When you play by the rules, you die by the rules.

Too fucking scared to be all of your in your business…because someone, somewhere, made you believe that you couldn’t be.

That you had to follow a system for success.

That you had to implement 10561 strategies to have success in your business in order to call in your soul-aligned clients and be rich from your soul’s work.

That you had to…*gasp*…build a business WITHIN the very paradigms you’re here to SHATTER!

And yet, you’re not seeing the results are you?! And…you’re fucking BORED!!!

You’re STILL a slave to the fucking rules.

Still selling out on your soul.

Still letting ego and shadow (and not just your own!) dictate to you how YOU play in YOUR business.

Still not making the money you know you came here to make.


Because the “rules” don’t work for people like us.

Those who can wield energy through our minds.

Those who are natural born Creators.

Those whose art is their message.

Those here to shatter paradigms and build an EMPIRE… OUTSIDE of those paradigms.

Because let’s face it.

You’ve always felt that you didn’t fit in.

Going against the grain.

Fighting to belong.

Doing the bidding of others so as to make them happy and to keep the peace.

But what about you?!

What about your message?

Your soul?

That which you truly desire to release into the world in a way that allows you to just be whoever you damn well are.

And to fuck the rules

Because let’s face it – there are no fucking rules in business when you’re following your own unique soulprint.

Rules were created by those who don’t have the epic vision we do. 

It’s 3D fuckery in my opinion. And we’re 5D, baby!

They can’t tap into their natural gift of creativity like we can (probably because most have a stick up their arse keeping them rigid as fuck!).

Even those who are super successful online – they’ve done it through THEIR systems and strategies and most aren’t able to comprehend those who chafe at the fucking rules! 

Whilst your soul lets out a silent scream because you simply crave to be all of you instead of overthinking it all and trying to do everthing OTHER than what your soul guides you to do.


Because you aren’t letting your soul show up in it’s most natural AND abundant state…and it’s keeping you feeling frustrated, banging your head against a brick wall…wondering why you can’t seem to catapult your online business like everyone else!

If you’re here to grow a soul-aligned empire that truly lights you the fuck up – then you’ve gotta stop following the fucking rules that literally clip your wings.

Because they hold your creativity back.

They put a lid on your soul.

And they box you into the very paradigms you’re here to shatter SO THAT you feel like a shell of your former self

Banging your head against a brick wall because you’re not listening to your soul!

Fuck the rules! Own YOUR Leadership!

I invite you to come on over…to The Other Side…the Dark Side…the side where your Higher Self and your Genius are infused as one and you’re MAKING WAVES in your Spiritual Empire…by being ALL OF YOU…and you decide to just simple…Fuck The Rules.

This Course is taken from a live programme ran online. This is Multidimensional Mentoring Bootcamp!

Where I’m be going next level alien with you (Hello Multidimentionality!) and calling forth some EPIC AS FUCK high energy and high impact trainings for deeper soul submission to your highest calling in your Next Level Spiritual Empire.

7 modules in total + 2 BONUS trainings to rapidly shift your consciousness and expand your Spiritual Empire. 

Over 7 hours of powerful activating content!

I’m calling forth YOUR leadership as I channel Galactic Consciousness on creating your Empire on YOUR TERMS…instead of from the 3D fuckery rules that leave you frustrated, overwhelmed…and worst of all…disconnected from YOUR soul’s inner magic.

Because until now…you’ve been trying to be all of everything.

Listening to this person, following these systems, doing this, doing that…which work for SOME people…but for those of us who are here to build MASSIVE EMPIRES from Soul…the Rebels, Disruptors, Multipassionates and Visionaries…chances are…these ways you’ve been following haven’t worked for you.

And you’re TIRED AS FUCK of treading water…and are ready to FINALLY dive deep into soul and let YOUR message out…on YOUR terms by being the Leader you know you are.

