What Happens When You Don’t Listen To Your Soul
February 19, 2019

Do you ever just look around you at everyone going about their lives and wonder to yourself, “Are you really following your soul and are in alignment with your soul’s purpose…or just living day by day and feeling disillusioned?”

Maybe that’s very esoteric of me (if that’s the right word!) but I feel this a lot and see into the lives of others and wonder if they are truly happy…or just going along with life because they have no other reason to question the feelings of misalignment within themselves.

I’m a pretty deep thinker. Perhaps because of my many lifetimes and my ancient soul LOL.

I used to be one of those people.

Going about my life, never truly feeling satisfied at a deeper level. Yes, there were areas of my life that I was happy with and felt contentment with. But in other areas there was a disconnect. Like something was missing. Like a part of me was missing.

My first run in with depression started when I came back from a year of travelling back in 2005….after a whole year of being a free spirit with my round-the-world ticket (I saw 7 countries in that year…one of the best years of my life!). I came back to real life and got a job and tried to fit back in with everything. But I’d left a part of my soul in Australia and all the other countries I’d travelled to which had filled me up so much!

Within 6 weeks of being back, depression hit me. I’d never experienced depression before and it started with insomnia which linked in with depression and these feelings of despair and a lack of direction and confusion about what I was supposed to be doing with my life.

Over the next 9 years I experienced depression a further 2 times. Always because I felt disconnected from who I was and what I was supposed to be doing. I truly felt like a lost soul. And this was before my spiritual awakening when things became clearer for me.

Depression came and went for me…I’d end up changing a situation in my life and feeling better, but then it would creep up again. Mainly around my job, because I didn’t feel like I was noticed and felt unimportant. I kid you not, in one job I could have just sat and surfed the internet all day if I wanted to because the manager was so uninterested in what anyone was doing. And I didn’t want to be in that energy, I wanted to feel valued for my contribution in that work space.

But the depression continued, up and down, it’d go then come back on again, always just lurking in the background waiting for a time to raise it’s ugly head again because I wasn’t feeling satisfied with my life.

Having my daughter Maya changed things for me when I took the last of the happy pills in Spring 2014 because I knew I wanted to get pregnant that year and didn’t want the happy pills in my system. Despite experiencing some post-natal depression after having Maya, she was the key to me getting out of a job that made me miserable and stressed the fuck out of me (thanks to yet another shitty manager who was like an ogre LOL). Right before I got pregnant I’d decided to look for another job, then found out I was pregnant and saw that as my ticket out of there LOL.

Yes, being a mother is part of my purpose in this life, but it’s not my bigger purpose. As a Visionary, what I see ahead for me is fucking huge…and exciting!!! Becoming a mother was just the start of me stepping into my purpose. I truly believe that children come into our lives for a reason, to get us to appreciate life again and see the world through the eyes of a child and with complete wonder for what the world has in store…to fall in love with all the smaller details that would seem insignificant to an adult without the presence of a child.

When you aren’t listening to your soul, you feel out of alignment. Disconnected from yourself. I saw a quote from Jim Carrey last week that rang so true for me, “Depression is your avatar telling you it’s tired of being the character you’re trying to play” . By tuning into the feelings you are feeling, it’s a GPS from your soul to tell you where you should be going. And by feeling completely off and experiencing things like depression/stress/anxiety, it’s a clear indicator that your soul is tired of trying to play the character you are forcing yourself to play….instead of saying fuck it and doing what lights you up from within.

When you aren’t listening to your soul, life just feels hard. You get caught up in situations or experiences or connected with people that just don’t serve your highest purpose. It feels draining as fuck. Stuck in that endless cycle of just living…but when you ask yourself deep down if you are truly living, you find yourself answering (with a sigh) that no you aren’t truly living, you’re just existing.

What is the point of just existing?!

You are a magical fucking being….and you deserve to live a life that fills you with so much joy and passion and excitement and freedom to just be whoever the fuck you want to be and do what lights you the fuck up!

