Your Power Is Your Wealth
June 30, 2019

Your power is your wealth aka your power being your truth and your genius…the thing you’ve always done and always had within you but you keep on bloody denying it or are overthinking it and losing clarity!

It’s really simple.

I know, I know.

Us humans love to overcomplicate things all the time!

We like to make things more difficult for ourselves…humans really are addicted to struggle!

Your power is what you’ve always had within you. It’s who you are. It’s your uniqueness. It’s your genius. Your power is the thing that sets you apart from everyone else…even if you do something similar to others with your work.

You can’t learn power. You can’t learn genius. It’s what you’ve always had. It’s who you’ve always been. But somewhere along the way someone (society / family / teachers / friends / coworkers) told you that you had to tone down who you are.

Maybe you’ve been told that you’re too much?

Maybe you’ve been told that you have to make the effort to fit in?

Maybe you’ve been told you’re too quiet?

Maybe you’ve been told that you’re embarrassing?

Whatever you’ve been told…you’ve listened to that bullshit and you’ve adopted someone else’s short-sighted beliefs as your own.

People really do limit their own success and purpose. And those who are unfulfilled in their own life aka not living full out with their own purpose…will tell you to rein it in, tone it down, stop being so you.

And you’ve been listening to them.

I know I used to too.

I was told to just be happy with a job. Told to stop being embarrassing when I went full woo. Told not to speak about certain things. Told that doing live videos were embarrassing.

I adopted other peoples beliefs as my own.

I sold out on my soul.

I listened to others. Believed that I had to settle. Believed that I had to just be happy with my job. Believed I had to be happy with my relationship. Believed that maybe I was embarrassing when doing Facebook Lives.

And yet…my soul knew all along that this was complete fucking bullshit.

I felt that fire within me.

I felt that burning passion deep within my soul to be seen and heard!

I felt it bubbling away inside me everytime I spoke out about my beliefs and allowed myself to be all in with who I am.

Yes…at first I used to seek permission from myself and from others to show up as myself.


Yet so many people do this!!!

You seek permission from your spouse to go follow your dreams with this business that’s burning a hole within your very being.

You seek permission from your family to go be someone different to who they thought.

You seek permission from society to be all fucking in with who you are.

But the thing is…none of that matters!!! Nobody else’s opinion matters. Nobody else’s beliefs matter.

It doesn’t fucking matter.

All that really matters is that you show up as your most authentic…most awesome…most badass self.

The self you’ve always been.

The part of you that’s been dying to be seen and heard and to just fucking live!!!!!

It’s your uniqueness.

Your quirky.

Your crazy.

Your woo.

Your mind.

Your passions.

Your beliefs.

And your potent as fuck truth!!!!

The entire genius that resides within you!

The part of you that you’ve hidden away from the world believing that you couldn’t be seen or heard.

That to be seen and/or heard was dangerous. That people would laugh at you. Or judge you. Or you’d never succeed in life if you went all in with who you are.

You’ve been hiding yourself away from the world, my friend. Scared to shine. Scared to show up. Scared to speak what your soul craves for you to share.

And it’s left you feeling bored as fuck. Unfulfilled. Frustrated. Ill. Manifesting all sorts of ailments.

Yes…when we deny our purpose. Deny our soul’s calling. Deny ourselves from the very pleasure of showing up as all of who we are. Deny doing what lights us the fuck up. Deny going after our dreams because someone told us to stop dreaming.

When we deny all of this…it shows up as an energetic manifestation within us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

People who aren’t living their purpose…who deny who they are…who are scared of their own power….have all sorts of things showing up in their life as a direct result of not following soul and not being true to ourselves.

Migraines. Stomach problems. Depression. Anxiety. Eating disorders. Overeating. Binge eating. Binge drinking. Skin complaints. Unexplained tiredness. Unexplained weight gain.

The list goes on and on.

And I speak from my own experience. I was bulimic in my early 20s. I had depression from my mid-20s until my mid-30s. I have juggled off and on with binge eating.


Because I wasn’t being true to myself. I wasn’t following my calling. I was frustrated with my life. Bored. Unfulfilled with jobs and relationships. Finding solace and comfort in food and too much alcohol. Numbing the pain I felt within me that I wasn’t living my purpose.

Because I’ve felt that fire within me for a long time. Burning away. Smouldering away. Calling out to me that I’m here for bigger things. Here to make an impact.

And yet…I sold out on myself by just settling.

Settling for jobs that bored the fuck out of me.

