Why Should You Hire Me As Your Catalyst
December 13, 2022
Why you should book a powerfully activating 90 minute Transformational Call with me and hire me as your Catalyst?

Here’s why:

I make no apologies for bringing your shadows to the surface.

I swim in the deepest darkest depths after all and carry pure fucking fire within me.

A Muse for the Darkness.



Illuminator of Darkness.

Unshackling you from whatever you’ve been holding onto energetically – consciously & unconsciously across all dimensions – that just doesn’t need to be in your Multidimensional Energy anymore.

Taking my knife to slice through it all.

Psychic Surgery. Powerful Disruption & Activations.

A clean cut through the Multidimensional Shadow resulting in instantaneous freedom, expansion, healing & growth beyond anything you thought possible.

Making the impossible – possible.

This is what it means to play in my fire.

To stand in my fire as I burn through everything that is not YOU.


The Ultimate Freedom.

I couldn’t give 2 fucks who you are, what energetics you’ve been holding onto, what shadows are lurking in your Multidimensional DNA etc.

What I care for is Truth. Liberation. Freedom – delivered through fierce fucking love for who you truly are.

As I do, say, be whatever is necessary to be the Catalyst for your most powerful Self & Highest Frequency Consciousness to be activated.

Opening the portal for you.

Creating instantaneous results, activations and powerful transformation at the Energetic Root which make no fucking sense to the Human Mind or the outside world.

A completely Alien Experience for those who can hold my Frequency without blowing up in the process.

The most powerful Medicine there is.

I offer powerful 90 Minute Transformational Calls for those who desire the ultimate transformation across any area of your life.

For the powerfully influential individuals who desire to play in my Frequency with me.

I offer you the upgrade you’ve been searching for and the liberation.

With a powerful Catalyst who can hold the Magnitude of You within my Galactic Frequency.

Powerfully transformative. Nonsensical. Illogical results that defy the Human Logic.

This is the Realm of the Alien Mind.

Otherworldly. Galactic.

Your Investment: 50K GBP.

Your Return: Priceless.

Here’s the link to invest in this powerful Transformational Call with me: https://buy.stripe.com/8wMeYh5s41smetO5ko

Once you’ve paid, you’ll be emailed a calendar link shortly after to schedule our call.

If you’d like to discuss the scheduling before you pay, please reach out to me at [email protected] or via Facebook Messenger or Instagram.


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