lilith black moon



lilith – an 8 week live transformational group programme for women launching 27th july

Lilith is your Inner Fire – your Truth – your Feminine Power.

She beckons to you.

In the stillness of the night.

Stirring the flames within the shadows.

Commanding you to step forwards into your truth.

To be seen.

To be heard.

To be unapologetically you.

She answers to no-one.

Awakening the powerful essense of SHE within you.

woman burning in fire and having a transformation

She is unadulterated.

She shows no remorse for being wholly HER.

She has no time for the games of others.

She is no longer beholden to the shadowy aspects that have kept her chained to the beliefs and ideals of others.

She represents Feminine Freedom.

The Wild Woman Rising.

The Sacred Dark Divine.

Dark Goddess.

She is aware of her Sacred Powers.

Divine Gifts.

She no longer questions her worth.

Or sacrifices herself for others.

she has burnt in the fire of transformation – she wears the scars with pride

she is not afraid of her shadow – and pays no attention to ego

Healer of the Darkness within.

Lilith is here to awaken you to your highest truth.

To strip you bare.

To free you from the shackles of shadow, ego and illusion.

To reignite the Dark Fires within.

The Dark Feminine.

To aid you to show up unapologetically.

To value yourself.

To know your worth.

To be seen.

To be heard.

To be honoured as a keeper for the Sacred Feminine.

Lilith is not interested in your ego. Or the reasons why you can or cannot do something or be something.

She gives zero fucks about your ego and the whiny voice of your shadow.

The aspects of your psyche that have kept you tethered to playing small.

Downplaying the truth of who you are.

Selling out on your power.

Giving your worthiness over to someone else.

No, Lilith gives zero fucks about that. And neither do I.

I am here to take you on a journey within.

Into your own inner darkness.

The shadowy murky aspects of your psyche.

To be your Guide through the Dark.

To walk with you in the Underworld. Through the gates of Hades.

That is my role as your Guide and Mentor on this Journey of Rediscovery and Transformation.

I know transformation all too well.

I am the Priestess of the Dark Divine.

I play in the realms of Shadow, Darkness & Chaos.

My own story is one of being stripped bare.

Stripped of the illusions I held about myself.

Stripped of the life I had relied on for comfort and security which was built on lies.

Stripped of showing up as unworthy and apologising for my truth and my Divine Gifts.

Stripped bare of everything that did serve my soul’s mission which is to serve others through my role as Priestess.

My Spiritual Awakening started in August 2017. I felt the call. But I denied it.

Shit had to get REALLY uncomfortable for me. To have the rug pulled from under my feet.

Tossed to the wolves. Lead to my own slaughter.

The slaughter of ego.

I left my marriage. I was unemployed. Started a business. Crippled with debt. Going through a divorce. A single parent.

But I didn’t give up. I couldn’t.

How could I?

Even when times were so hard and I was crippled with fear, anxiety and begging the Universe/Spirit for mercy…further into the darkness I was tossed.

For how could I guide others through their own death (metaphorical!), if I hadn’t experienced death myself?

This is why I give no fucks about your ego. Or whether I’m making you uncomfortable or not.

I am here to trigger.

To make you so fucking uncomfortable that you eventually let go of the grip you’ve had on your life.

To help you surrender to your own truth.

I am a Mirror. A catalyst.

My energy probes you.

Like the tentacles of an octopus, my energy reaches out to you and probes into the cracks within.

The unhealed aspects of yourself.

The shadow.

The parts that you have denied about yourself.

Every part of you that has sought permission to show up.

Every aspect that has undervalued herself and questioned her worth.

Every part of you that has been too afraid to speak up, show up, be seen and heard.

Every aspect that has apologised for who she is.

I trigger your death.

The death of who you were pretending to be.

For I see you.

I see all of you. Every aspect of you.

I see your Highest Potential.

I see your power. Your truth.

It whispers to me as I slay your shadow.

Thanking me for honouring who she is.

For not bowing to her ego. Her fears.

This is the journey of Lilith.

To awaken your power. Your truth. Your voice. Your vision.

To unshackle you.

And set you free to be whoever the fuck you are called to be.

This is Death. And Rebirth.

As a potent Witch, Mystic, Priestess and Divine Channel, I work with the energies of transformation.

I go to the root of who someone is.

I have zero desire to play at surface level. Tip-toeing around. Helping you make incremental gains.