Settling for a relationship that was toxic and made both of us unhappy.

Settling for friendships that didn’t fulfil me.

Settling for getting further and further into debt by trying everything and anything that could make me happy…all the while…denying my true calling.

Chasing the wrong fucking rainbow like when I spent 5 years in network marketing trying to make it work for me within various companies and feeling more and more unfulfilled and unhappy because I wasn’t able to be fully me.

Having to fit in with “the rules”.

Following what others said.

Being told to be a sheep in order to make network marketing work for me. And it left me more and more frustrated because I was denying my truth. Denying my purpose. Denying my soul’s calling.

Because some of us aren’t supposed to be part of someone else’s business. Some of us aren’t supposed to follow the rules.

And if you’re a Rebel Soul like me…you’ll know exactly what I mean!!! We don’t fit in with the rules. They cripple us. They leave us feeling like a caged animal. Frustrated and trying to break free. Wanting to be seen and heard but feeling like we have to do this with others.

We don’t.

I realised in 2017 after 5 years in network marketing (MLM) that it wasn’t my path. And that it was ok to not have it as my path. There’s a lot of people in the network marketing MLM industry who’ll tell you that it’s the only way to make money online and the only way to experience financial freedom.

It’s not. And that belief of theirs comes from a scarcity mindset of their own. Believing that it’s the only way to be successful and create the life of your dreams with time freedom and financial freedom.

Believe me…it’s not. And that’s scarcity right there.

I love the industry….but for those of us here for huge fucking impact in the world…more than likely, you’re here to build your own empire. Not build someone else’s.

I spent 5 years denying my calling. Getting further into debt chasing the wrong rainbow. Listening to others who didn’t have my best interests at heart. Believing “the rules”. Not showing up as me.

My power. My genius. My uniqueness. My truth.

Are you in a similar position right now? Trying different things (jobs or businessess or services you offer) and still feeling frustrated, unfulfilled, bored or getting further into debt?

If yes…then start fucking listening to your soul. Stop denying who you are. Unleash your power. Unleash your truth.

Pave your own path. Create your own opportunities. Build your own empire. Unleash your uniqueness to the world. Your power really is your wealth. When you allow your power to be seen and heard….your genius…then you open yourself up to all sorts of opportunities.

Your soul knows. It’s always known. It’s been guiding you all along. Coaxing you out of your human shell. Forcing you into situations that make you grow. Creating opportunities for growth. Begging you to just listen!

Your human has been overcomplicating things though. You ask yourself things like “So I really can just be myself, show up as me, say what I want, do what I want and be whatever my soul desires? And make money from this?!”

And the answer to that, my friend, is: YES! Fuck yes!!!!

You aren’t supposed to be struggling along. Making ends meet. Settling for mediocre. If you feel that burning desire within you that there’s something more to life, then yes, you’re here to make an impact. You’re here to show up to the world. To unleash your power, your potent truth, your own unique medicine for the world aka your genius.

Only you can do you as well as you do. But if you’re trying to conform with others and conform with what people say you should do and be…then you’re just going to find yourself more and more frustrated. More unfulfilled. More in debt. More illnesses. More lethargy with life.

Because if you aren’t being all in with who you are and your power, then it will show up energetically. It manifests in your very being of who you are. In your cells. In your psyche. In all areas of your life.

Attracting crappy situations.

Attracting toxic people.

Attracting energy vampires.

Attracting debt.

Attracting those who don’t value you.

Stop settling for anything less than you desire. Step into your purpose. Your calling. Unleash your powerful as fuck truth. Your unique medicine. Your genius. Allow your power to shine through. Step into your purpose as a leader. As a Conscious Leader. As a Changemaker. A Rebel Soul.

You’re here to create an impact. You’re here to rewrite the rules. Here to disrupt. Your soul knows exactly why your here and it’s been guiding you…but if you’re not following your calling, if your making excuses for not doing it (“I’ll do it when….”), if your not speaking your truth…then you aren’t creating the impact you came here to create.

Show up. Shine. Unleash your power! And in doing so…you’ll attract the wealth you desire to yourself.

Ask yourself:

  • How are you not showing up fully as yourself?
  • Where are you settling for mediocre in your life?
  • If you already were that next level version of yourself then what would you be doing? (hint: you are! Because all realities exist in all timelines!)
  • Whose opinion of yourself are you fitting in with? Why does it matter?

Seriously…let this shit go. Show up. Play full out. Shine your light as bright as you can for the whole world to see and experience your power!