Shamanic Journey To Remember Who We Are Through Death & Rebirth
April 08, 2021
My Spiritual Awakening in 2017 took me on a Shamanic Journey of powerful Death & Rebirth to remember who I am and reclaim my powerful Truth.
The nudges and callings.
The whispers to journey within.
It was 2018 when I left my toxic marriage that I really journeyed within and started on my shamanic journey.
I began my initiation as a Shamanic Priestess. Which took 2 years to complete as I stripped everything away from me that wasn’t Truth and wasn’t based in my true Authentic Self.
In 2018, I experienced my own Rebirth.
My marriage crumbled, I became a single parent to a then 3 year old, had no job, a new business, no self worth and fuck all money.
What I did have though was thirst.
A thirst for more.
A desire to quench my thirst with a journey into the deepest, darkest depths of myself.
To truly uncover my Truth. No matter how rocky the terrain appeared to be.
To pick the forbidden fruit from the Garden of Eden itself.
The Fruit of Transformation.
Of Rebirth.
As I leaned into who I am and started to peel away the many, many layers of illusion, conditioning and untruths which many of us adopt as the truth of who we are.
Like a snake, I shed my skin.
Painful at first. But truly, truly liberating.
A snake never cries for the skin it left behind. It moves on.
2018 was the beginning of my Rebirth.
The start of my Shamanic Journey.
Journeying within.
Seeking my own Truth. My own Authenticity.
To truly be myself. Fully unique. Fully me.
The UnBecoming.
When you venture into your Inner Darkness and into your pain that has been hidden away such as the pain of not being fully, wholly, uniquely and divinely You – you are required to dig within the dirt and find your treasure.
The Gold is always deeply buried within as we go on a journey into ourself.
The treasure is the Truth of who you are.
Your Authentic Self.
Back in the Ancient Egypt times, the Dead were prepared for their journey into the Afterlife.
Embalmed and then placed into their tomb with whatever riches they had acquired in their earthly state to take with them on their journey into the Next Life.
Anubis, God of the Dead, oversaw the Journey of the Dead.
Leading them to the Next Life.
Journeying with them as they transitioned from mortal to immortal.
Facilitating the Rebirth.
A highly Shamanic Journey.
My powerful Healing, Priestessing & Confidante Services invite you to experience a powerfully activating and healing Shamanic Journey with me.
Unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.
As I facilitate a remember of who you are as your truest, purest and most Divine Self.
Removing the illusion.
Activating you deeply within – across all Space, Time & Dimensions – multidimensionally.
To reclaim your most Authentic Self and powerful Truth.
To become Whole.