Journey With Me


In Service To The Divine

Journeying with me is a unique & uncoventional experience.

It can be exhilarating, expansive & liberating.

As I take you to heights you’ve never experienced before.

And yet – to journey with me can also be excruciating, terrifying and painful.

As I strip you bare to your rawness.

To journey with me – is to run with me into the Darkness.

Into the deepest, darkest depths of your psyche.

Into the Hidden Realms of the Unconscious.

To journey with me – is to invite destruction into your life.

To invite Death & Rebirth into your life.

As I tear away all aspects of you that are not your Divine Truth & True Identity.

I do not tolerate people staying comfortable in a bubble of illusion, patterns & behaviours which are squeezing the life out of you.

I penetrate you.


Finding the Energetic Glitch – the Shadow – within you that is asking – begging – to be healed & transformed at the root.

I penetrate your energy – going directly to the root of whatever is not your Truth.

My healing is pioneering – groundbreaking – and crosses dimensions.

I connect to your Consciousness across all Space, Time & Dimensions.


Finding the unhealed & broken pieces – fragments of your Consciousness – in this life and in other lifetimes – and repair you at the Energetic Root.

Multidimensionally. Ancestrally. Otherworldly.

Journey With Me

The Activation

This call with me is your opportunity to shift your life instantaneously and connect deeper into your life’s purpose.

For those wishing to gain a different perspective on your life and where you are heading as I penetrate you energetically.

I see all timelines – past/present/future – and can channel your Higher Self and “other” versions of you.

This call incorporates astrology, energy reading, channelling and will activate you to shift your life in the most opportune direction.

Investment: £2000


A 12 month retainer to access me.

As an Atlantean and Ancient Egyptian High Priestess as well as a powerful Shaman, I have a unique connection to the Divine as a Channel & Vessel for what wants to come through me to you.

Priestessing is my unique way of being your Guide in Life.

In a world where people are surrounded by “yes people” – I am the one to give you the Truth.

No holds barred. Directly. In a way you are not used to.

To guide you in your life, your business/career, your relationships and your spiritual journey.

To tear down old ways of being – and create powerful energetic foundations for your life moving forwards.

Investment: 6 figure investment for a 12 month retainer.

Application Only.


Kingmaking is a powerful Divine Calling for me.

To explore the Divine Masculine.


In my role as Sacred Sexual Priestess.

The world has been dominated by the outdated paradigm of Patriarchy & the Wounded Masculine for too long.

The Masculine is longing to be seen in his most Divine way.

We are thirsty for more Divine Masculines to step into their Inner High King Energy.

Both powerful & vulnerable, emotionally available to himself and his Queen, this is what it means to be a King.

As a Priestess, I desire to guide you on your King’s Journey.

I see & honour the King within you as we explore your inner depths – Wounded Masculine Energy stored within your DNA, Ancestral Trauma, Past-Life Trauma connected to patriarchal dominance and fears of being truly seen.

I see you. I feel you. I know you. I hear you.

With Kingmaking, I provide you with a powerful – yet safe – container to awaken & activate the Divine Masculine within.

To explore your vulnerabilty & your power – simultaneously.

Your Inner High King.