I see you Entrepreneurial Spirit, feeling lost, a bit stuck, not fully being your truth, your magic, your own potent energy...and feeling frustrated as fuck!

Are you ready to IGNITE your soul?!

Are you ready to face your fears and your shadows and bring them all to the light?

Are you ready to step into that next level version of you?

The woman who already knows her potential...and how fucking powerful she truly is...but is scared to become her and fully...leap?!

Not even leap...to quantum fucking leap!

Ready to embrace the potent magical fucking powerhouse that you truly are...if...and only if...you allow that version of you to come through? That Entrepreneurial Spirit that is chomping at the bit to be set free and let loose?!

Are you ready to be the whole damn fire with what you do?!

I get it.

I understand the feeling of not belonging.

I understand that lost feeling you have...like you are meant to be doing something more...but don't know what it is...or...worse...are too scared to become her.

That feeling that your business isn't quite how you imagined and that there's really something more you should be doing. But don't know how...or feel scared of that powerful message that resides within you.

I know why you are hiding.

I know why you aren't showing up fully...with all the potent fucking magic you hold within you.

Do you truly realise how powerful you really are? How magical you are? How much the world needs to hear and feel your message?! How much you are here to create an impact?

Do you?!

Be honest.

Are you playing full out in your soul's purpose..in your business...and sharing your potent magical genius with the world?

Or are you still playing small...scared to show up, scared to speak your powerful truth, scared of who you truly are even though you actually fantasize about becoming that woman (news flash...you are that woman!) and fearful of truly taking that leap and igniting your soul?!

I get it. I really do.

Because that was me.

My spiritual awakening started in 2017 and I experienced huge growth after I left my husband in 2018. I went on a huge journey of self-disocvery, feeling at times like I was literally being stripped bare.

Having the layers of bullshit stripped back - forcing me to truly see my unique soul's energy and truly understanding what a magical being I am...which we all are!

I felt lost at times.

Felt like the world was crumbling around me.

When in fact, I was being burnt into ashes so I could become a fucking phoenix and rise up into my true self...my Authentic Self...and really start to do my soul's work as an Entrepreneurial Spirit.

I'm a Spiritual Leader and Soul Catalyst. A Visionary. An Intuitive Empath. A Psychic. A Healer. A High Priestess.

My soul's work is to ignite yours. To create leaders.

To show you what's possible when you let go of the bullshit layers you've built up around yourself about who you are...and who you are not. To show you your shadows...your unique inner genius...and help you shine a light into the darkness to become who you came here to be.

My soul's work is to help women like you to create the impact you are supposed to make as an Entrepreneurial Spirit by being the fire to ignite your soul's truth.

I chose this path.

And I intend to honour it.

I want you to see yourself in all your amazingness.

I want you to feel expansive.

I want you to feel lit up with just being you.

I want you to rediscover the girl within you who somehow got lost along the way.

I want you to embrace your soul's gifts and truly use them to help others.

I want you to connect with your soul's purpose as an Entrepreneurial Spirit.

Above all...I want you to stop hiding from your soul's truth and show the fuck up.

The world needs your energy, your magic and your work!


Ignite is a 3 month intensive and intimate group coaching programme for a small group of 15 women (or men!) lauching 6th June 2019.

Ignite is about igniting your soul. 

Igniting your truth.

Igniting the inner fire within you.

Igniting your purpose as an Entrepreneurial Spirit.

And burning down the layers of crap you've built up around you to hide you from your own most potent magic...your genius...the work you came here to do.

The magic of your soul.

And if I'm doing my work well, it'll trigger the fuck out of you. But, that's how we grow!

You are unique.

We all are.

Your purpose is needed in this world. But you've either been scared to fully embody the powerful Goddess you are...or you truly don't realise who you are and what you are capable of.

Ignite is a powerful transformative group programme for a small group of up to 15 Entrepreneurial Spirits.

You don't even need to have a business yet, but you're feeling that calling deep within you that you have a message to share by doing your soul's work.

Ignite is here to light you up...and show you your truth.

My energy is powerful. I am a Catalyst for your growth. I show you who you are not being...and who you can become if you just get out of your own way.

And oftentimes it isn't something you are aware of at a conscious level.

It can be deep-rooted subconscious programming. These show up as shadows, limiting beliefs or behavioural patterns of self-sabotage.

The energy that tells you that you aren't worthy.

Or that you can't have money.

Or that you can't charge what you want to charge.

Or that you have to give, give, give all the time which leaves you feeling drained as fuck.

That was me - scared to show up fully knowing how truly powerful my message and my work is!‚Äč

Ignite is here to help you dive deeper into your purpose as an Entrepreneurial Spirit.

To recognise and honour your soul's truth and work.

And to call yourself out on the bullshit you've been telling yourself and living by...keeping you playing small and unable to truly call in what you deserve through your business.

