The Truth About Twin Flames
September 01, 2019

If you’re involved in the spiritual community in anyway you will probably have heard the term “Twin Flame” mentioned once or twice! It’s becoming a bit of a buzz word.

And yet…there’s a lot of untruths out there.

A lot of people piggy-backing on the Twin Flame “phenomenon”.

And in all honesty…it does irritate me!

I understand the Twin Flame connection…because it is part of my own life. But that’s another story!

When I first became aware of Twin Flames it was over a year ago when Spirit were giving me messages in my dreams. Where people were talking about Twin Flames in my dreams – and I’m someone who has very vivid dreams with lots of detail! Like going to the movies some nights!

My understanding of Twin Flames came when I had a completely clear epiphany around the connection with someone who had once been in my life. Like it all made sense…the relationship, the intensity, the connection we had…it was like all the jigsaw pieces finally fitted together and I could make sense of it all!

No wonder Spirit had wanted to give me messages in dreams!

What I’ve found though since coming across the notion of Twin Flames last year…is that there is a hell of a lot of bullshit on the internet about Twin Flames.

A lot of over-romanticized bullshit.

A lot of people using a form of spiritual bypassing to almost gloss over those who are in abusive relationships.

People almost advocating adultery when they get angry about the “karmic” in someone’s life.

And those desperately trying to seek out their own Twin Flame and pushing soulmates away because they think that there must be someone else out there.

Whatever it is…there’s a lot of bullshit.

I’ve never bought into the idea that everyone has a Twin Flame. If you buy into that idea…then this blog post isn’t for you. Because why would everyone have a Twin Flame? A Twin Soul counterpart? If we did, we would all know about the notion of Twin Flames in literature and in the movies etc. Like with soulmates.

But that’s the thing…we don’t all have a Twin Flame. And just because you may not have a Twin Flame doesn’t make you any less deserving of finding a soulmate who lights you up…like some people would have you believe when they wax lyrical about Twin Flames and moon over the concept.

It’s bullshit.

I don’t buy into the over-romanticized bullshit.

Never have done.

Never will do.

Personally…and this is my opinion (based on my own intuitive downloads and deep connection with Spirit about Twin Flames and because of my own personal involvement with a connection in my life that has brought clarity to me)….I believe that those who connect with their Twin Flame counterpart in this lifetime are here for impact in this life.

Because a Twin Flame connection forces you to go within.

To understand who you are.

And why you are here.

I’ve never believed that everyone has a twin soul. Or we would all know about it. But we don’t. Unlike soulmates.

I personally believe that if you are supposed to connect with your Twin Flame / Twin Soul in this life…aka in a romantic connection…they you’re here for a bigger impact.

Twin souls force us to look within.

To uncover who we are.

To be stripped bare of ego and shadow.

But…I believe that we are here for an impact in this life through our soul’s mission. And a Twin Flame connection will break you open so you find yourself.

Because a Twin Flame connection is all about unmasking your truth. Stripping you back. Bringing all your unhealed wounds to the surface…including karma you carry from other lifetimes. Things that need resolving. To release you from certain patterns that you either consciously choose or which are ingrained in your subconscious due to past programming or from other lifetimes.

Twin Flames force us to see ourselves clearly. Because to be connected with your Twin Flame is like looking in a mirror. You are mirror souls. So what you see in the other person is an invitation for you to see that in yourself and adopt it for yourself or to let go of a certain way of being.

Twin Flames are a spiritual union. They are here in the physical realm to learn certain lessons for ascension and enlightenment. They are here for growth. Whether you are with your Twin Flame or not in the physical…you are both working on your combined soul mission simultaneously.

Either way, you are still together spiritually and as souls…that’s the main thing. Not this 3D realm.

Twin Flames are catalysts to one another. Because catalysts force growth. That’s why its irrelevant as to whether you are in a romantic relationship with your Twin Flame or not. When your souls are aware of each other…the soul contract is still the same.

Some Twin Flames are supposed to be together in a physical union in this lifetime. And my opinion on this is because each Twin has their own individual soul mission which becomes a combined soul mission with other Twin Soul. Like an amped up connection!

But likewise…on the flip side…some Twin Flames did not agree to be together in a physical union in this lifetime. I’m aware of some Twin Flames who were together romantically but they both went their separate ways because it would allow both souls to grow separately…whilst still also being connected in the spiritual realm. Like they had to come into each others lives…to be the catalyst for each others awakening…so that both souls could then continue separately with their own personal and unique soul mission.

Whatever the situation, there’s too many people buying into this Twin Flame over-romanticized bullshit and anyone telling you that they can help you “find” your Twin Flame…is…quite frankly…talking out of their arse.