Your Shadow Is Paved With Gold

Aug 03, 2020
woman dressed in gold known as a cosmic girl with a black background with the contracting black and gold to represent the gold within the shadow


Your reality is the creation of the actions or the inactions you've taken.


By submitting to your Higher Power & the unknown (aka the Realm of Magic) or by submitting to your shadow.


Both are valid.


Take responsibility for that.


Then choose what you submit and surrender to.




Or shadow.


The shadow is the gift.


Shadow is paved with gold. Literally!


Shadow shines a light within...into the deepest darkest and oftentimes most repressed aspects of ourselves... which is why people continually get triggered or take no action on transforming their life (whilst telling themselves that they are doing all the things... when... they aren't 😂).


This whole shitstorm in the world (the COVID-19 plan-demic) is Collective Shadow which I've spoken on from the start.


Everything that humanity has repressed... fear, scarcity, security, powerlessness, obedience... everything that has been is being triggered at a Collective level.


Deep within the psyche.


Acknowledging the shadow that presents itself to you is some of the most transformational work you can do.


Working with the shadow...alchemizing that energy into growth... is highly potent.


Literally... transforming fear and ego and repressed aspects of our psyche...into power, growth, confidence, abundance, love, money, health etc.


So that what used to trigger you or prevent you taking action etc is no longer an option.


Shadow WANTS to be seen. Which is why it makes itself known.


Over and over again. Every trigger, every denial, every inaction etc.


But people ignore it.


Try to put it in the closet.


And avoid doing the very thing that can set them free from just existing instead of expanding.


Activating your shadow is part of my genius. I see it....I call it through...I want to give it a platform to be seen, accepted & transformed into its highest archetype.


But it takes being willing to face your fears. Face your darkness. Being willing to get super fucking uncomfortable. To face your shadows head be shown what you've denied and hidden order to unlock the power and magic within you that creates freedom and expansion.


Are you willing to do that???


If you are, then there's a whole treasure trove awaiting you when you consciously dive into those murky depths.




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