Within the 3 months intimate group, we will be:

- understanding and recognizing the key Shadow Archetypes that are running rampant in your subconscious - and how to transmute this energy of fear and illusion into your power

- connecting you with and igniting that soul genius within you 

- connecting you with your soul's work...your true work...especially if you've been feeling uncertain about what you are doing

- drawing your limiting beliefs out...so we can work through them and tell ego to fuck right off

- helping you to embody your unique Divine Feminine energy - one who has high fucking standards, boundaries and is only available for all she desires!

- helping you to quantum fucking leap and collapse timelines so you can step into that next level version of you now...because she already exists!!!!

- doing the deeper soul work with you so we can reprogramme your subconscious mind to see this next level version of you as just an extension of who you are now...and not some kind of threat to the status quo

- reconnecting you with your unique soul gifts that your soul chose specifically to do your soul's work

- transmuting your energy to channel it into what you are here for

- having major fucking breakthroughs!

I will also be:

- calling you out on the bullshit you are telling yourself...which your soul knows is a load of crap...and triggering your growth

- energetically tuning into your unique energy and showing you what you are capable of

- your mentor to guide you through this soul transformation...I'm here to create leaders so I won't hold your hand but I will be energetically available for your growth

My energy is different.

And I've learnt to really lean into this energy and see it for what it is...a way to help women like you to ignite you to your truth. To show you it's safe to stop hiding.

To hold space for you energetically as you go through major transformational uplevels and the "fuck this shit I'm done" moments (I've had plenty myself!).

And above all...to be honest and transparent with you. Because I don't believe in sugar-coating. I'm blunt and tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. 

I see through and feel the illusions that are keeping you playing small. And I call you out on all that you're hiding from.

Would you rather have someone be your cheerleader? Or a mentor who you know is coming from their heart with your highest intentions but who is prepared to call you out on your excuses when your ego and shadows are having a tantrum and a wobble?! (Gotta love these "human" tantrums!).

My work calls on all of my abilities and within the Ignite group coaching programme you get access to:

- my no-nonsense approach

- my shit hot intuition

- my psychic abilities

- my Intuitive Empath energy

- my Visionary energy (I see the bigger picture and show you how you can think outside the box to connect the dots...even if it makes no sense!)

- my unique coaching style

- my mirror energy - to show you who you are hiding from and how to let go of those self-sabotage beliefs

- Spirit led and channelled messages

I'm so fucking excited to help you shift into that next level version of you!

The woman you came here to be!

The woman with a purpose and a mission to help others as an Entrepreneurial Spirit.

IGNITE is a sacred space to reconnect with your truth, your soul...and the epic work you came here to do.

Because the world needs YOUR magic and message!


IGNITE is for Entrepreneurial Spirits ready to tune into and hear the calling of their soul.

To ignite this truth and message with you.

To stop playing small and holding back from your true purpose.

Ignite is for those with a purpose to help the world in a bigger capacity through being an Entrepreneurial Spirit....those who are ready to step into that next level version of themselves and quantum fucking leap to bring this version into the the now.

Ready to stop playing small and get out of your own way...by understanding the energetics as to why you've been holding back and not fully being in your full power.

What do you get when you join Ignite:

- 6 group trainings (2 per month)

- 3 x 45 minute 1:1 calls with me (1 per month)

- my unique powerful as fuck energy - the intuition, the psychic abilities, the ability to read your energy and see through what you are holding back from and my highly transformational energy to call your shadows, illusions and fears out

- channeled guidance

- a sacred space to show up fully amongst others in a private Facebook group with zero judgement, just encouragement and truth bombing!


Ignite is a fully transformative soul programme to guide you into unleashing most powerful magic...your soul's work as an Entrepreneurial Spirit.

It's about doing the work that scares the fuck out of us...the stuff we've been avoiding doing because...well...it triggers fears and ego and shadows!

It's about doing the deeper soul work to connect you with your truth....and quantum fucking leap by collapsing those timelines and stepping into that next level version of you...now! 

Bringing those shadows to light so you can truly connect with your unique soul's magic...your genius!

Ignite is for 15 women only...to keep the energy intimate so we can dive deeper together and so that I can hold energetic space for you all and connect in a more intimate setting without us feeling overwhelmed.

Ignite is for the woman ready to level the fuck up as an Entrepreneurial Spirit...tired of the bullshit...of feeling stuck and uncertain and feeling that deep calling of her soul that there's a deeper purpose and her soul's work is very much needed! For those looking to start calling in the money you know you deserve to make!

Because Entrepreneurial Spirits deserve to get rich from their soul's work...rich in all areas of life!

Ignite is offered at $8888 in full (payment plan available over 3 months) - for those who choose to pay in full you'll also get 2 additional 1:1 calls to be used anytime!


Ignite is an application based group - you'll need to complete the Application Form below which will help us both decide if this is the right fit for us both.

If your application is accepted, we'll schedule a 20 minute interview where I may or may not invite you to be part of Ignite.

This is me interviewing you to ensure this is the right fit for us both.

If I do, we'll take a $2000 deposit on the call to secure your spot (the additional payments for both Pay In Full and Payment Plans will be taken on 6/6/19 and thereafter for payment plans). 

Are you ready to Ignite?! Fill in the Application Form below!