Surrender…The Art Of Letting Go Of Resistance
March 01, 2019

Ironically I’ve been writing on Facebook a lot this week about the need to surrender to Spirit and the Universe. It’s something I’ve really started to understand a lot these last few months and I wanted to share why it’s so important to learn how to surrender.

What Do I Mean By “Surrender”?

Surrendering isn’t about just putting your hands up and saying “I give up” and allowing your free will, your voice, your power and your life to be taken over. Not in the spiritual sense anway!

When you choose to surrender its actually more about stepping into your power and your own self than it is about stepping out of it. It’s a very powerful act to make…more so than some realise!

What I mean by choosing to surrender is by not fighting circumstances. Not resisting what is coming up in your life. Not running the other way from things or sticking your head in the sand to ignore situations. It’s about owning everything about where you are at and just allowing Spirit/the Universe/God/Source (whatever you choose to believe in) to guide you for your highest purpose. Even when you have no idea what that is! When you surrender, you are choosing to trust in a far greater force than yourself, one you can’t see but can feel around you, and just trust that whatever you are being asked to surrender, it is always for your highest good…even when it doesn’t feel like it at the time.

You see the thing is…the more you resist what you are being asked to step into/to do/to embrace/to let go of…the more you resist this, the more Spirit will ham home the message to surrender. Believe me on this one…stop resisting. Even when you feel like you are some sort of failure by letting go and surrendering to a higher energy, you aren’t a failure.

It takes a fuck ton of courage to admit that you are surrendering to a greater force and just trusting that it will all work out for you.

I’ve had such huge lessons around surrendering this month. Huge!!! And now I see why those lessons came up for me and why I was being asked to surrender.

Without going into too much detail, I’d been sticking my head in the sand about a few things and thinking things would get better. But in actual fact, the more I was sticking my head in the sand (hands over my ears like “la…la…la…la…la” LOL) the more I was resisting the opportunities that the Universe wanted to deliver to me! The more I was resisting the very things I was asking for!

When I finally surrendered to this higher force, I just simply let go of needing to know an outcome. Because that is a very human thing to do. To need to know. To need to have the answers. To need to see exactly how things will work out. Spirit, on the other hand, just want us to have everything we desire for our highest good and I swear they must say at times, “seriously woman, just trust….we are trying to bring you what you want…if you’d just shut up about it and trust it’s coming!!!”.


I often imagine my Spirit Guides with their heads in their hands saying “if only she’d listen…she’d make it easier for herself”. LOL!

That’s what I mean by surrendering. To let go and trust in this higher force and trust that what you want also wants you. That what you are seeking is also seeking you. That every ounce of abundance you ask for…is right there waiting for you to just surrender to needing to figure it out. To just trust that it’s coming.

That…takes courage to do that. To surrender and just trust and let go of an outcome…knowing fully within your heart that it will always work out so long as it is for your highest good.

Why Does It Feel Hard To Surrender?

Because you are so used to resisting things. We are brought up within a 3D society and conditioned to believe that if we want something, we have to go and do the work to go get it. And yes, it’s not about just asking for extra money or a new partner or a new house or new job and just sitting back on our bottoms locked away from the world and doing nothing.

We still have to take inspired and aligned action of course.

But it is about letting go of when it will happen and how it will happen. When you are fixated on an outcome or the whys and hows…you are resisting. This is the Law of Attraction at it’s best!!! And books like The Secret by Rhonda Byrne I feel gloss over the simple act of surrendering (as much as I loved the book when I first read it for learning about the Law of Attraction…I’ve learnt so much more since!). We hear all the time that in order to manifest what you want you have to set affirmations and say them daily and have a vision board etc. Yes, these things work. But I learnt a huge lesson in February…and yesterday…that it really is as simple as just allowing yourself to be in the energy of surrender.

To just trust it’s there. Not worrying about it. Not giving energy to it….by that I mean that needy energy when you really really really want something to happen or need for it to happen and your energy almost repels the very thing you desire because the need for it is so strong.

That’s not how the Law of Attraction works.

The Universe/Spirit/God/Source (again, take your pick with your beliefs) wants you to have everything you desire!

It wants you to have amazing relationships, amazing health, a great bank account and fulfilling work! 

But…you have to surrender to the outcome of how and why and where and when it’ll happen. When you are in that needy energy, you are resisting it. You might be seeing all the angel numbers under the sun about abundance or love or wealth or happiness etc…because yes it’s there for you…but if you are in the energy of needing and wanting it…you repel it and you resist it happening.

It feels hard to surrender…because we aren’t used to doing it. We are taught to go for our goals, to work harder, to love harder, to fight for what we want. It’s all very very masculine energy….like the hustle and the push and the do. Being like this…leaves you resisting. You aren’t allowing things to come to you in the easiest and simplest forms available to you right now if you are stating exactly how/when/where/why it’ll happen. That’s resistance. You have to lean into your feminine energy (remember that we all have both masculine and feminine energy and it’s about balancing the two) to be in the flow of things happening. To just trust it’s happening…without getting too fixated on all the insignificant details. Being in the feminine energy is about reconnecting yourself with your own inner guidance system…your intuition, your Higher Self, Spirit…and just surrendering to it all.