1_1 intuitive coaching - the 5d way!

1:1 Intuitive soul strategy sessions….with a difference!

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Life with rules is boring! 

This is the opportunity for you to get on a video call with me for 90 minutes….just you, me….and Spirit! They love to tag along…and can be a pushy bunch LOL! It’s your opportunity to work through areas in your life that you feel a resistance to and want to go from feeling stuck…to unstuck.  

As a powerful Intuitive Psychic Empath and Visionary, my coaching sessions…and energy…are different…because I tune into the Divine and channel guidance for you.  The guidance you NEED to hear…not necessarily what you WANT to hear.

That’s the 5D way….taking it up a notch, levelling the fuck up and tuning into your Higher Self to gain greater clarity and guidance.  Because your Higher Self knows….!

You’ll benefit from a personalised 1:1 Soul Strategy session with me incorporating my unique way of coaching…..to cover either Soul Purpose or Soul-Aligned Business Coaching…incorporating shadow work, tarot pulls and intention setting…aka…magic making!

Each call is priced at $222USD – and you’ll receive channelled journalling prompts afterwards to help you delve further into your psyche yourself and connect with your Higher Self….plus a mini Tarot reading during the call…and intention setting magic!

My 1:1 Intuitive Soul Strategy sessions are fun….but also direct and to the point!  I channel what is needing to come through.  I don’t sugar-coat….because I believe in honesty and authenticity. As a Visionary, I will encourage you to think outside the box…a lot! I’m a catalyst for you stepping up into your potential and gaining more clarity in your life so you can take the action you are guided to take.

These Intuitive Soul Strategy sessions about my soul and Spirit guiding your soul and showing you where to do the inner work and areas for growth.

These calls are designed to help you gain more clarity on areas of your life where you are feeling stuck…or feeling that resistance to moving forwards.

Choose which 90 minute 1:1 Intuitive Soul Strategy session suits you best:


Are you feeling lost in your direction? Knowing that your soul is calling you to step out and into your Authentic Self….but you aren’t sure what that is….or….are scared to become that person? I get it…because that used to be me.  I had the callings…but was ignoring my true self and basically stuck my head in the sand! This call will be a shake up for you….so be prepared to hear things you’ve been trying to ignore! We’ll be tapping into what you truly want from life, understanding your unique soul abilities and making a plan as to how to start living your most Authentic Self.  You’ll also receive channelled journalling prompts to complete after our call as homework…because we all love a bit of homework!



Do you feel stuck in your business….unsure as to which direction to go in and knowing that you are being called to speak your authentic truth more and just….do you?!  You aren’t gelling with the “rules” people give you about building your online business and are uncertain as to how to put yourself out there fully…and clearly…whilst building your reputation for what you do.  In this call we’ll be connecting you with your truth…your authenticity…the part of you that shines through with what you do…the part that you’ve probably been told to put in a box because others tell you not to do business that way.  The more you connect with your truth…the more you will grow an authentic business.  We’ll be discussing what your business is about, looking at where you want to take it and looking at what is stopping you from being there already.  There’ll also be channelled journalling prompts afterwards to help you connect more with your truth and understand the insecurities that are holding you back.  Just like ripping a band-aid off…fast!



I aim to accommodate different time zones with me being in the UK and working around my young daughter as a single parent, however, if any of the session times available on the scheduling form don’t work for you, please email me at leanne@leannejuliette.com and I’ll see what I can do.  

Once you’ve scheduled your call with me, I’ll email you asking for more information on what you are looking for from our call…so that we can use our call for doing the work rather than covering info that can be gathered beforehand.

Please ensure that you provide your correct email address when you schedule our call!

Each call will last for 90 minutes and will take place on Zoom video conferencing.

Our call will include a combination of coaching, getting you to dig deep, tapping into your deeper layers…and no doubt Ego will come say hello too…LOL!  I’ll also have my Tarot cards to hand too to ask for them for guidance and we may do some intention setting…like spell casting…magic making….if it feels appropriate!

Calls are also recorded and you’ll receive the recording…along with the channelled journalling prompts and any further tarot card readings within 48 hours of our call via email.


My style of intuitive coaching is for you if you are ready to do the work…..dig in…..and get out of your own way!!  It’s the resistance to what we know is for our highest purpose that causes the most issues….and that’s your Ego sat in the driving seat of your life…and past life karma.  Working with me we’ll dig deep into what you need to do…and let go of…in order to go from feeling stuck to unstuck.  

We’ll be tapping into channelled guidance from Spirit…who can be pretty direct!….so long as you are ready step outside of your comfort zone and accept there’s deeper work for you to do…then we’re winning!

I approach all my 1:1 coaching sessions with honesty and integrity….but my energy also encourages you to see what you aren’t seeing for yourself! 

Life is on the other side of your Ego!

Get out of your own way…and live!

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