Queen, It’s YOUR Time To Take A Seat At The Big Girl’s Table
May 28, 2020

Queen, it’s YOUR time to take a seat at the big girl’s table. With your Spiritual Empire.

Let me tell you a story.

A story of a little girl who had big dreams for her life. She wanted the world! And rightly so…she deserved to have it!

And yet, sadly, somewhere along the way, she found herself lacking in worthiness, confidence and *gasp* found that she had to “conform” to the world around her.

She felt different. She knew she was. She often felt alone. That others didn’t understand her. And she found it was easier to stay in the shadows.



It was safer there. Safer not to rock the boat when she wanted to be heard. To be validated. To be accepted.

Until, one day, a calling came.

Tap, tap, tapping on her door.

Gently at first. Calling to her – showing her that there was more.

But she ignored it. She had learnt not to trust who she was. She’d learnt to box off her desires, her goals, her dreams. They always seemed “just out of reach”.

The calling got louder and louder. Until she could ignore it no more. And she decided to open that Pandora’s Box. Her own inner Treasure Chest.

Everything she’d dismissed about herself, everything she’d learnt to subdue – her voice, her truth…her gifts…suddenly came flooding out!

She felt the presence of the Queen she was born to be.

The powerful woman who CLAIMS her fucking space. And does so in a beautiful *no fucks given* manner.

Because – she’s a fucking Queen right?!

And she deserves to sit at the big girl’s table. On her throne. In the Majestry of her own magic.

The worldly gifts she’s here to bestow upon the world.

This is MY story. It is also YOUR story.

Too many women like you dim your light. Shunning your gifts or watering them down because you’ve been too busy in *comparisonitis mode*.

Yep…us women are great at comparing ourselves to others aren’t we! Looking at other women and thinking “she’s got it all together and she’s killing it in ____ (insert life area)”.

Yet, what we don’t see is the transformation that other woman have been through. The transformation that literally had them on the floor in tears and just in a crumpled heap of uncertainty and unconfidence about our path and purpose.

Can you relate?!

I’ve been there plenty of times since my spiritual awakening came calling in 2017! Every step…every uplevel…met with fraught distress from myself as my ego…and my shadow…sought to dim my growth and keep me held back with my feet in concrete blocks.

Literally…paralysed with fear about moving forwards and taking those steps necessary.

Because the vision I have is something far beyond anything I’ve accomplished before.

All the while, my Higher Self…my multidimensional future self stands with her arms crossed and tutting, “Bitch, what took you so bloody long?!” (but not future as we are multi-faceted and live in all dimensions…JUST to go down THAT rabbit hole..LOL!

It’s all too easy to allow our shadowy aspects to hold us prisoner. Mostly, we don’t even realise that it is shadow. Ego. And the human within us that is playing so fucking small.

It takes being fully conscious of our minds, our thoughts, our feelings and our actions to understand where we have held ourselves prisoners.

Yet…only prisoners within an unseen cage.

Because shadow is an illusion. Fear is an illusion. It’s all an illusion.

Whatever bullshit you tell yourself about why you can’t move forwards in your business or life is an excuse.

An excuse that you are buying.

Whether you like it or not. Everytime you allow your excuses…your shadows…your ego…to be bigger than your vision and the freedom you here to create…you are saying a big fat no to your Divine Right.






Most people don’t like the cold hard truth. The blunt truth that calls our their bullshit.

Why not?!

Because it’s easier to live in a bubble. Easier to tell yourself that its something else. That you don’t have time to work on yourself. That you don’t have money to invest in yourself. That you don’t have the confidence to grow. That your gifts aren’t that great. That you’re too busy with the family etc.

And these excuses are the exact reason why you’ve given up on your dreams, Queen.

Because let’s face it…they are excuses.

I don’t care what anyone says about that…because I’ve used every single one of those excuses myself when I was too busy hiding from my purpose and my vision.



Because I didn’t feel I was special enough to create the impact I’m here to create.

That everyone else has gifts like mine so what makes me so special as I dimmed my light.

In fact, we all have gifts. We all have our own unique genius. But nobody can facilitate transformation like you do with your unique gifts.


I was hiding. Afraid of being truly seen. Afraid to make waves…no…tsunamis!…in the way I’m here to do. Afraid to be the Revolutionary I was born to be.

Because, all my life I’d sought to hide myself, dim my light, not speak up and accept bullshit behaviour from others because I was so unempowered.

Honestly, that shit is draining as fuck!!!

Tip-toeing around who you are. Scared to show up and take space. Worried what others think (total shadow energy) and seeking to appease everyone.

Does this sound familiar?!

I see soooooo many female entrepreneurs earning all levels of income from 4 figures a month to 7 figures a month who are in their fucking shadow.