I’m giving you the inner workings of energetics and multidimensional consciousness – so you can understand YOUR unique energetic print and tap into YOUR higher consciousness – you know – the one who ALREADY has the Empire you know you’re here to create.

And showing you how to OWN your Leadership by NOT going along with everything that doesn’t make your soul scream FUCK YES.

Basically…bringing your “Future” Badass You into the NOW!

High energy, blunt, to the point…and deeply Soulgasmic!

7 video Modules:

1) Back To Basics: Energetics Around Rule Playing, Why We Do It And The Importance Of Understanding This To Go BOOM On Your Shadow

2) What Your Creator / Creatrix Energy Looks Like And How To Activate This aka Dial 1-800-SOUL

3) Why Your Message Matters (The Work You Came Here To Do)…How To Unleash This On Your Terms Whilst Having Fun And Turn Up The Income Dial On Your Business…Through Soul!

4) Overwhelm Is Killing You: Why You Don’t Need Every System/Funnel/Strategy And Connecting You Back To What You Do Need…Aka YOU

5) Go Soar! Uncage Yourself, Speak Your Truth And Take Yourself Out Of The Box You’re Here To Build Outside Of 

6) Multidimensionality & Going Quantum – How To Collapse Time And Scale Faster On Your Terms #nextlevelempire

7)Owning Your Leadership In What You Do


– How To Become Magnetic As Fuck Through Your Content And Have Your Soulmate Clients FEEL Your Energy

– Shadow Alchemy – Understanding Your Shadows and Archetypes To UNLOCK Your Gold

Are you ready to fuck the rules?!

I bloody well hope so – because the world is certainly boring when you aren’t playing in your own magical creative playground!

This course is about breaking the taboo on the so-called business rules and just taking your head out of your arse so your soul can shine through…and breathe!!!…and MAKE BANK in your Spiritual Empire!

By doing what you love!

By doing what lights you up!

By doing what is so natural for you!

And not chopping an arm off to fit in!

You weren’t born to fit in – you came here to stand out through your message!

So fuck the rules…and show up as ALL OF YOU!


– Immediate access to all 7 video modules + 2 bonus videos

– Save 20% by paying in full

– Immediate access to all 7 video modules + 2 bonus videos

– Spread the cost over 3 monthly payments

– Immediate access to all 7 video modules + 2 bonus videos

– Save 20% by paying in full


I’m a Catalyst, a Visionary and a Multidimensional Priestess here to transform lives by activating the soul’s of those here to create massive impact.

In your EMPIRE!

I’m a Messenger of Source.

A Divine Conduit.

A Channel Galactic Consciousness and work with multidimentionality.

A Creative Genius.

An Alchemist.

And I don’t do things by halves!

My energy is VERY activating!!!

I catalyze YOUR growth. Activating what is ALREADY within you. I don’t do bullshit or sugar-coating. My words and energy trigger the fire within you. Unlocking your own genius and inner power.

I’m ALLLLLLL about collapsing time. Jumping timelines. Stepping into the HIGHEST LEVEL VERSION of yourself…NOW!

Bringing your BIG VISION to life. To creatae FREEDOM!

And that comes from diving deep into soul.



And lighting that spark within you so you can do YOUR soul work…YOUR WAY.

Are you ready to Fuck The Rules and REALLY start making that impact AND income you KNOW you‘re here to make?

On YOUR terms?!

You didn’t come here to fit in.

You came here to STAND OUT.

And build an Empire OUTSIDE OF the very paradigms you’re here to shatter!


Why’d you think the 3D rules and systems don’t light you up?!

Because you aren’t SUPPOSED to build WITHIN the paradigms!


A high-energy, high-impact and no 3D fuckery course for those ready to BE ALL IN & CREATE FREEDOM in your Spiritual Empire!

– Immediate access to all 7 video modules + 2 bonus videos

– Save 20% by paying in full

– Immediate access to all 7 video modules + 2 bonus videos

– Spread the cost over 3 monthly payments