It’s Time To Make Your Move & Elevate Your Consciousness Into Your High King Frequency

Kingmaking | The Powermind

with Leanne Juliette

The Kingmaking Powermind is a powerful container for men who desire to awaken, activate & accelerate their High King Frequency within an Intimate Group of other Kings.

This is for the Divine Masculine who desire a deeper reconnection with himself.

True Intimacy.

Unlike traditional “male” containers/programmes/coaching groups – The Kingmaking Powermind is facilitated by a woman.

The Divine Feminine Herself.

I am a powerful representation of the Divine Feminine & the Goddess – and one who is deeply, deeply connected to working with the Divine Masculine – the High Kings – to faciliate powerful transformation in the world through men being in your High King Energy.

I have borne witness to the usual male coaching groups that are churned out by men – and especially within the Spiritual Realm – and see through their own Egoic Desires & Toxic Masculine Energy.

The masculine bravado. The male coaches trying to be “Top Dog” and “Alpha Male”.

The so-called “Spiritual Leaders” posting derogatory comments about women to appear more “superior” and satisfy a deep urge of dominance over women.

I find it deeply toxic – and yet another continuation of Toxic Masculinity & the Wounded Masculine.

I see through it all.

And it fucking reeks of Shadow, Illusion & Ego.

There is none of that here.

Because You desire more.

You desire better.

You desire connection with the Feminine.

As a Divine Feminine and as a powerful Catalyst, I am here to hold you accountable to your King.

To call Him forwards.

To awaken Him.

To activate Him.

So that you – the Divine Masculine – may reclaim Him within you.

This is not a space for one Male to be “Top Dog” or “Alpha”.

I expect you all to be Leaders.

The difference I see between working with these male coaches who are most often rooted in their own Ego, Shadow & Illusion and cannot see the level of toxicity & Wounded Masculine they continue to perpetuate within the world – and choosing to work deeply with a Divine Feminine – is that I embody the Queen energy who the High King is deeply committed to.

A man in his High King energy is deeply committed to his Queen.

To his Realm.

To those within his lands.

A High King does not seek to bulldoze through others.

To jostle for position with other men.

To seek dominance and control over anyone he deems too “inferior” to himself.

To appear more knowledgeable, worthy or deserving than others.

A High King knows his value is never based on others.

It is a Frequency within him that pulsates out of him.

He does not need validation from others.

He is King.

Within this powerful Container, I call Him forwards.

To work deeply & intimately with the Divine Feminine.

I see you in a way you’ve never been seen before.

Deeply into you.

Beyond all Shadow, Illusion & Darkness.

You will not experience this kind of Deep Intimacy anywhere else.

Least of all not with the usual types of “male” Containers, Programmes & Masterminds.

Within The Kingmaking Powermind, you are being called forward to balance both the  Divine Masculine & the Divine Feminine Energetics within you.

To be seen by the Feminine – and activated by the Feminine.

As a Powerful Catalyst, I activate you deeply at the Energetic Root of who you are.

Beyond Dimensions.

I work specifically with the powerful Feminine Energetics of Destruction & Creation.

Which is why you will find working with me deeply intimate highly unique.

I do not work at surface level.

I do not coddle.

I work in the Darkness.

The Depths.

With the most powerful Feminine Energetics in the world – Destruction & Creation.

With the Cycle of Death & Rebirth.

Tearing apart what isn’t Truth.

Reaching into you.

Seeing into you.

Burning through Shadow, Illusion, Ego and anything that is not in alignment with your High King Frequency.


So we can work at the root of who you are.

To create new foundations rooted in Truth.

Divine Truth.

As a Priestess, I guide you to your Greatness. Through the Darkness. Into the Light.

As a Confidante, I create a powerful vortex for you to explore yourself deeply.

To reawaken Your High King.

To reclaim the Divine Masculine.

To create powerful shifts in Consciousness on the planet and powerful transformations within you across all areas of your life.








Why Kingmaking?

For centuries, the Divine Masculine has been watered down to where men have been left with a Wounded Masculine energy and – at worst – Toxic Masculinity.

How so?

A man in his true High King energy – that delicious Divine Masculine – is a threat to the dark energies currently in play on this planet who fear the return of the True Kings.

A High King stands up for Truth.

Slays the toxicity.

Protects his Feminine and his children.

Empowers the women in his life to rise up and uphold their Queen energy.

He wields a powerful sword that will slice through any sign of toxicity.

The darker energies at play on this planet over millennia attacked the Divine Masculine first.

Weakening him.

Numbing him.

Emasculating him.

Overworking him.

