into the darkness6 week group programme 

are you ready to get deep and dirty with your shadows?!

Into The Darkness is a 6 week Group Coaching Programme launching on 28th March 2019! Hosted in a Closed Facebook Group in a community with other Soul Seekers, this is all about getting deep and dirty and under your skin!

This group programme is for those who are ready to face their truth – those who are prepared to get under their own skin, to strip back the superficial layers to uncover your Authentic Self and reconnect you with your genius aka the part of you that you should be sharing with the world! The parts of you that are asking to be seen…to have a light shone on them…so that you can truly embody who you came here to be!

So come prepared to have me catalyse your growth, have your ego say hi, to unearth parts of yourself that you didn’t realise were there…and to become enlightened with who you are!

Into The Darkness is for those who are done with messing around. Done with playing small. It’s for those who know that in order to step forwards into their greatness, they have to get dirty first with the shadows! Those who are prepared to play full out to move forwards!

Into The Darkness runs for 6 weeks from 28th March 2019 with live interactive content in the group, channelled journalling prompts, my intuitive guidance and my energy as a Soul Catalyst! My energy is designed to act as a catalyst for your growth…to activate who you came here to be!


ready to get dirty?!

This 6 week Group Coaching Programme launches on 28th March 2019 and is priced at $497 USD in full or choose a 3 month payment plan (3 x $177). It is limited to 20 participants to keep the community small but impactful!


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Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or just to connect! My email is leanne@leannejuliette or send me a message on Facebook!

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