Why Upgrading Your Business To An Alien Empire Is Simply A Must For Those Born To Disrupt
October 12, 2022

The Black Diamonds of Consciousness run Alien Empires.


We are coded differently.

To stream the BEYOND codes into the now.

To shatter paradigms.

To shatter grids.

To mine the darkest Nothing and make the impossible – possible.

Alien Empires are CODED to DISRUPT. 

However, there is a sacrifice to be made if you are to indeed host this Alien Empire within you and be the Vessel for it’s pure rawness.

That sacrifice?

Everything that you’ve done until now to create success, wealth and abundance.

Your Identity itself.

Because what got you to there – won’t get you to the Beyond.

And that’s what the Alien Empire requires of you.

It requires creation through Truth.

And Truth alone.

No Shadow Foundations – as is the case with MOST businesses running today – including YOURS.

Shadow Foundations can be cracked. Crumbled. Destroyed. Ripped apart.

That huge chasm that rips through a Business built on Shadow.

Where what worked for you before – stops working.

Where clients & team members – disappear.

Where the money you’ve become so accustomed to – dries up.

Where the ideas that you’ve built your success upon – become worthless.

Here’s the kicker and what I see – businesses today that have been built on Shadow and continue to REMAIN built on Shadow – will not be around in the future.

Yes, that even means the multi-million dollar, billionaire dollar business and all those “6-7-8 figure Coaches” out there.

You won’t be around in the future if the very foundations of your business continue to remain in Shadow.

Take the recent scandal with PayPal for example. A business that was way-ahead of it’s time at it’s creation with processing digital payments and paved the way for this way to become the norm.

But who recently decided they’d start taking $2500 out of people’s accounts if it was “felt” that they were spreading misinformation.

Then they backtracked saying that statement “was an error”.

No it wasn’t.

It was a statement from Shadow.

And because of the backlash, the shares dropping and the fact that customers started leaving like rats jumping off a sinking ship – they won’t be around in the future.

Because – it is a business built on Shadow and Illusion.

And the Consciousness streaming onto the planet right now will quite literally DESTROY businesses built on Shadow. On the Ego. On Illusion.

It will rip you apart. Flatten you. Take everything with it that you THOUGHT was a given.

The clients. The money. The status.

That is WHY more and more we are being asked to CREATE from Truth.

Pure, fucking Truth.

No Shadow. No illusion. No Energetic Distortion.

Pure, fucking Truth.

Truth that is ROOTED into the very foundations of who you are and who your Business is.

Because Businesses ARE Conscious.

Alien Empires are rooted in Truth that is pulled through from the aether – from the Beyond – from the Hyper Consciousness.

And they make NO FUCKING SENSE to our Human Mind.

As such, the Human Mind tries to cage the destruction that ensues as everything around you – in your life AND business – crumbles.

Holding onto dead energy.

Holding onto the “successes” that were built on Shadow.

Holding onto the narrative of who you are.

Holding onto the Identity of who you THINK you are.

The Alien Empire Consciousness will rip through it all.

Back against the wall until you submit to Truth.

Until you tear down whatever WAS and IS Shadow in you and your business.

The clients. The status. The business design. The successes. The ways you’ve operated.

You cannot build a long-term Empire on Shadow.

Not any more.

Because that shit is dead.

A New Consciousness is here.

Alien Consciousness.

And it will destroy everything about you and your business if you do not heed it’s call to BE the Vessel for the Alien Empire inside you.

That dark, disruptive Empire that lives within you and has been busting to escape from the cage you’ve kept it in.

I see the Energetic Distortion in your business.

In you.

I read you like a book.

I know you inside out – without even knowing you.

Just one look at you and I know exactly who you are.

Delving into your energy to find the minutest of cracks.

With a swift blow of Truth to shatter what isn’t YOUR Truth – to disrupt you at the ROOT – and activate the fuck out of you.

I SEE the Shadow – the Energetic Distortion – in ALL those 6, 7, 8 figure businesses.

And beyond.

The ones who peddle the narrative of being self-made. Of being “rich as fuck”. Of being “so fucking happy” with their life and business and the freedom they “think” they have as they hustle their asses off.

Reeking of Shadow.

Illusion standing out like a sore thumb.

All of it.

I see it.

And those types of business will not withstand what is coming.

What is already here.

The Alien Empire Frequency.

Even those pertaining to be here to create the New Earth are still shrouded in so much fucking Shadow and Illusion. Still building their businesses on the old Earth grid which no longer exists.

You cannot create New Earth on old energy.

Not gonna happen.

I see the Shadow and Illusion.

I see all of it.

The Frequencies streaming in right now COMMAND Truth.

Pure, fucking Truth.

And they will wipe the floor with your business if you continue to build it through the lens of Shadow and Illusion.

They COMMAND that ROOTS are Truth.

Only Truth.

That your foundations MUST be Truth.

The foundations of YOU must be Truth.

Everything about you – your Vision, your offers/products/services, your impact, how you create wealth, how you live your life – must be from the place of Truth.

Only Truth.

Which means – you need to upgrade your Energetic Field.

Upgrade your system to host such an Alien Empire.

This is pure Disruption.

Pure Disruptive Consciousness.

Because if you can’t hold it in your body, it WILL tear you up and spit you back out again.

And how do you upgrade your system to be able to host such an Alien Empire? How do you know if your roots are Shadow based?

You hire me.

I see what you can’t.

I see the roots of who you are.

I see the Truth of the Alien Empire you are here to host.

I see the Shadow. The Illusion.

I see the Vision that is far beyond anything you can imagine for yourself.

I see beyond it all.

And I know how to disrupt the fuck out of you so that we activate that Alien Empire Frequency within you.

And then?

You disrupt the world around you. Around us all.

Your business becomes Super Conscious.

Hyper Conscious.

Alien Conscious.

You leave everyone else behind you – there is no competition.

There never was.

Leaving behind those still shrouded in the Shadow they can’t – or won’t – see. Still clinging to that narrative of who they “think” they and what that False Self Identity has helped them to achieve so far. 

All those 6-7-8 figure businesses. The influencers. The multimillion and billion dollar businesses.

Still rooted in Shadow and Illusion.

You leave it all behind.

Because for the hosts of Alien Empires – there simply is no other way.

If this is you, email me [email protected] to schedule a conversation with me to discuss activating & upgrading YOUR Alien Empire.