Nope. That shit bores the fuck out of me!

I take you straight to the root.

Straight to the deepest, darkest shadowy aspects of who you are.

And we work upwards from there.

For you cannot kill a weed by simply pulling it up.

You must remove the root first. All of it. Leaving no root in place.

This is why I trigger you so deeply. Because I see the illusion that is holding you back. I see it.

Because I know it.

One of my greatest fears – my biggest shadow – that I’ve had all my life and which became the most prominent as I stepped into my role as a Spiritual Entrepreneur – was that of being seen.

I dimmed my power.

Turned down the truth on who I am.

Apologised for being me.

And was scared shitless to rock the boat with others. More so after I went through my own Spiritual Awakening in 2017 and started to really understand the full extent of my powerful energy.

I’d always wondered why people would have such extreme reactions to me.

Either loving me or loathing me.

So I turned my own truth down.

I apologised for who I am and what I am here to do in this lifetime.

I allowed others to walk all over me.

I sacrificied my own needs.

I undercharged in my business.

I attracted lovers from a place of unworthiness.

For I carried the energy of shame and guilt to be a woman with healing powers.

The energy of the Wounded Feminine from lifetimes of hiding and being fearful of being seen.

I had to go through my own transformation.

To be stripped.

To be thrown to the wolves as my ego begged for mercy.

I had to kill myself a thousand times over (a metaphorical death!) in order to be reborn again in the energy of my own truth.

Truly seeing my worth.

And accepting who I am.

Becoming unfuckwithable.

And being unapologetically me.

Lilith is a journey of self-discovery.

A journey of self into the fires of transformation.

I am your Guide on this journey.

The one who lights the way through the darkness as we strip you of the bullshit you’ve been holding onto, the illusions, the fearful ego.

As we transform your shadow into your powerful truth.

lilith calls to the woman who is ready to go all the way in on who she is

No more fucking around.

No more tip-toeing around with surface level modalities.

You’re ready to dive in.


All the way in.

Even when it makes you so uncomfortable that you want to vomit.

Especially then!

The discomfort – the triggers – are the gold!

They are what force you to let go.

To surrender.

In Lilith, we facilitate your own metaphorical death.

The one that brings about your own rebirth.

lilith is for the woman who wants to reclaim her power. Her truth.

lilith is for the woman who knows she is called to awaken the Wild Woman within.

The Sacred Dark Feminine.

Lilith is for the woman who wishes to make massive quantum leaps in life, business, relationships & spirituality.

This is the Tsunami Effect I have on those working with me.

I am a Portal. A Vortex.

I pull you into my energy so that you may re-emergy as a force to be reckoned with.



Working with me in such as container as Lilith are that I will transform your life. Creating a chain reaction of events that bring about your own Revolutionary Transformation.

Whether you like these events or not, that is irrelevant.

For you must forego your own ego and surrender to the chaos that ensues as the illusions crumble around you.

This is my gift.

The energy of destruction.

Of chaos.

The potent magic of the Darkness as I reunite you with your Highest Self.

Setting you free to:

– Be unapologetically you

– Quantum leap in your business or career

– Make a hell of a lot more money

– Develop a deeper sense of self-love

– Value your worth

– Discover your purpose

– Develop a deeper bond with your own femininity

– Let go of toxicity in your life

– Call in your soulmate – or develop a deeper, more sensual bond with your current lover

– Become super magnetic and irresistable to soulmate lovers and soulmate clients – because they cannot get enough of the powerful energy that oozes through you

– Shed the stubborn pounds you’ve been holding onto as a protection mechanism

This is energetics. Energy is energy. When you hold onto unwanted and toxic energy (such as shitty self-belief, apologising for who you are or berating yourself for the food you eat) it creates DIS-ease within you.


Which is why my work is so potent.

Because I go to the root of the issue with you.

Straight to the deepest, darkest depths of your psyche.

The shadow with the most power.

The root of everything about who you are in which massive amounts of energy are stored.

And I flick a switch.

Turn the key.

Shake you.

Awaken you.

And turn that heaviness into your power.

Creating a spark of electricity within you.

Thus creating that Tsunami Effect within you. Which reverberates throughout you and RELEASES the energy you’ve been holding onto.


This is the power of Lilith.

She has no time to be anything other that who she is.

She refuses to bow to the whiny fears of ego.

