Why I Use A Pendulum To Clarify Questions

Feb 20, 2019
Why I Use A Pendulum To Clarify Questions & For Divination - Leanne Juliette


Do you use a crystal pendulum? Or any pendulum for that matter? I bought my first pendulum just over a year ago from my local crystal shop. It's a beautiful clear quartz one with malachite on the top...I love it!

I first bought my pendulum because I'd been reading in spiritual communities on Facebook that it was a really cool tool to use for divination and to ask lots of questions. So I jumped right in with using it....but soon found myself discouraged because it wasn't giving me "accurate answers". And I started to distrust it.

And this....is a big error that a lot of people make. Thinking that it's going to tell you your fortune and that what it says...goes.

It's a lot like using Tarot cards for readings...both are tools connected to current energy and will give an outcome based on the current energy. And, as we know (or you should know!), energy is always evolving.

That's why I find it highly inaccurate to ask questions where the outcome is so changeable such as:

  • "Will I meet the love of my life this year?"
  • "Am I going to make lots of money this year?"
  • "Should I go on holiday?"


These type of questions have outcomes that are so changeable...and also, especially in the instance of the first one, relate to so many other circumstances and also the free will of others.

Taking the first example and asking your pendulum: "Will I meet the love of my life this year?" - you may get a yes. And then think "great, I'm going to meet this person and it's going to be amazing!" etc. But, this isn't taking into account your ever-changing energy and also the energy (and free will) of that other person. You may meet them...but you may have to go through another relationship first and if that one isn't working out you may be discouraged and then not want to date again for a while which could then put you in the energy of not meeting your true soulmate. Do you see where I'm going with this? It's a very elusive question and has many possibilities.

That's why I don't use my pendulum for "fortune telling" because I find that it can be inaccurate. And because it's not meant to be used for telling fortunes anyway.


How should you use a pendulum?


How I now use my pendulum is to connect more with my Spirit team (Guides, Angels, Loved Ones etc) and also my Higher Self. I use my pendulum to ask my Higher Self for clarity and confirmation of things such as asking for confirmation about something my intuition has told me or asking for clarity on things from my past (and past lives) that my Higher Self can answer. I'll also use it to ask about energy I'm feeling in certain chakras and how best to move forwards with this energy.

I won't ask about outcomes anymore...because I found myself getting disheartened if something didn't work out. That's because when you ask about the future, there really are so many different possibilities and paths that can be taken. Whereas if you ask about the now and the past, you are getting a deeper insight into these and use your pendulum for confirmation.

It's a bit like muscle testing...like what those who do Theta healing do...they ask you to muscle test yourself (because it's connecting to your energy) for a yes/no response. Muscle testing is based on using it for confirmation...just like your pendulum.


What's the best way to get started with using your pendulum?


The best way to get started with using your pendulum is to cleanse and charge it's energy. You can do this by washing it in running water and asking ArchAngel Michael to bring protective energy to your crystal. Also, if it's a full moon, leave it under the moonlight to charge - on a windowsill is fine and the moon doesn't have to be visible in the sky for the energy to be felt...believe me...the full moon's energy is powerful AF whether you can see it or not!

The key to using your pendulum is to allow it to get used to your energy. Carry it around with you, hold it in your hands, put it under your pillow at night - this will help you to give it your energy. I put mine under my pillow every night (along with other crystals like my rose quartz and one of my Tarot decks...LOL!),

When starting with a pendulum, hold it between your thumb and index finger and keep your arm still.  You can rest your elbow on the table. I always invite my Spirit Guides, Angels, Loved Ones, Higher Self etc to come closer and to work with me. And I will specify that only light beings with the highest intention for myself and others are allowed to be with me - stating clearly that I'm only working with light beings.

You need to tune your pendulum to giving you yes and no answers.  You do this by asking your pendulum say 3 - 4 questions that are all yes answers that you already know (like "is my name XYZ?"; "am I X years old?" etc) and making a mental note of the direction it swings in. Then doing the same with 3 - 4 no answer questions (again, questions you already know the answer to) and noting the movement of your pendulum.

You'll find that your pendulum will move in one of these ways:

  • side to side
  • back and forth
  • clockwise
  • anticlockwise


For me, my pendulum always swings in a clockwise direction for yes and side to side for no. Always. If it can't answer or it's undecided, it'll just vibrate and stay still. Go with how your pendulum moves for you - every pendulum is different.

I do this each time I use my pendulum - always ask for light beings to be around me, then ask for a yes confirmation and a no confirmation.

Plus, I always ask if the pendulum is happy to work with me at that particular time (gotta have manners and ask permission LOL!).


How I personally use my pendulum


I've used my pendulum to uncover all types of info and confirmation of certain things such as:

  • asking how many Spirit Guides I have
  • using my pendulum to ask the names of my Guides - I asked how many letters in a name, then went through the alphabet for each letter, it's how I found out I have a spiritual dragon called George LOL
  • asking if a decision I've made is aligned for my highest purpose
  • asking for clarity on past lives (I know people who use their pendulum to ask questions within their Akashic Records)


There are so many ways you can use a pendulum but I really feel that the key bit of info to remember is not to use it for fortune telling, such as:

  • "Will I meet up with XYZ this month please?" (that's another pointer....I always say please and thank you and respect the energies I'm communicating with)


Because in this instance, yes you could do, but also you may not because you might change your mind or they might change their mind or something else may have an impact on this happening. So many possibilities and paths that could happen - that's why it's best not to use it for future outcomes and instead use it to gain clarity and confirmation of things that have already transpired and are in action.


How to look after your pendulum


As with all crystals, it's best to cleanse and charge your pendulum as much as possible to keep the energy fresh. I do this every Full Moon with all my crystals....I wash them in running water and invite ArchAngel Michael to keep them protected and then leave them under the energy of the Full Moon.

I also like to keep mine with a stick of Selenite to keep the energy pure.

If your pendulum is giving you erratic answers, then go back to cleansing it and charging it again.

Some pendulums just don't resonate with some people, so if it feels off, and you've cleansed it and charged it and kept it around your energy, then maybe you need to try a different crystal.

There are so many pendulums out there including those that are Rose Quartz (self-love; love) and Citrine (money; abundance) - go with which one you are called to go with.




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