When Spiritual Transformation Is Calling You To Let Go Of The Version Of You That No Longer Exists
January 01, 2024

As a powerful Catalyst for Spiritual Transformation, I have been through my own fair share of transformations over the years since my Spiritual Awakening began in 2017.

I’m a Shapeshifter.

It’s my natural energetic state to shift out of one version of myself into another.

And – it is so natural for me to do so.

But even though I’m a dab hand at literally rebirthing myself over and over again, it never makes it any easier.

A few days ago I had a very strange but lucid dream in which I was participating in the death of a woman who I saw laying on the ground with blood around her.

Morbid as fuck, I know.

After I woke up and started to process the dream, it became clearer to me who the woman was.


I was effectively “killing off” another version of myself.

I know, morbid as fuck.

But today as I sit here to write I can feel the sadness start to take hold.

To creep over me.

Like a gray, heavy fog that suddenly starts to set in.

It’s a feeling I’m very familiar with as part of the Spiritual Transformation process.

That need to “let go” of an “old” version of yourself.

To effectively “kill off” that version that is no longer beneficial to your growth.

I do it all the time.

With every major shift in my life, every major transformation – a kind of “spiritual death” and “killing off” precedes it.

Here’s the thing.

That version of you that is being killed off – no longer exists.

It’s an Energetic Residue of a previous version of your Multidimensional Self.

A version that served a purpose in another version of you – but now it is outdated, redundant and is no longer existing in the highest dimension of you.

It’s effectively dead energy.

A dead weight.

One that becomes heavier and heavier the more we try to “hold on” to it, to carry it, to continue to cling onto the comfort that it offers us.

That sweet comfort of the familiar.

But the familiar is an illusion.

It coaxes us to stay stagnant.

To remain static.

To not move. Or dare to move. Or change a thing, because – you’re comfortable in the familiar.

But the familiar – the comfort – becomes suffocating.

It turns into a heaviness that seeps over us and starts to dim our light, our truth and our freedom to renew ourselves.

It seeps over us.

Slowly, surely, ever so quiety – so that we don’t notice it.

We don’t notice how complacent we’ve become in our lives.

How stagnant we’ve become.

How much we’ve come to accept the current reality when it isn’t bringing us joy anymore.

It seeps over us without us knowing.

Slowly, slowly it comes.

Until – one day – you wake up.

And release you’re being suffocated by the familiar – the comfort – suffocated as it strangles you.

Keeping you stuck. Stagnant. Like wading through mud trying to change something – anything – just to make a difference.

This is such a familiar experience for me each time I go through another level of Spirtual Awakening as part of my Spiritual Transformation process.

It’s like I finally “wake up” to the bullshit.

Waking up to whatever I’ve been accepting.

Whatever I’ve allowed to continue in my life – despite it not bringing me satisfaction, joy, peace or happiness.

I feel that feeling now.

That familiarity I have with change, with transformation – with an evolutionary shift in consciousness that I have become so accustomed to.

I see where things need to change in my life.

And – I’m now ready to do something about it.

I see where I have allowed myself to become “comfortable” in a version of myself that has actually been harming me.

Holding me back out of fear to be seen in a bigger capacity, out of fear to truly be THAT version of myself that commands me to SEE her and ACCEPT her.

That Shadow Version who calls to me to be accepted, integrated and set free.

I see her.

I see her calling to me.

Reaching out to me as she shows me the way to a newer version of myself.

The old version needs to be let go of.

Hence the dream.

Even if it was a bit too dramatic to kill myself off. But hey – sometimes Spirit just need you to fucking SEE the message that you’ve been avoiding.

And with the realisation that a new version of myself is upon me – there’s that familiar sadness I get right at the moment I’m about to shift.

A sadness that washes over me for that older version of me – a sadness of letting her go.

Of letting the familiarity – the comfort – go.

It’s that same sadness I feel every time I’m evolving and transforming.

A sadness that I don’t have people to really share this with – who don’t understand how powerful my transformations are.

How much I literally rebirth myself every few weeks or months. Although I’m forever changing each day – the perpetual Shapeshifter – the shifts are more profound every few weeks to a few months.


More impactful.

And with this new rebirth, I’m very aware that I simply have to – let go.

Let go of her.

Let her go.

Send her away with love.

Always with love.

With a thank you for bringing me so far and an acknowledgement that now it’s time for a newer, fresher version of me to “come online” within my Human Consciousness.

So I send her off.

Not quite with the killing as per the dream. Because – that would be weird LOL.

But with a thank you, with love, with gratitude.

And – with forgiveness.

Forgiving her for becoming too complacent, too comfortable, too scared to take a bigger leap in life.

Forgiving her for settling.

She no longer exists. Not in the “now” anyway.

She is an outdated energy.

Existing in the multidimensional aether.

A version of myself to look back on from time to time when I want to remind myself to keep going, to keep transforming, to keep evolving – to keep stripping more and more layers from myself as I embody more of my Authentic Self.

In her place, a more evolved version of myself comes in.

Like a walk-in.

A Higher Frequency Consciousness that steps into my Human vessel with a blueprint to show me the new path.

The new way to be.

The way it’s always been.

Before I became comfortable, familiar and complacent with that out-dated version of myself.

A version still playing out patterns, behaviours, thoughts and states of being that are not conducive to a Higher Frequency Consciousness version of myself.

Because here’s the thing – the Shadow energy is forever at play – holding us captive within the Shadow unless we let it go.

The Shadow is Multidimensional. This is the whole concept of my Pioneering Spiritual work around The Multidimensional Shadow.

It is an Energetic Residue from “past” us that is trying to remain within “present” us.

Which is why it feels so heavy, so stagnant at times, so – suffocating.

Because it’s residue that doesn’t need to be there anymore.

Energetic residue still lingering within our Energetic Field.

And – it doesn’t need to be there anymore.

We can – just let it go.

And refuse to allow it’s grip to take hold and smother us – again – with the outdated patterns, behaviours, beliefs and states of being that we had once become so comfortable with but which weren’t in service to our Highest Potential.

This is the true power of Spiritual Transformation.

It can be raw, real and painful whilst simultaneously being extremely liberating to your Consciousness.

Spiritual Transformation isn’t about fluffy shit as New Age Spiritual folk would have you believe.

You cannot “love n light” yourself through a Spiritual Transformation.

It’s dirty, painful, raw, real – but highly, highly liberating as you create quantum shifts in your reality and evolve into a Higher Frequency Consciousness state.

With the awareness that sooner or later – a more evolved version of you will come calling.

And so the process begins again.

Over and over and over again.

Evolving into our most expansive self, our Highest Potential and our true Authentic Self that resides within Divine Consciousness.




I work in the darkest aspects of the Human Psyche and within the Realm of the Unconscious.

I see what is Hidden.

I am a powerful Catalyst, Alchemist & Activator who alchemizes Pain into Power.

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