Ouroboros Medicine Is Pioneering Higher Frequency Consciousness Healing Created By Leanne Juliette To Activate Powerful Transformation, Freedom & Healing Within You.


The Ouroboros is the symbol of the snake who eats itself.

Who devours itself in order to transform itself.

Ouroboros Medicine utilises my unique gift of Destruction & Creation Energetics – of Disruption itself – to be a powerful Catalyst for all manner of Transformation, Freedom & Healing in your life.

The Ouroboros represents Death & Rebirth.

Destruction & Creation.

The Ouroboros is the ultimate symbol for Self-Transformation, Renewal & Regeneration.

You cannot grow, evolve or heal yourself if you are unwilling to let go of the old Identity.

If you hold onto Shadow & Illusion.

When you remain rooted in an Identity that is not your purest, most Divine Truth.

Wearing a False Self Mask of Illusion (both consciously and unconsciously) that keeps you from your Truth.

Living through Illusion & Shadow.

When we are disconnected from and detached from our Divine Truth – we become stagnant and this causes disharmony within us.

Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. Energetically. Spiritually.

The root of all that is not in harmony within you is found within the Multidimensional Shadow.

It is the Multidimensional Shadow which holds the key to the Energetic Root of everything that is not in alignment with your Divine Truth.

Your Divine Self.

Your True Self-Identity.

Ouroboros Medicine is a Catalyst to activate your own powerful Transformation, Freedom, Liberation & Expansion.

Your own Powerful Healing.

And just like all of my Healing Systems & Spiritual Technologies – it can make no fucking sense to your Human Psyche.

This is the power of working with me.

A Shamanic High Priestess.

A Powerful Catalyst

A Pioneering Healer.

I work at the Energetic Root of who you are.

I activate powerful healing within you.

 Across all Space, Time & Dimensions.


Flicking a switch on inside of you to activate & recalibrate your DNA, your cells and your Divine Truth.

To stream powerful Truth Consciousness into you.

Ouroboros Medicine is powerful Self-Transformation which creates a unique frequency inside of you to ripple through you and shed anything – and everything – that is not in alignment with your purest and most intimate Truth.

Ouroboros Medicine is not for the faint of heart or those seeking surface-level solutions.

Ouroboros Medicine is for those who are willing to let go of everything – in order to become whole again.

Those prepared to be triggered, activated and torn apart through the process of Destruction & Creation Energetics.

Death & Rebirth.

To create from anew.

Balance. Harmony. Truth. Divinity.

Ouroboros Medicine creates a powerful vortex of healing inside of you.

Pulling together everything that is not in alignment with your Highest Frequency Consciousness.

To let it go.

For you to shed that skin – and create Energetic Space within you for what is your Highest Truth.

Ouroboros Medicine happens in 3 phases and begins before I enter your life.

Before your Higher Self calls me into your life.

Phase 1: The Unconscious Discomfort

The initial phase of Ouroboros Medicine happens before I enter your life.



Before you’ve even heard of me.

Before you’ve even discovered me.

Before you’ve had any interaction with me or started engaging with me more frequently.

This is a unique gift of mine to pick up on your Frequency before we’ve connected.

Like tuning a radio to find something decent to listen to.

I am tuned into the Collective Unconscious and pick up the frequency of those who are seeking powerful Transformation, Freedom, Liberation & Healing – at an Unconscious Level.

Your Conscious Mind isn’t always aware.

I pick up your Frequency and that you are – at a Higher Dimensional Level – seeking me out.

I receive the Energetic Call from your Higher Self to appear in your life.

Sometimes you will appear in my dreams.

Other times I will meet you whilst Astral Travelling or Dimension Jumping – because in another Dimension or Timeline we have already connected.

Beyond this 3D Realm.

Other times I will simply “arrive” in your life synchronistically such as through a blog post, a podcast, a video, through an introduction from another or through you tuning into my content more than usual.