Enticing him with porn to numb men to the sacredness of sex.

Creating men who lust – rather than love.

The attack on the Divine Masculine is purposeful. To numb him. To weaken him. To birth toxicity in him.

So that he is too weak – too numbed – to uphold his duty to protect the Divine Feminine.

The Goddess.

I am deeply passionate about Kingmaking.

Working intimately with you to activate the High King energy within you.

To take you on a journey into the very depths of yourself. 

To activate you deeply within – to strip you bare of everything that is not your most powerful Truth – so that there is no option than for your High King to make his presence known to the world.

And to remain as such.

The world is thirsty for the King to return.

To reclaim his throne and his duty to the Divine Feminine.

To disrupt the world from the inside out as the very presence of the High King disrupts the industry you are in.

Unleashing your potency for Truth, Freedom, Liberation & Power.

What does The Path of The High King look like in your world?

It means a deeper intimacy with your Masculinity.

A deeper intimacy with your partner. Your family. Your children.

It means upholding the Frequency of a Powerful Leader who isn’t driven by ego, greed or lust – but by Service to the world and creating a powerful Impact.

It means creating powerful shifts in all areas of your life.








It means creating opportunities to empower other Divine Masculines to reclaim their High King as they take inspiration from seeing you no longer shackled to the False Masculine.

It means creating a wave of powerful transformation in the world as more Kings take up space in positions of power to empower others – rather than take from them as is so often the case right now.

Kingmaking is a powerful ongoing & intimate Mastermind for men who are ready to have their Inner High King activated.

To be seen, heard, felt and known in a way like never before.

I hold deep respect and honour for the Kings who are returning to their Sovereign Throne.

Those taking power back from the darker energies of greed, corruption, manipulation and toxicity.

As a powerful Priestess, I guide you on your journey deeper into yourself. Holding the portal for you to step into your Divine Truth as the King you were born to be.

To activate that delicious Divine Masculine energy within you.

To peer into your darkness – to heal what needs healing at the energetic root – to transform the Shadow & Illusion into Truth and Freedom.

I invite you to step into your High King with me.

To play the Game of Consciousness with me as your High King reawakens within you.

Who Is Kingmaking For?

Kingmaking is a deeply intimate and highly activating 1:1 Confidante & Priestessing Service.

It is an Annual Contract with me and commands a 7 figure investment (payable in full or via an agreed payment plan)

You will have full Access to me through Texts & Voicenotes plus any calls you wish to schedule.

As part of the Kingmaking Service, I offer you 2 in-person 1:1 All Day Events. These are highly activating as you spend time with me in my presence.

These are currently offered in London, UK and in Europe.

(These will be offered in the USA at a later date once they lift restrictions for unvaccinated UK Citizens to go to America. However, I’m open to suggestions to “break into” the country LOL.)

Kingmaking is for you if:

– You are prepared to be cracked wide open

– You are prepared to venture into the darkest parts of your psyche with no restrictions on where we go

– You are prepared to work deeply and intimately with me – meaning – nothing is off-limits that we discuss or access energetically

– You are prepared to explore the Multidimensional aspects of your Consciousness & psyche including other lifetimes your soul has had that I channel as being relevant to our work together

– You see yourself as a powerful Leader – whether you embody this energy currently or it is an aspiration you have – but you know that He resides within you

– You are willing to surrender and submit to a Divine Feminine who will call forth everything about you that you do not wish to be seen. I require that you are willing to be seen in all aspects of who you are – the good, the bad and the downright fucking ugly parts

– You will allow me to strip you energetically of everything you believe to be true and real about yourself so that your True Identity can come through. This will be uncomfortable

– You are willing to be triggered

– You accept that there will be parts of your life that get broken down as my signature Tsunami Effect energy rips through you uprooting everything that is not in alignment with your most Highest Truth & Potential

This can mean career, business, finances, relationships, mindset, health, beliefs – anything rooted in Illusion & Shadow will be uprooted so that we may create Energetic Foundations within you based on Truth for better and more aligned opportunities and experiences to enter your life

– You will allow yourself to be vulnerable with me. Whilst I’m not here to hand-hold you or coddle you, I do require that you allow yourself to be fully seen by me and allow everything hidden away in your psyche (consciously and unconsciously) to be brought to the surface to be alchemized into Truth

– You are committed to this work together

– You acknowledge that you have access to me to discuss things together and will take the initative to schedule a call with me if you require it or to use our messaging service

– You are available to attend 2 x 1:1 in-person days with me over the year

– You trust me – even during the darkest moments of transformation & healing

– You are willing to leave behind your old Identity and anything that isn’t in full alignment with the High King energy

– You have a vision to create a powerful impact in the world through you being you

– You are committed to your investment with me which is a 7 figure investment for the year (payable in full or via an agreed payment plan)


Who Kingmaking Is NOT For


I am extremely selective of who I invite to work with me deeply in a 1:1 capacity.

