Stop Being So Cunty With Your Ego – It Isn’t A Good Look

Feb 10, 2023

Yep – I’m holding nothing back with this blog post.

I’ve been very quiet on my blog.

Very quiet online.

Transitioning into a deeper version of myself.

Stripping back more and more layers of who I am to unveil a deeper authenticity.

And tonight I was inspired to write this based on the many, many, many shitty social media posts I see from people trying to be “all that” and failing miserably.

We live in a society where people are soooooooo consumed by their fucking image.

So consumed with how they are perceived.

And so consumed with the pretence of not giving a fuck.

And yet – they do.

Give a fuck, that is.

Social media is rife with wannabe rebels. Those who love the thrill of “going against the grain” only because it’s deemed cool and trendy to be a rebel.

Not because they actually are.

Social media is rife with celebrities who fit into this category. Those who will peddle an illusion to themselves that they are “rebelling” in some way when really – they are simply boring as fuck and see rebellious acts as a way to supposedly stand out from the crowd.

You don’t.

Trust me on that, energy never lies.

This is the thing – people are fucking consumed by their Ego.

Consumed by an Ego that wants to be loved, admired, desired and liked.

Consumed by an Ego that wants to be seen as “rebellious” and going against the grain when all they are doing is showing their Ego through silly posts.

It looks cunty.

It really does.

And if you’re someone who is offended by language like that, then I’m really not for you.

There’s something about that word – cunty – that makes words and sentences take on a different edge.

Even though it’s simply a word.

(Side note: I lived in the Australian outback for 3 months in a small mining town – you become accustomed to such language and over there it’s like a term of endearment that just washes over you LOL)

I get so fucking bored on this planet at times.

Being an Alien being. A Starseed. A Galactic Traveller.

I find most humans boring.

And that’s not coming from Ego. I’ve had to battle with that concept over and over again.

It’s simply me looking around and seeing that most people aren’t on the same frequency as me.

I see through illusions. I see through people’s Shadows. Their darkness.

I see the Ego they are wearing as their mask.

I see it all.

And I see so many people in the online space – celebrities, entrepreneurs, general people – just peddling a lie. Peddling an illusion.

Leading with Ego rather than with Truth.

And to me – someone who sees through it all – it just looks, well, really fucking cunty.

People trying to appear “rebellious” for the sake of it because they believe it to be cool.

People trying to appear like they are experiencing the same as others whilst flashing their status for the sake of flashing status (like the British “Influencer” recently who got hauled over the coals for bragging about going to a hotel to stay warm after her boiler broke whilst some people were struggling to even have their heating on let alone no option to go shack up in a hotel).

People buying followers online because they think it makes them look cool to have loads of followers instead of realising it just makes them look sad, desperate and, well, really fucking cunty.

People faking their lifestyles to pretend they are someone they are not because facing up to the reality of their own situation would be too fucking depressing for them.

People flashing designer items bought on credit cards they can’t afford just to appear like they “have it all”.

People getting into arguments online with followers/fans/subscribers who call them out on their fake persona.

People who deactivate their social media profiles in the hope it’ll make people miss them as though people actually give a fuck. They don’t.

I could go on.

At the end of the day, it’s Ego.

All of it is Ego.

And from my perspective – and from many others perspectives – it just looks really really silly.

Like – pathetic even.

People are consumed by their Ego.

Totally consumed by it.

Kids on TikTok concerned about how many likes, followers, views etc they have.

Who gives a fuck?!

Fake “Influencers” on Instagram sharing shitty products they don’t like just because some company somewhere has sent them a big old cheque.

Again, who gives a fuck?!

I would rather see genuine people on the social media accounts I follow.

(Which explains why most of the accounts I follow are animal accounts because I just love seeing animals brighten up my day without being fake as fuck).

I would rather see real fucking people on the social media accounts I follow who stay true to their unique authentic self.

Rather than fake as fuck people and people with a cunty Ego trying to appear “better” than others.

Like the classic “celeb” pic of someone putting their middle finger up at paparazzi or any other camera.

It’s just so – boring.

So lame.

So rooted in Ego.

So – cunty.

Like when some “celebs” moan about being followed by paparazzi. Even though they called them themselves and told them where they’d be (not in all cases, I know, but many “wannabes” need to call them up to put in a word as to where they’ll be so it appears like they are being followed – when they aren’t).

It’s just – so fucking basic.

Such a basic thing to do.

A basic level of consciousness.

Ego doesn’t present with a good luck.

To people who read energy like myself – it just looks ridiculous.

Like the recent Grammy performance from Sam Smith and the blatantly obvious satanic worship going on.

Was there any reason to dress as the Devil and sing shitty satanic lyrics?


So why do so many of them do this? So many singers, celebs, actors etc with their little satanic rituals?!

Because to their Ego – it looks cool. It makes them feel better than others.

“Ooooh so edgy”, people exclaim.

No, it’s not edgy, you just look like sad cunt trying to get attention.

That’s how it really looks.

It’s not edgy to be satanic or peddle satanic photos/videos/lyrics/outfits/shitty satanic hand gestures/one eye symbolism gestures.

It’s not edgy at all.

Nope, it’s a Hive Mind way of being.

Being like every other unoriginal fucker out there who is so desperately trying to appear “original”, “edgy” or “rebellious”.

Nope, you just look like a cunty fucker instead.

With a massive Ego.

I find most celebs quite pathetic if I’m honest.

Caught up in this bullshit facade that people worship them.

(More satanism right there!).

I find the whole “I’m better than you” mentality just so fake.

And I see through it.

Including with people whose music I admire, whose films I admire or those whose business models I admire.

I see through Ego, through illusion, through all things fake.

And yes, I’m a huge rebel against the systems, against the Matrix, against conformity and fitting in.

But I don’t need to go around parading stupid fucking hand signals to show that. Or pretending to be better than others.

I respect people’s journeys of where they’ve come from to where they are now.

And I respect humility.

Staying humble for who you are at the root. When everything is stripped back from you – being truly authentically yourself.

Without any need to parade some silly Ego just to get likes/views/followers/contracts.

That’s just Ego.

At the end of the day, if you’ve built your reputation on being fake, it will come collapsing down. That’s the kind of energies and times we are living through right now.

Be authentic.

Or don’t show up at all.

People want authenticity from those they follow, listen to, watch, buy from and support.

It’s not enough to appear “cool” and “rebellious” with some stupid gestures.

You have to be that person on the inside too and showcase your authenticity – even if it costs you contracts/likes/followers/subscribers/viewers/listeners.

Because without authenticity – you’re simply a nobody.




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