This initial phase of Ouroboros Medicine is your Higher Self putting out a Spiritual SOS to me and I pick up your Frequency.

Your Higher Self is aware of your 3D discomfort & pain and is aware of how I can faciliate massive Transformation, Freedom, Liberation & Healing in your life – so it calls me in.

As with the snake who is about to shed its skin, you are “uncomfortable” in your current state of being.

It is suffocating to be there.

At a Higher Consciousness level, you have outgrown the Illusion & Shadow.

You desire Truth.

Your True Identity.

And here you appear in my Realm.

Phase 2: The “Shedding Process” or Purification Phase

This involves everything coming together that is not part of your Divine Truth – your Divine Self – to be let go of.

This can happen before we begin working together and/or during our time together.

I meet you in your Darkness when it is time to shed your skin.

To shed the Illusion and the Shadow.

To heal yourself at the Energetic Root of who you are.

Just as the snake sheds its skin when it has outgrown it, so must you.

This is where the Tsunami Effect comes in.

Everyone experiences my Medicine differently but some examples of the “Shedding Process” of Ouroboros Medicine include:

– Relationships ending suddenly

– People disappearing from your life

– A sudden illness or health concern

– Emotional breakdowns & purges

– Vomiting & Detoxification

– Losing clients from your business or work drying up

– The collapse of a business or loss of a job

– A Spiritual Awakening 

– Dark Night of the Soul

– Existential Crisis

– Financial problems

This is how I activate the Freedom & Transformation within you and be a powerful Catalyst for you.

We cannot live in Truth to ourselves if we are holding onto people, things, situations, behaviours, experiences etc that are not in alignment with our Highest Truth.

They have to go to create energetic space for what is your Divine Truth.

As with the snake, you are “releasing” the old skin.

The old identity.

The aspect of you that you have outgrown and that is not your Truth.

Phase 3: Revolutionary Self-Transformation & Regeneration 

This is where the Alien Mind Matrix comes in.

The Tsunami Effect within Phase 2 rips through your Energy to rid you of everything that is not in alignment with your Divine Truth – by purifying your energy multidimensionally – so that the process of Revolutionary Transformation can begin.

Healing you at the Energetic Root of who you are.

The Alien Mind Matrix is about tuning into your Higher Frequency Consciousness.

The illogical. The nonsensical.

Results & experiences that defy logic.

This is about you accessing Truth, Transformation & Healing that seem alien to you.

Because they are alien to the 3D Human Psyche.

This is the Realm of Magic & Higher Frequency Consciousness.

 This is the Realm of The Beyond.

Where you create powerful Freedom for yourself by surrendering yourself to the Transformation & Healing that wants to occur.

Just as the snake who has shed its skin is now free to move on without the discomfort of the “old skin”, so too are you free from the Identity you have outgrown – the Identity that was never your Divine Truth – the False Self – the Shadow Self.

Where illnessess or health conditions (including those deemed “uncurable” or “untreatable”) can heal instantaneously or within a very short time frame (days or weeks).

Where things deemed “impossible” become possible.

Where your business or career transforms overnight.

Where a soulmate arrives in your life out of nowhere.

Where powerful shifts in Consciousness stream through you.

Where you activate your Higher Purpose that has seemed out of reach for so long.

Where you suddenly find yourself after being lost for so long and have complete clarity on who you are and why you are here.

Where creative inspiration and innovative solutions are downloaded within you.

Where you heal ancestral and generational wounds that have been part of your karma.

Where long-standing trauma dissipates overnight.

Where you heal karma from other lifetimes and unlock your True Essence which is no longer burdoned down by karma.

The Realm of Magick provides endless possibilities to experience non-sensical & illogcal results, healing & transformation.

Because Ouroboros Medicine is Magick.

Powerful High Magick for those who know within the depths of your being that anything is possible.

 Are You Being Guided To Invite Ouroboros Medicine Into Your Life?

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