Hold Onto Your Vision…Always
February 28, 2019


Oftentimes people get too focussed on the past. Focussing on what hasn’t worked out for them, on failures or things they wish they had done. And failing to focus on the bigger picture: their vision.

I suppose it’s a natural part of being human – to analyse things and look for how we could have changed that outcome if only we’d done things differently.

But today I want to put this to you: what if you weren’t supposed to do things differently??!! What if, everything you did led to where you are at now through all the experiences and have enabled you to have a greater perspective of who you are and what you want??!!

Everything happens for a reason. Every person we encounter. Every experience we have. It all happens for us and not to us (my current motto!). So everything you’ve already experienced….you were supposed to experience. Whether it enhanced your life or not is down to the energy you were in at the time and the energy you are in presently as to how you view the experience.

One thing so many of us are taught from such a young age is to just settle. Go and settle with a job, be happy, go find a loving spouse, have children and just settle with our lives.

But what if…you don’t want to just settle. What if…the thought of just settling makes you feel so icky on the inside because you feel this huge vision inside of you? Perhaps its a vision you can’t fully see yet…but you feel it deep within you. Knowing that you have a calling for something else…something more than just settling with what people (society) tells you to settle with.

That’s how I feel on a daily basis. As a Visionary, I see the bigger picture for myself and for those whose energy I’m connecting with. I see the bigger vision. I see how every experience fits together. I see where people need to do the work in their life to get what they want. And I feel it deep within my heart and my soul that this vision I have for myself is where I’m supposed to be.

You don’t have to be a Visionary…but being able to connect with who you are really helps you to connect with your own vision. And it really doesn’t matter what you are choosing for your life….because it’s about connecting with what makes you happy and what lights you up thinking about it. Whether that’s being a global entrepreneur, being a local farmer or singing on a stage…your vision is important to you and it matters to you. It doesn’t matter what it is…what matters is being able to connect to it.

When you have a vision, no matter what it is, you’ll always be met with challenges from those who can’t connect with your visions (and why should they…it’s yours after all!) and may try to put you off. A bit like the crabs in the bucket story….when crabs are contained in a bucket together there will always be one that wants to break free to freedom (aka you breaking free to your vision) but the other crabs see this one breaking free and can’t understand it so pull it back into the bucket. It’s the same with society….when you have a vision, no matter how big or small, there will always be those who tell you that it can’t be done. Telling you that it’s a bad idea. Telling you to give up. Looking at you like you have 3 heads because it’s such an alien concept to them.

The thing is…who fucking cares what others think?!?!? The only thing that truly matters is that you have your vision and you hold onto it…always. Because you need to feel it close to you for when times get tough. It’s during those times that your vision can waver if it’s not strong enough…and you doubt yourself and question your intentions and if it’s all just a pipe dream and maybe you should just give up on everything and go back to being like everybody else.

But you feel this calling within you. A calling to step into a different role in your life. A calling to do something greater than you’ve ever done in your life – and with this, I ask that you always hold onto that vision no matter what. That you choose to carry that vision within your heart always. That you choose to refer back to it again and again when life throws up some obstacles that make you question what you are doing and why you are doing it.

The way I see it, the Universe will test you. It will test your commitment to this this vision and the life you desire. It will test if you are serious enough and dedicated enough to making this vision a reality. You’ll be left questioning yourself and wondering whether to just give up. But what happens if you give up? Because in doing so you are turning your back on your soul purpose’s and your soul’s mission for this life. Are you prepared for that? Are you prepared to feel those “what if” feelings and carry them for the rest of your life simply because you gave up on your vision?

Or, are you willing to fight for your vision no matter what. To push forwards with it through the good times and the bad times. To keep it within your heart at all times and use it for all your decisions and the opportunities you take.

We never fully know what is ahead of us. Nobody, not even a psychic like myself, can tell you exactly what is going to happen. Energy is always changing and you can always change the outcome of your life….because you have free will and can always exercise this right to your free will.

But…you can choose to hold onto your vision…always. No matter what people say to you. No matter what shit they throw at you or how much the Universe tests you…you can always choose to hold onto that vision, proving that you are committed enough to seeing it through to fruition.


So put your sunglasses on…the future is bright for those of us with a vision, very very bright!