That…is truly living.

The way you feel about things, whether you are super sensitive to energy like myself or not, is your soul’s GPS. And if you are feeling out of alignment, then you aren’t listening to your soul. And you are ignoring your true purpose and what you came here to fulfil in this life.

And no, I’m not saying that when you are living your soul’s purpose that it’s all about magical fairytales and unicorns, because after all, we are still human and being human does come with challenges, even when you are living your soul’s purpose. There are still things that come up for you that’ll test you and push you to grow more and more – because what’s the point of staying stuck at one level, when you can continue to grow and evolve your soul?!

But when you are listening to your soul, and following it’s calling, choosing to tune into where you are being called to go (even if it doesn’t make sense in the moment!), you are already on the path of feeling more fulfilled and more in alignment. Because you are listening. And not listening with your ears, you are listening with your feelings, with your thoughts, with how something speaks to you on an energetic level. That’s how your soul communicates with you – through thoughts, feelings and energy.

And when you start showing up for your soul and showing up as the person you came here to be, you’ll be amazed at what opportunities start opening for you. What doors open, what people you meet, what experiences you have. We are always evolving and the whole point of tuning into listening to your soul is to help you get out of the ego mind so that you fully connect with your soul self and live how you intended to live in this life before you incarnated.

Living your soul’s purpose should fill you up with joy and excitement and wonderment and just a sense of calmness as you connect with yourself at a deeper level. It shouldn’t make you feel icky or feel bad or feel disillusioned. You’re on the wrong path if you are feeling like that. Even if you are following your soul’s calling and doing something that aligns with what your soul chose for this life, such as creating the business you’ve been guided to create, if it still feels hard or that you are never catching a break, then ask yourself what are you doing that is putting you out of alignment with where you are supposed to be going with your business.

How can you start listening to your soul?

Here are some pointers to help you tune in more with what your soul is trying to communicate with you!

  • Meditation – now those who know me well, know that I rarely meditate (I’m working on it because I know the values of it!) but meditation is really about switching your conscious mind off and tuning into your inner thoughts, into your subconscious and connecting with your Higher Self. Meditation helps you to gain clarity with situations and focus; and allows ideas to come to you freely that you probably would miss if you weren’t in this state of quiet and stillness.
  • Feelings – these are a great guidance system to tune into. Even if you aren’t clairsentient or an Empath like myself, you can still tune into your feelings and how certain experiences or situations or people make you feel. Such as if there’s a heaviness surrounding someone or something and it just feels like you are dragging your feet through thick mud, it’s a sign you aren’t in alignment. If things feel lighter and if there are butterflies in your stomach about doing something, then carry on and take that leap!
  • Physical ailments – these are great for understanding if you are completely out of alignment with your soul! Like the Sunday night headaches or stomach ache you get before you have to go back to work the next day. Or the physical sickness you feel when you are in certain situations or around certain people or having certain experiences. They are all a sign that you aren’t in alignment.
  • Your interests and key skills – look at what lights you up, what things do you love to do, what comes naturally to you, what gets you fired up that you could just do over and over again. These get you feeling lit up because you are supposed to be doing them, you are supposed to be using them etc. Do more of these – like if being out in nature lights you up, then how can you do that more? If being creative in your work gets you all excited, then how can you do more of this or start incorporating it into your business? If people naturally turn to you for advice and you hit the nail on the head every time with them, then how can you do more of this in your job or business?
  • Journaling – this is a great tool to use to really tune into your soul, into your Higher Self and into your subconscious. Just writing and writing and allowing the writing to flow out of you (like automatic writing) without stopping to think or question it. You can start by writing a question at the top of the page such as, “How can I feel more in alignment with who I am?”and just write and see what comes up without questioning it.

Are you listening to your soul? Are you following that inner GPS system? How can you start aligning more with who you are and what you are supposed to be doing?





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