I have exceptionally high standards for the men I work with.

Kingmaking is not for you if:

– You are seeking sexual experiences with me – this is not what I offer

– You wish to own me and seek to exert control over me

– You are looking for someone to hold your hand, coddle you or mother you. Whilst we will address any aspects of the Mother/Father Wound and/or Abandonment that may crop up, I am not here to parent you

– You are unwilling to be stripped bare of everything you are holding onto that is an Illusion or Shadow energy

– You are unwilling to be vulnerable with a woman

– You do not like women being in positions of power as your ego feels threatened by this (whilst this may be an aspect within you that you wish to address, if you do not feel you can let this behaviour go then Kingmaking is not for you)

– You are unwilling to let go of any toxic vices, behaviours and addictions (during our work together) such as porn, gambling, sleeping around with mutiple sexual partners, drug addictions, alcohol abuse or any other toxic traits

– You are unable to make a 7 figure investment in yourself or commit to our agreed payment installments

– You are bored and looking for a woman to have fun with without taking any responsibility for this deeply Sacred work together

– You are unwilling to be fully seen by me – this is the Deep Intimacy I offer you – to be fully seen by someone in a way you’ve never experienced before, not even by you

– You are unwilling to explore yourself spiritually

– You are not open to the concepts of Multidimensionality as I work across all Dimensions to heal you, activate you and accelerate your Consciousness

– You cannot trust me


What Will You Gain & Experience From This Powerful 1:1 Kingmaking Opportunity with Leanne Juliette?

Working deeply with me in an intimate 1:1 capacity such as Kingmaking is not just highly transformational for you – but life changing.

As a Powerful Catalyst, I will activate you in ways you never knew.

Bringing to the surface aspects of your Consciousness & True Identity that you didn’t know existed.

Creating Energetic Portals for the most powerful transformation, healing & activations to occur.

As a powerful Alchemist, I understand how to turn the deepest pain into the most powerful Truth.

I understand the Darkness like no other on the planet.

I can sit deeply in the Darkness – and The Underworld itself – with someone as you purge Shadow, Trauma, Pain, Illness, Toxicity & Illuson from you – including energy from other lifetimes that you are unconscious of (including Ancestral energy carried through the generations of your family) but which have been negatively impacting this lifetime.

I offer you a deep Purification within my Fire.

Tearing away anything – and everything – that is not you.

And expanding you beyond anything you believed possible.

When you choose to work with me, you are choosing to entering the Realm of Magic & Powerful Energetics.

This is the power of my Signature Destruction & Creation Energetics – the Tsunami Effect – as everything is removed that is not in alignment with your Highest Frequency to create space for the New to come through.

To create powerful change within your life, you must begin at the Energetic Root and build upwards.

I see through Illusion.

I see through Shadow.

I see beyond the masks being worn to protect the fragile ego.

I see deeply into your Heart, your Soul & your Mind.

I see you in a way you’ve never been seen before.

This is both highly uncomfortable and extremely liberating for you.

My eyes activate you.

My energy activates you & pierces through you.

My very presence activates you at the core of your Being.



Everyone experiences me differently. It depends on what needs to be uprooted, torn down and removed from your energy to create space for the High King to take his throne within you.

My clients have experienced:

– instantaneous healing to lifelong issues or conditions deemed “untreatable” or “uncurable” such as M.E

– health improved dramatically including previous pains/aches/cysts/skin conditions disappearing overnight

– attracting and falling in love with a soulmate

– promotions within their career or amazing business partnerships

– signifcant wealth increase

– immediate relationship improvements with family members/partner/children that were previously difficult or abusive

– Spiritual Awakenings including Kundalini activations

– instantaneous release of previous patterns and behaviours that were not in alignment with my clients Highest Frequency including quitting drinking/smoking, healing food/drug/alcohol/sex addiction – instantaneously

– healing trauma/PTSD/abuse instantaneously

– healing the energetic symptoms of satanic abuse that manifested in my client’s body

– conceiving naturally after fertility issues

– appearing younger – without surgery

– losing weight – without trying

– healing karmic debts from other lifetimes

– awakening and activating spiritual gifts

– experiencing pure magic!

I am deeply honoured to work with you, the Divine Masculine, to awaken, activate & accelerate the High King within you.