Unapologetically You Is A Powerful Frequency
September 14, 2022

Being unapologetically you for being the truest, purest and most powerful version of you is such a powerful Frequency as there really is something about being soooooo unapologetically you that is extremely liberating to yourself, to those around you and the world at large!


Because most people spend their entire lives being fake as fuck and not even realising it.

Wearing a False Self Mask to downplay who they are so as not to offend others with the Truth of themselves or make others feel uncomfortable in their prescence.

Fuck that.

I’ve spent the last 5 years stripping myself bare.

Stripping the conditioning, the programming, the beliefs.

And turning my Shadows into my potent gold.

The shame I felt around being truly me and the potent AF Truth I hold within me.

Over the years I’ve been birthing the true Unapologetic Me after spending most of my life as an introvert, a codependent and a people pleaser.

Who numbed her Truth for fear of upsetting others.

Here’s the thing though.

You cannot live your life according to what others think is acceptable of you or tone yourself down to make others more comfortable around your powerful presence.

Fuck that.

Over the years I’ve been told:

  • That my words are venomous (Truth is Truth…and I’m a Catalyst for Truth).
  • To tone down my messaging (because it was too much for some to handle).
  • To focus on one thing in my business and stop having “Shiny Object Syndrome” (by a boring AF mentor who couldn’t understand a Multipassionate Maverick like myself).
  • To stop being a bitch (my energy IS activating to the Shadow!!).
  • That I’m intimidating AF – yeah, to those who refuse to see and own the fuck out of their own powerful Truth

That I’m too much for some. Too triggering. People won’t buy from me or work with me. Be this or be that. Focus on one thing. Be one thing. Stop saying “fuck”.

And you know what??

I couldn’t give a fuck if I’m “too much” for some…because they aren’t the people I desire to play with, create epic adventures with and revolutionize the world with .

My clients are the ones who desire that from me – because they know deep within them that I can push the edge on who they truly are and expand them beyond anything they’ve ever experienced before.

That my “too muchness” (is that even a word?!) is exactly what they want from me.

None of it fucking matters when you are being unapologetically you.

I’m a Maverick. A Pioneer. A Disruptor. A Catalyst.

And someone who naturally does Life and Business backwards.

It’s my natural energy.


When we live unapologetically ourselves, we get to create from a place of Fun, Freedom & Expansion.

And leave the boring fuckers to their rules as we play in the Magic of being our truest, most Divine Self.

And revolutionising the world through being.

Come play in my Realm with me as I push the edge on who you are, unleashing the powerful Magnitude of You from within, healing at the Multidimensional Energetic Root across all Space, Time & Dimensions and create massive waves of Revolutionary Transformation, Freedom, Liberation and powerful Expansion within you.

Because – I can.

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