YOUTUBE: Full Moon in Sagittarius Collective Energy

Full Moon in Sagittarius Energy Reading for the Collective


What’s going on with the Full Moon energy at the moment?! Are you wondering?! There was a Full Moon in Sagittarius today – and I felt guided to do a Collective energy reading.

This is a Full Moon energy reading for those in the Collective who are being called to embody their soul self more.

To rise up.

To be the Changemakers.

The Conscious Leaders.

This is for the Starseeds like me who are here on a specific soul mission to impact on the Collective Consciousness.

This Full Moon in Sagittarius is all about getting creative, taking risks, closing a door to be open to opportunities…and embracing those opportunities full on!

Let go of what doesn’t serve you.

Lean into who you are.

There are some major changes coming with the Collective over the next 6 month and my Tarot cards referred to August and October specifically.

Are you ready to be the Changemaker you came here to be?

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