The results I faciliate for my clients are non-sensical, illogical and non-linear.


Because I work Beyond Realms within other Dimensions to find the Energetic Root of what you want to heal & transform – and alchemize it into Pure Truth.

Meaning – results that defy logic, make no sense to the Human Mind, can be instantaneous and also healing other aspects of yourself that you are unconscious of but which desire to be made Whole.

I make you Whole again by bringing you into Balance & Harmony within yourself – energetically, physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

My Medicine & powerful Frequency are unique to you – as you receive exactly what you need based on your Highest Self.


  • Freedom from years of pain medication addiction (opiates) with my client no longer needing the medication or being able to tolerate it – a full “Spiritual Detox”
  • Menstrual cycles becoming normal and regular after many years of menstrual irregularities & painful periods
  • Life-long skin conditions such as psoriasis clearing up within days
  • Chronic pains disappearing immediately after working with me
  • Constant nausea from M.E disappearing overnight
  • Weight-loss without going on a diet or over-exercising – the body released what wasn’t required

Leanne changed my life! Literally! Having lived with M.E for years, the brain fog has lifted, the constant nausea has gone and I no longer take the daily pain medication I’d been addicted to for years – I just do not need it anymore!

I thought I knew myself. I didn’t.

I’ve buried so much (following extreme trauma and abuse as a child) and now I’ve owned all of that by being shown where I was hiding and finding my light again.

I feel reborn again, totally awakened and never thought I’d live on this level.

I haven’t just got my life back – I have gotten the life I feel I should have had but never did.

People are commenting on how well and healthy I look and cannot believe the transformation!

Alexis L | 1:1 Activation Client


  • Lifelong & crippling anxiety disappearing within weeks with no long-drawn out therapy through healing at the Energetic Root
  • Complete freedom from stress, anxiety and depression – all healed
  • Complete clarity with knowing oneself finally after a lifetime of feeling disconnected from Self
  • Brain fog and other long-standing fatigue disappearing
  • Freedom from self-destructive behaviour such as self-sabotage and self-abuse including alcohol/drug/food addictions
  • Healing life-long eating disorders and body dysmorphia


  • A lifetime of abuse & trauma being purged out of the body immediately – a “trauma detox” – and the client no longer feeling the repressed emotions in her body or in her life
  • No longer getting triggered or activated emotionally by situations & circumstances that would have previously created an emotional reaction – just complete neutrality & the ability to be in a situation without reacting to it
  • Releasing a long-standing eating disorder – without the need for therapy, counselling or other services
  • Rapid and “overnight” healings of addictions and addictive behaviours that were used as emotional cruxes by invoking Truth within the client as to where these addictions stemmed from
  • Ability to feel energy on a much deeper level in a way that wasn’t available prior to working with me
  • Toxic relationships breaking down to create freedom from karmic cycles & karmic relationships and creating space for more divinely aligned relationships/friendships
  • Creating powerful Self-Love with oneself by removing toxic behaviours, thoughts, beliefs and people and facilitating a massive glow-up
  • Shifting “Ancestral Residue” such as patterns, behaviours and experiences connected with ones Ancestors to create freedom and expansion multidimensionally for the entire family including past and future generations
  • Becoming powerfully magnetic within themselves and attracting opportunities/people/wealth that defy logic

Leanne has helped me to see so much of myself that I couldn’t see and was avoiding within myself. After years of following other Shadow Work & Shadow Alchemy methods, she has helped me to see Shadow – the Multidimensional Shadow – in a brand new light that it has totally transformed who I am!

To finally get to the root of patterns that no longer serve me and see how deeply embedded they have been in my life (and other lifetimes) has helped me to take my power back.

That awareness is invaluable!

Amanda K | 3 Months 1:1 Client


  • Heightening intuition & psychic abilities
  • Activating dormant Spiritual Gifts & bringing new Gifts “online” from a Future Self
  • Gaining complete clarity on their spiritual path and being able to move swiftly forwards on a more aligned path
  • Activating powerful Spiritual Awakenings to take the client on a deeper journey into themselves
  • Facilitating powerful Dark Night of the Soul experiences to break through whatever is no longer in alignment for the client and helping them to shed the identity of the False Self and bring them into alignment with their Divine Truth
  • Bringing karmic cycles of other lifetimes to the surface to be rebalanced and cleared so as to liberate the client on a spiritual level through the Multidimensional Consciousness

Leanne is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to Energetics!! Her wisdom and knowledge is far beyond anybody that I have ever come across.

Energetics is her genius and the biggest shift for me whilst working with Leanne is understanding where I was operating from my shadow energy – as soon as she brought this into my awareness, it was a game-changer for me!!

Gret L | 3 Months 1:1 Client


  • “Old” clients falling away who were not in alignment with my client’s true vision to make space for new, more aligned and more expansive clients
  • Activating clients energetically to be able to “hold” greater levels of impact in their energetic field without it blowing up their nervous system such as facilitating massive Quantum Shifts
  • Quantum shifting income & impact from a place of Service to their soul clients in a timeframe that made no sense
  • Making more money in less time with less “effort” – simply because they were activated into a Higher Frequency more in alignment with their True Divine Self
  • Dismantling businesses that have become boring, stagnant and restrictive – to create the space for expansion, fun, play, vision and massive freedom

Unleash the Limitless Potential of Your Raw, Divine POWER

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