

How I grew my Pinterest engagement

I won’t lie….most people you encounter online will tell you to subscribe to an automated service like Tailwind or Boardbooster to boost your traffic.  Apparently…that’s how you do it.  I’ve never used either.  What I could never understand is that with these services you schedule your pins in advance….but surely that takes time?! So why not spend 30 minutes a day just pinning by yourself instead of arranging scheduled pins?!  That’s what I do….and that’s how I’ve grown my unique monthly views from around 700-800 per month to over 46.4K per month in under 3 weeks!

I stumbled across a link back in February about how to grow your Pinterest engagement WITHOUT the likes of Tailwind or Boardbooster.  Given that all I found online was affiliate links for these two pin scheduling tools, I was intrigued by this book.  Carly, from the blog Mommy On Purpose, gave a great insight in her book, Pinteresting Strategies, about how she created and drove organic traffic to her website.  I was all ears! I’ve used “bots” before for Instagram and quite frankly found them to be a bit shit….they end up “liking” pages you would never like and “commenting” on posts you’d never comment on so I presumed that pin scheduling websites like Boardbooster and Tailwind would do the same!  I can’t comment directly for Boardbooster or Tailwind as I’ve not signed up to them before (they both require a paid subscription) so this blog post is based on my own experience of manual pinning….and I’m pretty impressed with the results and engagement so far!

In her book, Pinteresting Strategies, Carly talks about the beauty of manual pinning.  Today, there are soooo many people using scheduled posts and sites who do scheduling pinning that some sites are becoming wise to all of this and it can really affect your engagement.  What social media sites want is for YOU the CONSUMER to be online and ENGAGE with the content.  Not to have some robot pinning/posting for you.  They want organic engagement.

Yes, it can take time out of your day to pin….but it’s really worth it and I break my day up for pinning.  I’ll do some pinning first thing on a morning, maybe a little bit at lunchtime, some in the evening.  Basically, whenever I’ve got 5-10 minutes instead of scrolling aimlessly through Facebook, I’ll make my social media time count and do some manual pinning to build my social media engagement.

And it’s working!! Carly from Mommy on Purpose talks about how social media sites like Pinterest reward people for being actively engaging on their website.  They want YOU the consumer to do the pinning….not some robot.  So you are rewarded for manual engagement.  Believe me….manual organic engagement goes a LONG way.

From 700 monthly unique viewers….to over 46.4K in less than 3 weeks

How have I grown my unique viewer engagement?  By manually pinning!!!!  I’ve used the techniques suggested in Carly’s ebook Pinteresting Strategies and found them to be genius….and not complicated at all!!  For me, manual pinning has MASSIVELY increased my engagement and my monthly views.  It also helps that I’m engaging on Pinterest a lot more so that also counts towards Pinterest wanting to “reward” your time for being on their site.  I made sure to upgrade my Pinterest account to a Business Account – it’s perfect for viewing analytics so you can see how your pins and boards are performing.  I’ve found this very insightful for learning more about my engagement and learning more about what I can do to increase my engagement.  And then I’ve just been pinning….like I say, about 30 minutes a day split up over the day and pinning to boards I’ve created that will increase my engagement such as Foodie related boards like “Vegetarian Recipes and Easy Meal Ideas” and “Vegan Recipes and Easy Meal Ideas” (I’m a new vegetarian as of May 2018 and also like to cook vegan meals too) and personal development boards connected to my brand (like spiritual development and personal development).

To see the growth in my engagement over these last few weeks has been incredible and I can only account this to following the advice in the ebook, Pinteresting Strategies, and learning more about manual engagement.  Too many people these days follow the crowd and follow what others say like following the need to schedule pins.  Surely, though, if you are scheduling pins (which can take time to do!) then you can set aside that same amount of time to pin manually?!

My Pinterest engagement has all been down to manually pinning.  I’ve used no automated schedulers, I’m driving traffic to my website, I’m increasing my Pinterest engagement and I’m getting my brand noticed.  All because of manual scheduling using the tips in this book!

How else can you grow your brand/blog/website?

Ever heard of Pingroupie? No I hadn’t either until Carly from Mommy on Purpose (the author of Pinteresting Strategies) mentioned this in her book.  In it, she mentions the Pingroupie website which contains links to Group Boards….these are boards with multiple contributors who pin their own content which can then be shared with multiple people and which are niche specific. If you are serious about growing your online business/blog/website then you really need to join some group boards specific to your niche.  Make sure to research your niche on Pingroupie and send the relevant board a message to join them – they usually ask for you to follow the board creator and the board itself.  Most group boards allow you to post your own content in exchange for sharing (pinning) other people’s content.  I really don’t mind doing this as I know that my blog content will be shared by others and the more that it is pinned to other boards, the greater your engagement is.  Which is what we are all here for essentially!

Pinteresting Strategies

If you are truly interested in increasing your ORGANIC growth to your website/blog via Pinterest then I would HIGHLY recommend purchasing “Pinteresting Strategies” by Carly from Mommy on Purpose.  This is a book that is completely suited to all Pinterest levels…whether you are a complete Pinterest novice like I was or you simply want to learn how to drive more traffic and engagement to your website/blog.  The ebook is full of useful strategies and case studies to give you a visual overview on what to do and what not to do to increase your engagement.  I love it that Carly focuses on ORGANIC growth….i.e. the type of growth that you get from being actively engaged with a website.  For me, organic growth will ALWAYS surpass “bot” growth like pin scheduling websites because these don’t act on a whim and go with the flow…they just pin what you’ve already scheduled.

Pinteresting Strategies” costs $32.00 (USD) and I can highly recommend it.  Without this book, I wouldn’t have known how to grow my website traffic and Pinterest engagement ORGANICALLY.  And that is the key.  My Pinterest growth has been HUGE these last 3 weeks…all from manual pinning and from being on the site.  Because I’m actively engaging in being on the Pinterest platform (in person…rather than as a bot!), that in itself has seen massive activity and engagement because people are rewarded for having that unique and authentic content.

This ebook is insightful and very informative.  It gives you case studies and literally spells the whole “pinning etiquette” out to you…so it’s perfect for all Pinterest levels!

Good luck with your Pinterest strategy and please feel free to reach out at leanne@leannejuliette.com to let me know how you are getting along!

*DISCLAIMER: This post contains affiliate links.  This means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission should you decide to purchase that product.  This WILL NOT impact on the price that you pay.  To read my full Affiliate Disclaimer, please click HERE.*


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