I see shadow. I see illusion. I see the masks.

I am a Mirror after all. And an Oracle. I reflect back to others what they don’t see in themselves. And I used to apologise for this growing up…because I didn’t know this about myself. Then wondered why people would be shitty with me for no reason.

Yep, that’s the beauty of being in the energy of a powerful Mirror like myself!

I show you everything!!!!

So many female leaders are in their shadow. And I just think, “wow, can you imagine the growth they’d have if they turned that shadow into their gold?! Like, astronomical growth!”

This is the beauty of recognizing and alchemizing your shadow. Turning every fucking excuse, every dimmed light, every permission slip into magical transformation!

I told myself this morning the exact words of this blog, “Queen, it’s your time to take a seat at the big girl’s table! It’s time to sit on your throne!”

I’ve been playing small in my business. In life. I knew I was. But it was easier to hide behind my own bullshit than actually claim fucking space and show up.

It’s a commonality I see in so many women. Especially female entrepreneurs.

  • Those who undercharge on their products or services because they just want a sale and would rather tout their arse for 100s of $10 sales than own their fucking power and charge their worth.(Shadow).
  • Those who go through programme after programme…mentor after mentor…course after course – seeking the magic pill – the “thing” that will solve all their worries. And always blaming it on that thing that didn’t work. Not the right time. Not the right people. Not aligned enough. Instead of taking a good look at themselves and asking why they refuse to simply do the fucking inner work. (Shadow).
  • Those who hold back on their work…with every excuse under the sun about when will be the perfect time to launch that course, write that book, create that programme, put themselves out there. Using jobs, family, kids, finances etc as an excuse for why they cannot simply be that person now. (Shadow).
  • Those who give all their time away to clients. Or…worse…non-clients…thinking they have to give, give, give. And undercharge. Or…not charge at all. Do everything for free…because…well that’s what spirituality is all about right?! (Shadow).
  • Those who seek permission from others to simply show the fuck up. Always asking questions. Never taking action. Hiding behind the need to either know everything. Or have everything set out for them. (Shadow).

The thing is…anyone can make money online!!!


Yes…people even sell bottled air online!

Bottled air!!!

And make money.

So…you get to choose whether you’re ready to sit at the big girl’s table. Finally. Taking your place on your Queen’s throne. Surrounding yourself with other beautiful badass female leaders. Those deemed unfuckwithable. Because…they know their fucking worth. They own their power. They sell their magic.

It comes down to choice.

Everything you desire already exists in the quantum realm. This is all energetics. It already exists!

The soulmate clients. The money. The lover. The lifestyle. The recognition.

It already exists. But you’ve gotta raise your own frequency. Vibe on up. Step into that frequency. The frequency of the Queen who knows her fucking worth. Who refuses to do anything that isn’t for her highest purpose. Whose magic oozes through her as she wields her powerful energy to command what she desires in her Empire.

It’s a choice.

Rise, Queen, let us see your majestical magic as you step forth into your highest calling and create that Empire!





I work in the darkest aspects of the Human Psyche and within the Realm of the Unconscious.

I see what is Hidden.

I am a powerful Catalyst, Alchemist & Activator who alchemizes Pain into Power.

I work within the Shadow to alchemize Pain into Power & Darkness into Light such as addictions, trauma, abuse (including narcissistic abuse, satanic abuse & sexual abuse), PTSD, self-destructive behaviours, self-sabotage, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, self-worth issues, eating disorders, chronic illness, autoimmune conditions, other health conditions and much, much more.

My services are bespoke to your unique circumstances as I craft powerful Frequency Elixirs within my body to activate you into your Divine Power.

I weave Shadow into Gold.

Alchemizing Pain into Power.

Illusion into Truth.

Darkness into Light.

I take a wholistic approach to your Healing, Transformation & Expansion - meaning - I faciliate powerful shifts within you across all areas of your life.


Whatever needs to leave your Energetic Field - whatever is stagnant within you - is purified by me and activated into Power.

I am a powerful Glitch in your Energetic Field - activating DNA upgrades, cellular regeneration, deep healing multidimensionally/karmically/ancestrally, soul retrieval and disrupting everything around you that is not in alignment with your Highest Divine Power & Truth.

With me - I activate you into your Highest Frequency Consciousness & Divine Power by taking what is raw power within you - the Hidden - and activating it into powerful Divinity.

Anything not serving you will be removed from your life - be that people, beliefs, situations, experiences, energy, karma, soul trauma, ancestral patterns and behaviours.

I activate you through powerful Frequency Medicine that cuts through everything not in alignment with your truest, purest, most Divine Self.

This is my Power that I offer to you.