The Phoenix Stargate Is a Mystery School Unlike No Other

Each Stargate is an Energetic Portal to activate you and to facilitate your own Revolutionary Transformation.



Welcome To The Phoenix Stargate

The Phoenix Stargate is a Mystery School like no other.A School of Alchemy revived from Ancient Sacred Knowledge.

An Energetic Temple of Ancient Esotericism & Mysticism fused with Galactic Consciousness channelled through the Multiverse.

A Portal for Soul-Questers, Thrill-Seekers & those thirsty for knowledge that is not available anywhere else. The Phoenix Stargate is a powerful Portal for you to experience Revolutionary Transformation & radically shift Consciousness through the wisdom held sacred by Shamanic High Priestess & Multidimensional Time-Traveller, Leanne Juliette.

The Phoenix Stargate is not simply a Metaphysical School where you can learn about Energetics, Shadow, Metaphysics, Astrology, Multidimensionality, Consciousness & Alien Empires.

It is a Portal for Activation.

To activate your own Revolutionary Transformation through the powerful channellings of Leanne Juliette which are presented to you within each Stargate. 



Enrol today within The Phoenix Stargate and take your pick of highly activating & powerful channelled content to not just revolutionize your life – but to transform you and liberate you from Shadow in a way like no other.

 Leanne Juliette offers you a luxury experience to step into the world of Energetics, Shadow, Multidimensionality, Transformation, Consciousness, Astrology & Metaphysics.

Within The Phoenix Stargate, you are not just accessing knowledge & Truth, you are being brought into the powerfully activating energy of Shamanic High Priestess, Leanne Juliette, who will help you see yourself in a new light and transform yourself at the energetic root. 


Discover the Courses, Webinars & Programmes that are popular with other students within The Phoenix Stargate.

Watch an overview of The Multidimensional Shadow Webinar to understand the powerfully activating content within this 2 hour webinar plus bonus content!

For those wanting to start with the foundational knowledge of The Multidimensional Shadow, this ebook will give you an understanding – and overview – of who you are at an energetic level through the Multidimensional Shadow.

What Others Are Saying About Leanne Juliette & The Multidimensional Shadow

“Leanne is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to energetics and her wisdom and knowledge is far beyond anybody that I have ever come across.

Energetics is her genius and the biggest shift for me whilst working with Leanne is understanding where I was operating from my shadow energy – as soon as she brought this into my awareness, it was a game-changer for me!!”

Gret Leach, Private 1:1 Client

The Body Bohemian & CEO of The Human Mastery Experience


“I’ve started to feel much better – like the fog of illness (M.E) lifting. I thought I knew myself. I didn’t. I’ve buried so much (following extreme trauma as a child) and now I’ve owned all of that by being shown the Shadow – and activating it at the Multidimensional root. I no longer take the daily pain medication I’d been addicted to for years – I feel reborn again and totally awakened!

Not only that, but a side effect of having worked with Leanne Juliette directly (around releasing trauma from abuse) is that my periods have totally transformed and normalised after years of irregularities and pain – her energetics work is powerful!”

Alexis Lauren, Private 1:1 Client

“Understanding the Multidimensional Shadow has been a real game-changer for me. To finally get to the root of patterns that no longer serve me and see how deeply embedded they have been in my life (and other lifetimes) has helped me to take my power back. That awareness is invaluable. Leanne has helped me to see so much of myself that I couldn’t see and was avoiding within myself. After years of following other Shadow Work & Shadow Alchemy methods, she has helped me to see Shadow – the Multidimensional Shadow – in a brand new light that it has totally transformed who I am.”

Amanda Kaplanski, Private 1:1 Client


Access powerful content through channelled webinars



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