If You Had One Year To Live…By Amanda Herr

What Would You Do If You Had One Year To Live

If you had one year to live how would you choose to live? Would you continue to choose comfort and normality over stepping into something considered risky and adventurous?

Would you choose to stress over the same things or truly enjoy every single simplicity of your life? Things like the laughter of children, the way your body feels when you feel gratitude and joy, the smell of coffee, the sweet taste of dark chocolate, the smell of flowers as you pass them by, or the way you feel loved by those you are close with.

If you had one year to live, life would no longer seem meaningless, because you’d make sure to live each and every day fully.

How can you bring the essence of only having one year to live into your life now?

Here’s 4 ways how:

1. Remember What YOU Desire

To be able to truly live we have to remember what it is that we actually want out of life. So many of us get bogged down by the mediocrity of living that we forget that there’s more than the day to day grind. We forget the goals that come from our soul.

Would it surprise you to know most of us are very disconnected from our bodies & intuition which makes it hard for us to determine what we as individuals what out of our life versus what everyone else wants for us?

To get in tune with your soul simply place your hand over your heart, take 3-5 deep breaths, and feel your heartbeat. Doing this does a few different things. It opens up your heart space to awaken your feelings & capacity to love, it relaxes your body, and it allows you to tune into the feeling of your body so you have a better understanding of your own intuition, aka, what your soul calls for.

Now that you are tuned in let’s go over a few questions you can ask yourself to determine what your passions in life are:

  • What puts a smile on your face?
  • If you felt as though nothing was holding you back in life what would you be doing?
  • What do you genuinely feel interested in?
  • What do you find fun?
  • What’s something you’ve always wanted to do?
  • What do you feel called to do time & time again?

2. Live By Your Standards

This topic goes hand-in-hand with the first point. To determine how you wish to live and what your desires are you must live by YOUR standards and no one else’s. Those who care about us want the best for us and often think they know what’s best for us. The thing they don’t realize is that you are not on the same path as them. You have different life lessons and must live accordingly. You need to decide how to live and what your values are.

When you choose to ignore your passions and desires you are choosing to ignore the things that call to your soul. You are choosing to ignore the life that would feel the most amazing to you.

A part of living a life that is most true to you means releasing the thoughts of those who wish to dictate your life. This may be parents, grandparents, relatives, partners, or friends. In doing this I highly suggest taking some time to write down what thoughts and standards that you live by that don’t feel as though they belong to you. It’s time to own your thoughts!

An Exercise To Own Your Thoughts:

  • Get in a comfortable position: this can be sitting in a chair, the ground, or laying in a way that feels most comfortable to your body
  • Take 3-5 deep breaths and allow your body to relax: once you have completed the deep breaths move from your toes to your head & release all tension in your body
  • Now ask your spirit guides, angels, masters, and any loving light to step forward in helping to guide you through this exercise
  • Ask the following: “Energy of love & light help me to see me for who I am. Guide me in seeing what standards/values I wish to live by in this lifetime. Help me see where I have been conditioned to go against the way I truly wish to live".
  • Write out everything that comes to mind or record your thoughts out loud
  • Once you are done writing highlight any points that have deep meaning to you

3. Be Present To The Moment

One of our biggest struggles in living in a busy world is learning to take time to be present to the moment. We are so use to constant bombardment that we tend to lose our actual focus and just move about our day as though it’s just another day.

Each day is a new day and should be treated as such. Open up your senses and LIVE your damn life!

To live a truly present day, try any one of these actions from the list:

  • As soon as you wake up notice how you feel, notice any birds chirping or the sound of rain or wind, notice how relaxed you are
  • Take time to notice 3 things you are grateful for in that very moment: Look around the room & list 3 things that you feel joy for. This could be the food you are eating, the water you are drinking, people in the room, the roof over your head, whatever you want. If you find this is hard for yourself think about how the different items in the room that have served you and just keep practicing. You’ll get it over time.
  • Go for a walk and tune into your senses.
  • While this sounds like the opposite of what you would want to do to get out of bombardment mode it’s actually how you allow your mind to slow down and process what’s happening in your life. Pick out one sound and listen to it for 10 steps, find one scent to focus on for a few moments, count your steps and feel the ground beneath your feet, find a leaf and look at its amazing detail
  • While doing your usual duties for the day take a moment to look around you and really take everything in. You can even practice this with washing dishes by noticing how cozy, warm the water feels.
  • Slow down when you eat your meals and really taste the food you are eating. Sensualize it.
  • Find other things in your day that you wish to enjoy with fullness

4. Find Gratitude In Everything

Living in gratitude is one of the most freeing experiences ever! Gratitude allows us to focus on how good our life really is no matter where we are. Yes, you are always going to have wants and desires outside of your current situation, but if you can’t learn to be grateful with what you have now it’s not going to matter where you are in 1, 5, or 10 years from now. Even when things change, if you don’t have gratitude, your life will feel pretty much the same.

Use gratitude to reframe your mind in seeing the beauty of your life in the here and now. You can even do this with past experiences to remind yourself of what you’ve experienced in the life time.

A Simple Gratitude Practice:

  • Take out a notebook
  • Write a list of 3 things you are grateful for today
  • Feel into why you are so grateful for each item
  • Soak up the joy of feeling into this gratitude
  • Allow yourself to be reminded that there is always something to be grateful for.

While many of us have goals and dreams to do big things it’s not always the ‘big’ things that have the biggest impact. What they say is true, simplicity really is that way to LIVE.

Now that you have some new tools, how do you choose to live the next year of your life?

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About The Author

Amander Herr is a Soul Whisperer & Intuitive Life Purpose Guide here to help you create your spiritually-centered, soul-led business. Her mission is to help you clarify your path and purpose in life so you can create a business that feels right to you so you can create the life you’ve have always envisioned. One of freedom, impact, abundance, and bliss.

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One Year To Live - Amanda Herr
One Year To Live - Amanda Herr Guest Blog

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