YouTube Video – Using Your Spiritual Awakening As A Catalyst For Your Growth

Mar 19, 2019

Using your spiritual awakening to grow

In this video I talk about how you can use your Spiritual Awakening as a catalyst for your GROWTH! Spiritual awakenings can be hard because we are basically brought back to rediscovering who we are. We are forced to let go of beliefs about ourselves and the world around us and to be in a more grounded state of being. A spiritual awakening, as I like to joke, literally chews you up and spits you back out – but this is how you GROW from a spiritual awakening. I live by the mantra “it’s happening FOR ME and not TO ME” which means that I see every experience as happening for me and my growth.

A spiritual awakening doesn’t have to be scary when you choose to see it from the mindset of HOW it can help you to grow and how it can be a HUGE catalyst for becoming who your soul came here to be and stepping into your soul’s purpose.


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