And gives no more fucks.

Letting go of everything.

Surrendering to the inner fire within.

Allowing that fire to burn through what no longer serves her.

Creating rapid, revolutionary transformation.

A vortex for powerful magic to occur.

lilith is an 8 week transformational sacred container for the woman called to awaken the wild woman within

we begin July 27th – 4:44pm bst (11:44am est / 8:44am pst)


– 8 weeks of transformational support within a group container with myself as your Guide, Mirror & Catalyst

– One powerful live teaching per week based around stripping yourself bare, self-love, self-worth, shadow, owning your voice, being seen and playing bigger in all areas of life

– One additional group coaching live per week to be personally mentored by myself – show up, ask anything, work with the triggers

– Experience the transformational energy within the group container with other women and receive support and guidance from myself within the group

– Access to my potent as fuck and revolutionary energy within this sacred container as I shake you and awaken you

– Access to the energy of Lilith through myself as her Sacred Vessel

– Lifetime access to the programme once it’s finished within the membership area plus all future updates

– Access to The Dark Portal membership worth £111 per month whilst participating in this group programme (you will be billed £111 per month after completion of the programme if you choose not to cancel)

– Rapid transformation if you choose to surrender and be prepared to get super uncomfortable – the triggers are where the growth REALLY happens!

My gift to you is how I ACTIVATE you

Turning the heat up

Coaxing shadows out

Holding a Mirror up to your subconscious

And holding a high energetic capacity as the vessel for YOUR transformation

– One-off payment

– Payment is in GBP and is inclusive of all taxes

– Lifetime Access to the programme including all future updates

– LIVE Teachings

– LIVE group mentoring

– Group Access within Facebook

– 8 week access to The Dark Portal membership worth £111 per month (choose to cancel or continue the membership at £111 per month after the programme ends)

– Spread the cost of payments over 6 months

– Payment is in GBP and is inclusive of all taxes

– Lifetime Access to the programme including all future updates

– LIVE Teachings

– LIVE group mentoring

– Group Access within Facebook

– 8 week access to The Dark Portal membership worth £111 per month (choose to cancel or continue the membership at £111 per month after the programme ends)



She whispered to me. That’s my name.

This was one of my channelings today as I was creating artwork for my business.

The consciousness behind the programme I’d already titled “Priestess” wanted a new name.

Her real name.

(Did you know your business and everything you create has its own consciousness?!)


She whispered louder.

Coming closer to me so I could feel the essence of who she is.

Her energy and what she is about.

The woman her energy speaks to.


The name given to the Dark Goddess.

The one who bows to no-one.

She is unapologetically her.

No fucks given.

She values her worth.

She oozes power from her as she wears the scars of transformation.

Having walked through the fire to reclaim her power.


The name falls off the tongue.



Yet oh so truly fucking potent!

A powerful Priestess.

A Witch in her own right.


She called to me as I was ready to honour her energy within this sacred container.

As I become the Vessel to channel the energy of this Dark Divine.

A sacred container for transformation.

Yet not for the faint of heart.

For Lilith calls to she who is ready to do what is required of her.

She who is ready to jump into the fires of transformation – knowing that they will bring about her death.


A metaphorical death, of course, but a death still the same.

Death of the old.

Rebirth of the new.

I act as the Guide through the darkness.

Through the shadowy murky waters.

Guiding you to reclaim your truth.

Your power.

Your worth.

So that you may be seen in your full Sacred Feminine.

The Dark Feminine.

She who knows she must die in order to be reborn.

For death is not the end, it is simply the beginning.

As a Vessel for the Divine, my energy doesn’t fuck around.

It probes you.

Feeling into the cracks within.

Your unhealed aspects.

The parts you try to hide.

But I see you.

I feel you.

I know you.

For I am a Mirror.

And I hold it up for you to see who you truly are.

To make you so fucking uncomfortable that you either make the leap through the fire…or burn in its wake.

I go to the root of someone’s psyche.

Straight to the deepest, darkest, most potent shadow.

Then slit it’s throat.

Slaying that shadow to set you free.

But first…you must be willing to surrender to the power within.

To your inner Lilith.

The one who calls to you time and again to rise.

To wake the fuck up.

And to stand tall and proud in who you are.

This is Lilith.

And I am her Vessel.

lilith is calling to you – will you answer her call?

lilith black moon