Are You Ready To Peer Behind The Veil of Illusion?


Let Us Begin

The Fool’s Journey is a Portal.

A Powerful Membership Experience

he Fool’s Journey – I saw an image of a black and white harlequin 

The more I search for images to match the energy, the more that mask images are coming up and medieval jesters

The fools

The energy is exactly that of a clown. Jesting at illusion. Revealing what is behind the mask.

The energy of this community- about being the fool, the fool in the tarot, taking risks, going on a journey, a quest. Exploring oneself.

The energy is magic.

It is very playful.

That playful curiosity to explore oneself. To be the fool. To step onto the path of the unknown.

To explore things that could seem risky, daunting – but the things that bring freedom and liberation by exploring them.

Such as shadow. The multidimensional shadow. 

The Fool’s Journey is about turning things upside down. Turning things on their head. Revealing what is backwards.

Fuck The Rules Is A Powerfully Activating 7 Part Video Programme Plus Bonus Content
Video 1
Back to Basics – The Energetics Around Rule Playing
Video 2

Activating The Creator/Creatrix Within aka Being Fully You At A Soul Level

Video 3
Why Your Message Really Matters (The Work You REALLY Came Here To Do From Soul)
Video 4
Overwhelm Will Kill Creativity (Why You Don’t Need Every System & Strategy)
Video 5

Uncaging Yourself & Being Free To Be (Speaking Your Truth & Building Outside of The Box You’re Here To Disrupt)

Video 6

Multidimensionality & Going Quantum (Collapsing Time & Scaling Faster On Your Terms)

Video 7

You Are The Authority (Owning Your Leadership & Being The Authority In What You Do)


Bonus Audio

Fuck The Rules Across All Areas of Life & Unleashing Your Truth Through Your Empire

Bonus Video

Empire Expansion Is A Must (Allowing The World To See The Beauty of You & Your Magic)

Bonus Video

Are You Afraid Of How Powerful You REALLY Are?

Fuck The Rules offers you over 6 hours of powerfully activating video content and potent Truth to activate you, your vision and the massive Empire inside of you that’s waiting to be unleashed onto the world.

This 7 Part Video Programme has been created for Disruptive Entrepreneurs desiring to go allllll fucking in on who you are & your Empire Vision.

This is about creating an Empire – your way.

Unleashing your Inner Rebel.

Saying “fuck it” to the outdated “rules” of business and doing business AND life YOUR WAY.

The ONLY way.

This is one of the most powerful programmes I’ve created to date and has been designed specifically for Disruptive Entrepreneurs – whether new Entrepreneurs looking to turn left when everyone else is turning right, existing Entrepreneurs looking to pivot in your current business OR those looking to tear it all down and unleash the TRUE You.

(My personal favourite – tearing it allllll down as I go deeper into myself).

Fuck The Rules is for those here to build Empires – not businesses.

For the Rebels here to impact the world through your Vision!

For the Disruptors & Mavericks here to create a New World – our way.

This is potent Energetics which will activate you deeply at a soul level and unlock a deeper Truth within you to be ALL of you – by saying “fuck it” to the rules.

Because where we come from – there ARE no rules.

WE are the niche – that’s why.

And we were never meant to create an Empire like the rest of them – we shatter paradigms and disrupt from the inside out.

Immediate Access

– 7 Video Programme

– Bonus Content

– Over 6 hours of powerful activations as I reach into you and activate you deeply

– Lifetime Access