Guest Blog – Giving up my job to be self-employed allowed me to become a mummy – Leanne Richardson

Guest Blog - Giving up my job to become self-employed allowed me to become a mummy - Leanne Richardson - www.leannejuliette.com


One of sayings I tend to live by is ‘Life is a Journey’. I knew that one day I would become a mummy and I soon realised how I wanted my life to be when that day happened.

From the age of 16 starting college I found that the traditional educational route wasn’t for me. I was really keen to work and earn money. I applied to a Training Provider to help me find an Apprenticeship. I was so happy when they offered me the chance to work there on Reception and I soon progressed to Business Development Assistant helping other candidates gain a placement with employers.

I was that young girl who looked at the person I was working with and aspired to have their job.

After that I had lots of jobs including administration, banking, business development marketing, customer service, recruitment and sales. I never stayed long in a job, I always felt like I gained what I could and needed a fresh start.

When I was 17 I started suffering really badly with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and because I didn’t want to take preventative medicine I decided that I wanted to take a holistic approach, changing my diet and going to have regular reflexology treatments. It was then that after being my usual inquisitive self I found myself asking how the Therapist got into that job. She had decided to train after she had her children.

So I set my sights on what I wanted to do, then it was Massage Therapy. I studied in Manchester at a school of massage and then started doing a few treatments on a side alongside my full-time work.

I have too much to write about in this blog post but a lot happened throughout my career, lots of ups and downs and I always had multiple self-employment businesses alongside full-time work including network marketing businesses.

Whilst I decided to take a step back from that industry it was through the people I met that I fell into training as a Life Insurance Advisor, initially specialising in the Vitality product which you will have probably seen on the TV and on billboards. It was actually perfect for me, I could be self-employed with the support of a Broker and use all my skills and experience I gained from my jobs and previous businesses.

So in 2015 I decided to leave my full-time job, get a part-time job and run my Therapy Business and Insurance Business part-time also. In 2016 I had a miscarriage which hit me hard and a lot changed after that. We went on holiday, I blew all the money I had saved for us to go and it was there that I had a good chat with my husband and we decided that something had to give. I handed my notice in when I returned and just before I left my job I found out I was pregnant again. I was then my own boss with no real guaranteed income and a baby on the way.

I did everything I could to make sure I was healthy and strong and took care of my mental health too. I wanted to know that I did everything I could to keep this baby. I worked hard and saved up as much as I could to cover maternity and to buy baby things.

The next few months were fantastic, my income grew and grew, the first and second scans were good and on her due date our daughter Ellie arrived. She is now 9 months old.

It has been a whirlwind since and although some months are a struggle financially I know that I can be a stay at home working mum and bring in a full-time wage. Ellie has childcare one day a week and our family has been amazing helping when they can to allow me to work.  I cannot imagine going to work full-time, paying for childcare and having someone else raise Ellie for the majority of the time. I know this is the case for so many families.

I absolutely love that now when I speak to families about their protection needs I know what is important to them and ultimately it is ensuring that when we are no longer here they will be financially okay. Even then, when there is no sick pay, to ensure that they can still have an income when they are signed off sick. Massage Therapy isn’t my focus right now but when Ellie and hopefully a second child are in school I can run both businesses again.

I have since introduced two other new mummies to what I do as they didn’t want to return to full-time work either.

I know the future is bright and I just want to keep helping families but also to inspire people who want to be their own boss.

Life has ups and downs and huge rollercoaster rides in some cases but every challenge makes us stronger and to become the person we are.

Leanne xo


To connect more with Leanne for advice on Life Insurance in the UK, please check out her business page here: https://www.facebook.com/Lifeinsuranceadvisorleanne/

And to read about her experiences as a self-employed mummy, check out Leanne’s blog here: https://themumpreneur.blogspot.com/



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