Attracting Wealth and Abundance Using the Power of Feng Shui – Hannah Allan

Mar 20, 2019

Using Feng Shui To Attract Wealth And Abundance


“Feng Shui is just moving furniture around isn’t it?”

Let’s start by debunking that myth! Yes, an element of Feng Shui is ensuring that furniture in a home and business is in the most effective position for its usage but Feng Shui is wayyyyyyy more than that. It doesn’t involve knocking down walls, having lots of trinkets in specific places and you definitely don’t have to move house if your bathroom is in the ‘wrong’ location. Phew!

Classical Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art and Science developed over 4,000 years ago. It was actually made illegal in the mid-20th Century as the Emperor at the time, knowing the immense power that Feng Shui has, didn’t want the commoners to have any advantages over the ruling government at the time.  Feng Shui is like acupuncture for your home, it’s all about creating harmony and balance for your space, to create a sanctuary where you feel safe, secure and supported and ultimately about turning your home into a magnet for everything you want in life.

There are several different layers of Feng Shui; there are lots of hints and tips that you can start implementing yourself to shift the energy and charge your home in your favour and there’s a much deeper level where a consultant works with the unique energy of your home to establish where it may be blocking things like wealth and love. Every home has its own unique energy in the same way that we have our own astrology based on when and where we were born, this energy impacts our life and may be blocking or attracting everything you want in life.

There are 4 different types of houses:

  • – Good for money and good for people (relationships & health)
  • – Good for money and bad for people
  • – Bad for money and good for people
  • – Bad for money and bad for people

Do you ever feel like money is just constantly draining away? You are working so hard, being your best self, doing all the stuff you should be but as soon as money comes in something breaks or a bill comes in and that money is straight out the door again? Does it always feel hard to make money?

If that is you then take a deep breath, give yourself a hug for all the effort you’ve been putting in and sit in the feeling that it is not you….perhaps your home is bad for money!

Please don’t panic! It does not mean that you need to move house in order to improve your money situation!  Every home can be remedied irrespective of what type of energy it has.

I’m going to share with you here my top tips that you can implement yourself, in order to start shifting the energy in your favour and begin to magnetise your home to have the abundance flow in.

Show me the money…

First things first you are going to need to get a compass or compass app on your phone and find the south east area of your home. You can stand in any room to do this but it might be easiest to stand with your back to the front door and facing into your home. It helps if you have a floor plan of your home whilst you do this, divide it into 9 equal areas and mark down the South East section, this is your wealth and prosperity area.

Take a look at what is currently going on in this area, is it cluttered? Is it the area of your home that tends to go untouched and unloved? Or perhaps it’s the opposite, maybe the area doesn’t get used at all and is sparse?

Tip 1: Declutter declutter declutter!

For some it may sound simple however clutter holds dead energy and blocks all that positive energy from moving around your home (positive energy brings all the good stuff: money, jobs, love, holidays). When you declutter, you create space to allow magic into your life. Most people know about the law of attraction but have you heard about the vacuum law of prosperity? It states that “if you make a space it will be filled”, the key is to get rid of the clutter and then focus on what you want the space to be filled with……money? Abundant positive energy? Joy? Love? The options are endless but you should be clear on your intention.

Items are classed as clutter when you don’t need them, use them or love them, so a great way to start working your way through your belongings is by asking yourself those three questions.  Create three piles: keep, let go and maybe. Anything that ends up in the maybe pile can be revisited at the end of the process to see if you’ve become clearer on which pile it should fall into, you might find that having worked through the other items your feeling towards the items in the maybe pile has shifted and you’re clear on whether they should stay or go.

You’ll be amazed at how much lighter and more energised you’ll feel just from taking this action and amazing things can start to shift just from letting go of anything that doesn’t spark joy!

If you need some inspiration then I know Marie Kondo’s programme ‘Tidying Up’ on Netflix has been going down a storm and helping create a massive shift and awakening towards this method.


Tip 2: Create an area that feels abundant!

You really want to be ramping up the wealth and abundant energy of this area so create a space that shouts this when you’re in it. Add in items such as abundance crystals (amethyst and citrine), a bowl of overflowing coins to represent having more than enough, a cheque to the universe for the amount of money you’re calling in and anything else that feels truly abundant to you.

Attracting wealth and abundance with Feng Shui - Hannah Allan

My favourite item to add is a money plant, they are soooooo easy to look after and all living plants bring a beautiful energy to your home. I’ve had amazing results from my clients just by adding this one thing into the correct area.

When you’re in this area you want it to spark joy and to really feel abundant.

Bonus tip: adding a mirror under any of these items doubles the energy.

Client Testimonial: “I’m loving this money plant thing….£80 back from a Solicitors overpayment from back in June this year, £10 win on a scratch card and £100 cash bonus from a work incentive! All in the space of a few days! Long may it last!”

Money Plant for attracting wealth and abundance with Feng Shui - Hannah Allan


Tip 3: Clean your front door!

This may sound crazy…”How can cleaning my front door bring me more money?!” but bear with me! The front door is the mouth of your home and business, this is where the majority of the energy (chi) enters your home and it is that positive energy which brings all of those amazing things into your life: money, joy, love, travel etc. Your front door area should be clean and welcoming. Add a Welcome mat outside the front door, make sure you have clear door numbers, perhaps some beautiful plants either side of the door, anything that feels warm and welcoming.


These are just a few of my top tips on how Feng Shui can transform your life! If you would like to know more then please do connect with me on social media. I absolutely LOVE hearing all the success stories from my tips being implemented so please do let me know all of the wins you’ve experienced from putting these Feng Shui steps in place.


Hannah works with women to create their dream life by tapping into the unique energy of their home and business. Trained to a gold standard in Classical Feng Shui, she works to calculate and uncover the underlying power of any home to ensure that it is balanced, harmonised and that the energy is working to empower the occupier in their life. Her mission is to ensure that everyone has a safe, secure and supportive home and so with that in mind, 10% of every consultation is donated to the homeless charity, Shelter.

If you are interested in learning more about Feng Shui and Hannah’s work, you can connect further with Hannah here:

Attracting wealth and abundance with Feng Shui - Hannah Allan

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