The Metamorphosis of Self

Mar 09, 2021
Metamorphosis is the deepest kind of transformation we can experience as part of the Death & Rebirth cycle's been a while since my last blog! 3 months to be precise!

And I'm a writer at heart so it felt weird not to write but I wanted to share my reasons why I've not been creating as much content lately.

2020 was weird for everyone.

If 2020 was a food, it would be Marmite. You either love it or you hate it.

For me, 2020 saw me go through an expansive Dark Night of the Soul. A complete spiritual breakdown of my entire consciousness.

It was shit. But it was necessary.

Despite not being afraid of the Death process - I am a Catalyst after all for the Death & Rebirth cycle as I bring destruction and dismantling to my client's lives so that they may go deeper into their Truth - I also needed to shift myself energetically.

Which is something I do from time to time.

My own Metamorphosis. My own deep Transformation.

So 2020 was a year of - well - deep transformation and metamorphosis for me.

Shapeshifting. Which I do very very well!

I had come to a point in my life - and in my business - whereby I wasn't feeling fulfilled.

Things just felt "off" energetically. I wasn't getting lit up by the same things. I was feeling frustrated with the world around me and the inability for so many to see the blatant crimes against humanity that were taking place.

The blatant abuse from the world government's against their people.

The lies and narcissim of the media.

The gaslighting by politicians.

And the zombie state of people going along with whatever bullshit was being paraded in the name of "science" because it was safer for them to follow the crowd.

I was - and this is putting it mildly - fucked off with the world.

So I went within.

Like a caterpillar creating it's own coccoon, so too did I go into myself.

To rest.

To transform.

To gather my strength for the time when the coccoon needed to be cracked open - once again - for the butterfly to appear.

Transformation - and metamorphosis - is my gift after all.

I didn't like what I was seeing in the world.

I didn't like people's blind belief in these politicians, paid-for scientists and medical profressions or the zombfied state of those glued to the mainstream media.

Yes, I can - and did - cut things off from myself. And I've not been one to watch the news for many many years as its simply a form of hypnosis and mind control.

But, it's very hard to switch off when you still have to live in this reality and see people blindly being led to the slaughterhouse through the propaganda.

I still had to witness people wearing face muzzles in shops.

I still had to experience people walking into the road to avoid walking past me in order to keep "2 metres apart" in case - God forbid - a virus particle leaped off my skin and jumped up their nose.

I still had to hear people talking about this mess over and over again.

As much as I wanted to just jump onto my spacecraft and go back to my own galaxy (I'm a Starseed), I still chose to be present on Earth during this mammoth time of transformation.

So I went within.

Into Hermit mode, as I like to say. 

I needed to go within. To really deepen my connection with not just myself - but with the consciousness that I channel daily.

As a Mystic & Seer, I channel Truth Consciousness & Galactic (Futuristic) Consciousness all the time.

So I found it quite annoying - if I'm honest - to witness the deathly propaganda around us that people were lapping up without questioning the madness.

I wanted to go home. Away from it all. To a place where this crazy 3D shit isn't an issue.

Where I'm from - the other galaxies - I'm used to hanging out with Ascended Masters and Higher Dimensional Beings. 

That's why none of this madness on Earth made any sense to me whatsoever.

I would create posts on social media questioning along the lines of, "Why can't you see it??!! Why can't you see the illusion?!"

I had come to a point in my own evolutionary journey whereby the mundane reality of Earth just bored the fuck out of me.

I wanted more.

I craved more.

I yearned for more.

More adventure. More excitement. More mind-quests.

I longed to travel and explore.

I'm a Sagittarius Rising - and us Sag energy types are here for the travel, the adventures and the quests.

And here was the world - fucking closed. 


No more day trips with my daughter.

No coffee shop meet ups with friends.

No going to sit alone in a coffee shop with my laptop to just sit in a different environment.

No exploring new restaurants.

And I'm sure some reading this may think, "wow she's selfish, what about those who died?".

To anyone who is thinking that, then my blog isn't for you. Off you go.

No, for me, I needed space to breathe.

And yet I found myself feeling claustrophobic in the world. 

Like wearing a straight-jacket that we can't get out of no matter how much we resist the propaganda and refuse to comply.

(To those who are part of the Resistance Movement with others like myself who don't comply with the "rules", I salute you, keep on making a difference!).

But the world felt strange.

It felt eerie.

I was channeling Collective energies around fear. And I didn't like it.

I also had my business to focus on.

I'm here to build an Empire after all, this girl had things to do!

But I also needed time out for myself.

To sit in the stillness of my mind. Despite my resistance to it at times.

Even recently, I had a cold (yes, a cold, they still exist despite people thinking everything is COVID nowadays FFS).

And this cold lasted longer than I would have liked. Mainly down to my body being in a constant state of stress with adrenal fatigue which I hadn't wanted to acknowledge.

I spent 2 weeks pretty much in bed - between the cold and general exhaustion.

And for someone like me who has always felt I need to be on the go, that was hard.

But - my Higher Self always knows best - and made sure I rested.

It was probably the most pivotal time of my business so far in the 3 years since I launched my business.

Because - I did nothing. I rested. I rested some more. I didn't force myself to work.

And I channeled the most epic vision for my future. I tapped into my Multidimensional Future Self and saw what she was doing.

