Are You A Visionary?
June 05, 2018

There are those in life who are visionaries and who see beyond the natural order of things and can see the bigger picture without there being paint on the canvas yet.

There are those who do not yet have the capacity to see the vision (or are maybe wearing the wrong glasses or facing the other way!) and who don’t always “get” where you are coming from. Because they cannot “see” it yet.

Don’t get disheartened if you are a visionary with a big message to share with the world. There will always be those who cannot see who will try to pull you back and “keep you safe”. Or tell you to quit “dreaming” and go get a job. Yep….we’ve all heard it before right?!?!

Yet what about people like Steve Jobs? A true visionary! Or Richard Branson? Or Oprah Winfrey? Or Bill Gates? All these people had a vision for their life and for the world. They had a vision to create more for this world and to enhance this world with their vision.

Stop listening to those who cannot see (yet!). If you have a vision or a message to share or you simply want to create more in your life that you could ever have created through your current means (i.e. your job)….then go make that vision happen.

Yes you will come up against haters. Yes you will come up against those who “don’t get it”. Yes you will come up against those who wouldn’t have a vision even if it slapped them round the face. Yes you will come up against those who will try to make you feel bad for wanting to be more in your life and to share your vision and your message with others.

But they are really just a test. How BADLY do you want this? Are you prepared to stride forwards anyway and just set your own pace? Or will you shrug your shoulders and say “oh well….maybe another day”.

Let me tell you that “another day” never comes…you never know what is around the corner. You could lose your job, get ill, need to give up work to care for someone you love. You just never know.

So why play small just because those who cannot see are playing small? If you know that you have something more within you and you can truly feel that….then go make it happen. Because playing small won’t get you anywhere. It’ll only fill you with regret later on in life when you realise what you “could have” done if only you’d followed your heart.