Phoenix Rising
April 24, 2020

Who is The Phoenix?

She is you.

The woman seeking freedom.

Seeking freedom from rules, from society, from regulations, from patriarchy and authority.

Freedom to be whoever the fuck she desires to be. Because…she can.

We are here with a misson. To rise. To embrace our power. To speak our truth. To let the world feel the power of our words and actions as we serve this planet.

We are not here to succumb to rules that keep our wings clipped.

A woman is far more powerful when she is free and she impacts on a far greater scale when she is in her power.

The Goddess.

The Divine Feminine.

The Phoenix Rising.

We have all experienced moments that sought to break us. To strip us.

But from the pain, comes the growth.

We fall so that we can rise.

Because there is no place for illusion and masks. You must strip yourself of all the fallacies, the mis-truths..the illusions…the beliefs of who you thought you were…or, more damaging, who you were told to be.

Rise, Phoenix.

Your soul cannot be caged…for you are free to be yourself and to impact the world like never before.

As a woman.

Being whoever the fuck you desire to be…because you cannot be anything other than she who your soul chose to be.

Rise, Phoenix.

For it’s your time to shine.

To be free.