And it created that spark within me once more.

The one that had gone out for a while the more and more I was finding the world to be tedious around me.

I saw how my ability to transform others - in a way unlike nobody else - was exactly what the world needs right now.

How my ability to be so at ease with the Death & Rebirth process - to not be fazed by the darkness and the pain even when in the midst of the Fires of Hell - is exactly what the world needs right now.

And how my ability to be so at ease with chaos and transform chaos into order - another unique gift of mine - is also exactly what the world needs right now.

Let's face it.

The world has had a massive wake up call.

The Great Awakening as it has been called.

A massive, massive Collective Shake Up.

Like we've all been tossed into some gigantic snow globe, turned upside down and shaken about.

I'm sure you'll agree that's how the last 12 months have felt!

I also really tuned into how much of a Maverick Misfit (catchy little term, right!?) I am.

A Pioneer.

A Trailblazing Revolutionary.

One not here to follow the path of others. But to tear it all down and create my own.

I realised how much I had still - I know, I know - been conforming in some way or another within my business.

Following the "norm" when it came to creating content or creating sales opportunities.

Even though I despise conformity.

Rebel Soul after all with rebellious Uranus sextile my natal Sun - owning the Inventor energy within me.

Forging a path.

Blazing a trail.

Doing things my way - through chaos - because that's what I love.

And not being afraid to tear it all down - as I do so well with my Destruction energy - in order to access Truth.

I've had to learn to let go of the out-dated paradigm that in order to earn money you have to work hard.

Ugh. How fucking boring is THAT?!

I've had to become more at ease with just having fun, playing in the Unknown - with The Void itself - and playing with chaos.

Because that is how I truly get lit up.

Through chaos and The Dark Void.

That uncertainty that most shy away from. Too afraid to venture into - is where I love to play.

But - like most of us - I had a lot of conditioning and programming to let go of around this.

And as a Virgo Sun and someone with a Virgo Stellium, my Inner Virgo likes order.


The one who creates order through chaos - what a paradox that is!

Yet that's exactly who I am.

A paradox.

I take things to the further extremes. Polarizing beliefs. Really honing in on the paradoxical energies so as to expose the truth.

When the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter happened in December 2020 - when the 2 giants of the Solar System met in the skies - it activated my own paradoxical nature.


Because I - too - have Saturn & Jupiter conjunct in my Natal Birth Chart.

I am very familiar - and at home with - paradoxical energies.

Another of my gifts.

My ability to dive into the deepest, darkest & murkiest depths of someone (myself included) - and then expand their Consciousness into the highest, most potent expression of who they are.


But I had to go within. To stop fighting who I am. To stop living by out-dated paradigms like "you have to work hard to make money" and just be at peace within myself.

Has it been easy? Fuck no! The greatest transformations never are.

Has it been worth it? Hell yes! That's the beauty of the world I do with my clients - I live and breathe it myself.

I could never take someone through the most epic transformation of their life - into Hades itself within the Underworld of our psyche - if I hadn't also walked through the fires myself first.

I'm not really sure where this blog is going - not that it matters as chaos is my middle name - but either way I needed to write this.

To put pen to paper. Well, keyboard to website.

To really explore the last 12 months.

To unpack them - to reevaluate them - and to see the beauty in the madness around us.

2020 taught me (and 2021 is teaching me) that this great awakening process is just getting started.

That people are lost and in pain with the world as we knew it crumbling around us.

Everyone on this planet has experienced some form of crumbing around them. As Pluto - the planet of Death, Destruction & Transformation - has been ripping through the sign of Capricorn - the sign of Structure, Governments, Institutions & Ambitions.

Nobody has been safe from Pluto's destructive chaos as we've all experienced some form of metaphorical Death (and literal, for others) in our lives.

Asking us to thrown the old out.

To tear it all down.

Whatever isn't working for us - in whatever capacity that shows up in our lives - to tear it down.

To burn it down.

Beauty is found in the stillness within.

When we stop resisting who we are. When we stop fighting our intuition. When we stop tolerating crap in our lives.

And instead -

We burn it down. Tearing it down. Allowing it to crumble.

This is where the beauty lies. This is the work that lights me up the most.

Death & Rebirth.

Destruction & Expansion.

My revolutionary Mystery School of Death is launching soon. A place to house my most pivotal teachings, courses and access to my pioneering 1:1 work.

Stay tuned - the School of Death is like no other Mystery School out there.

It is a School of Consciousness, Transformation, Energetics, Multidimensional Astrology & Magical Alchemy.

A place to truly play with Magic - where I activate the fuck out of those who choose to play in my world.

My work isn't for the faint of heart. Or those seeking wishy-washy bandaid, surface level solutions or "healing".

I work solely with those who desire to experience the seductive darkness within.

Desiring to dance with their own Dark Shadow and revolutionize their life through the most epic - and potent - transformation on this planet.

My work is out-of-this-world.

Because I too - am not of this world.

A Galactic Time-Traveller and Quest-Seeker on a mission to bring Death & Rebirth to those who can handle these potent codes of mine.

Those who dare to experience the most expansive vision of themselves. And who will stop at nothing to truly be free to exist as their Highest Potential.

Those are my people and the people I desire to serve through my Mystery School of Death.

So, stay tuned!



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