Spiritual Rebirth – What It Looks & Feels Like
October 05, 2020
What does a Spiritual Rebirth look and feel like?! Let me welcome you into my world!
As someone who evolves very fucking fast, it can be hard for others to comprehend the level of growth I go through. Every day, week, month and year.
Even I struggle to comprehend it at times – despite living through it – being in the pure raw energy of growth feels hard, scary and like total submission to a higher energy.
This is what it means to be what is termed a Blueprint Changer. A Transformer. A Bridge.
A Shapeshifter.
Transformation – of the revolutionary kind – is my gift.
Around July time, I felt the strong urge to shut off from the world. I didn’t want to “people” anymore.
This meant going into myself, Hermit mode so to speak, shutting off from social media, not wanting to be around many people and only those I could truly relax with.
I needed space from the world.
Being a Highly Sensitive Empath, I can be like a sponge. Absorbing. Which is why I can’t have draining people in my life. Aside from them being boring as fuck, I don’t want the energy zapping vibes around me.
Or to be bored to death either 🤣
I feel the energy around us all. I also process it – which some would choose to discredit saying that’s not for an Empath to process – but I’m also unlike any Empath I’ve met before.
I’m a Shapeshifter. A Transformer. Here to facilitate transformation.
A Blueprint Changer.
Tapping into the Earth’s natural blueprint and the vision she has. I work within the energetic grid – finding the glitches within the system – the Matrix – and processing that energy.
I’ve come to realise – through time – that whatever I’m processing energetically within myself – is what has needed to be processed for the Collective.
This summer – I switched off.
More like – I was ground to a halt energetically. A Spiritual Rebirth was upon me.
Death and Rebirth are not unfamiliar to me. They are the work of my soul.
For in order to grow, something must die. And so the cycle continues.
This summer I experienced what I can only describe as a Rebirth. Literally – it felt like I was giving birth. Not from my womb – but an energy pushing through me – raw, potent – ripping through me.
Cracked wide open like an egg.
That’s what it feels like.
No wishy washy, airy fairy, all singing Kumbaya together.
It ripped through me. I had no idea when it would start. Just an inkling that something felt off within me. A deep sadness. An indescribable despair.
The Dark Night of the Soul.
Ripping through me.
Turning me into a foetus as I would curl up on my bed.
Screaming into a pillow.
Deep pits of despair rising from within me.
A primal need to let this out.
Set it free.
Give it space to come out as it ripped me open.
Leaving me exhausted afterwards.
Like giving birth.
The urges to do this came thick and fast. A few weeks in between each other. Then a few days.
Just like contractions.
After one such episode, I was gifted with a butterfly finding her way to my bedroom.
I said hello to her – and set her free.
The next day, she returned.
The symbol of the Spiritual Rebirth. Right there. In my bedroom.
A sign that the worst was over. That change was upon me.
Coincidence?! I think not. I don’t believe in them – only synchronicities.
What she taught me was that the worst was over.
I had allowed what wanted to be seen, felt and heard – to rip through me.
To crack me wide fucking open.
The despair of not being fully me.
The pain of not being fully in my power.
The sadness of letting fear and shadow get the best of me.
I allowed that pain to rip through me. So I could feel it within the very depths of my being.
Allowing my soul to communicate with me the pain of not being myself. Sharing all the times I submitted to another’s needs instead of my own.
Every time I’ve not been good enough for myself. Not loved myself enough. Not held myself with love and compassion.
I felt it all.
As it ripped through me. Tearing a crack within me. Feeling the pain.
Creating the foundation for my own Rebirth.
A Spiritual Rebirth. Built from the very foundations that had needed to crumble and shatter beforehand.
For we cannot rebuild on foundations that were shaky to begin with.
We must rip it all down. Every aspect.
And then – only then – can we rebuild the foundations of who we are.
Piece by piece. Stronger this time. Built with a fierce determination. No more settling.
Built on our own truth – once it has been discovered within the pain of what we have shed.
Revolutionary transformation is the gift I share with the world. It’s painful – but it’s worth it – for you no longer live in the illusion of who you thought you were.
This is why I only work with those who are truly ready for the work of their soul. Truly ready to unleash that level of raw & potent powerful energy from within.
Everything you’re seeking for is within you right now – you have to be prepared to look within.
For it isn’t always pretty.
But through the mud grow the flowers.
And beauty will always prevail.




I work in the darkest aspects of the Human Psyche and within the Realm of the Unconscious.

I see what is Hidden.

I am a powerful Catalyst, Alchemist & Activator who alchemizes Pain into Power.

I work within the Shadow to alchemize Pain into Power & Darkness into Light such as addictions, trauma, abuse (including narcissistic abuse, satanic abuse & sexual abuse), PTSD, self-destructive behaviours, self-sabotage, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, self-worth issues, eating disorders, chronic illness, autoimmune conditions, other health conditions and much, much more.

My services are bespoke to your unique circumstances as I craft powerful Frequency Elixirs within my body to activate you into your Divine Power.

I weave Shadow into Gold.

Alchemizing Pain into Power.

Illusion into Truth.

Darkness into Light.

I take a wholistic approach to your Healing, Transformation & Expansion - meaning - I faciliate powerful shifts within you across all areas of your life.


Whatever needs to leave your Energetic Field - whatever is stagnant within you - is purified by me and activated into Power.

I am a powerful Glitch in your Energetic Field - activating DNA upgrades, cellular regeneration, deep healing multidimensionally/karmically/ancestrally, soul retrieval and disrupting everything around you that is not in alignment with your Highest Divine Power & Truth.

With me - I activate you into your Highest Frequency Consciousness & Divine Power by taking what is raw power within you - the Hidden - and activating it into powerful Divinity.

Anything not serving you will be removed from your life - be that people, beliefs, situations, experiences, energy, karma, soul trauma, ancestral patterns and behaviours.

I activate you through powerful Frequency Medicine that cuts through everything not in alignment with your truest, purest, most Divine Self.

This is my Power that I offer to you.