Humanity’s Shift To Higher Consciousness and The Role of Saturn As Our Teacher
December 03, 2020

We are in a time of great change.

A period of time that humanity has not witnessed for millenia.

The crumbling of the old.

Systems. Beliefs. Structures. Paradigms.


Falling away.


Humanity is ready to ascend.

We have become complacent with who we are. 

Alas, we have forgotten the truth of who we are.

We have separated ourselves from that God Source energy within us all.

Greed. Corruption. Patriarchy. Ego. Materialism.

Separation from Self and from Others including from Gaia herself and every being we share the planet with.

The time has come.

Humanity, as a Collective, is shifting.

What we are experiencing right now with the current world events including division from others, COVID-19 and world leaders seeking to exert authoritarian control on the masses in this new dystopian society is what must be.

These are our birthing pains.

As we birth ourselves anew.

In order to create something new, something old has to die.

The complacency of who we are. Living a lie. Illusions we have adopted as truths. Forgoing our own truth and living in a mindless state of amnesia about who we truly are.

Forgetting that we are Divinity Incarnate here on Earth. That the God Source lives within us all. Within every Being here on Earth.

That we get to be the Creators of our Destiny.

That we do not have to settle for living a life that does not make us happy. Plugged into the system – the Matrix – go to work, pay your taxes, retire at 65 and then die.

We are all being asked to step into our role as Creator.

To co-create with the Universe.

To dissolve beliefs that do not serve our Highest Potential.

To see through the Veil of Illusion that has kept humanity trapped and plugged in.

We are witnessing a great change within Humanity as a Collective.

2020 was the beginning of our Collective Rebirth.

The lockdowns, the rules, the rioting, the job losses, the restrictions – they are all birthing pains.

As the patriarchy makes a last ditch attempt to hold onto control.

As Humanity itself runs in fear from the skeletons in our closets that are being exposed.

Shadow and deep-rooted trauma at a Collective level.

Built over millennia.

But you cannot control what is already Destined and is already written in the Cosmos.

Astrology shows us the way. 

The Age of Aquarius is upon us. As represented by The Star card in the Tarot.

Aquarius is The Guiding Star.

Representing the Collective.

Guiding us from the Darkness into the Light as a Collective.

2020 has been about The Rebirth.

Death is part of the Rebirth.

Destruction and chaos create order and a new way of being.

From the chaos comes the Creation.

We are shifting. Gaia is shifting. 

We come together in Unity for the Truth.

That we shall no longer be enslaved within patriarchal systems. That we get to choose our life. Create our life.

That we get to honour the Truth of who we are and step into our Destiny.

That we get to live freely during our time on Earth.

Whatever that may be for each of us individually.

The Rise is coming.

It will not be easy. We have already felt the pains of the restrictions this year.

But, we survived.

We found our strength to continue in the face of adversity during the times that most felt like all hope was lost.

Searching for answers as to what was happening.

In the Darkness, we found our strength. Our courage.

December 2020 marks a powerful energetic shift.

I am already feeling the energies that are to come – and I feel giddy and excited – with a deep inner peace within me -despite knowing what will come to pass initially. 

The Growing Pains.

As a Futurist, I can feel into the energies way ahead of us and into various timelines. These are the same energies I felt at the beginning of March 2020 before Saturn shifted briefly into Aquarius. I could feel the revolutionary freedom coming through. 

Despite the fact that the UK entered into a full blown lockdown 3 days after Saturn moved into Aquarius along with most other countries around this date.

At the 0 degree. The Beginning. The Growing Pains.

This resulted in enhanced fear within the Collective. Mass restrictions. People forced to stay in their homes. Businesses closed down. Only essential travel to buy food or go to work if you couldn’t work from home.

People put on furlough. People losing their jobs. Mass fear and scaremongering created at a Collective level.

The Shadow aspects of humanity were triggered and everyone’s Shadow came out to play.

Fear. Scarcity. Rule-abiders. Division.

In December 2020, the 2 Giants of our Solar System, Saturn and Jupiter, leave Capricorn behind and move into Aquarius.

From slow & steady Earth energy (Capricorn) to quick-thinking & rapid changing Air (Aquarius).

Saturn is the natural ruler of Capricorn. Saturn is the planet of restrictions, karmic teachings, rules and regulations.

Saturn will show you where you’ve been comfortable for too long and will show you where you still have work to do to move beyond this.

Placing restrictions for you to learn and grow through.

Capricorn is the sign of ambitions and goals but the shadow side of Capricorn is to become too consumed with the material. Capricorn also rules governments and this is where we have seen a lot of restrictions during this Saturn in Capricorn transit – through the governments.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion. Jupiter is the Visionary of our Solar System. The one who shows us what we cannot see yet.

Here, we have 2 opposing forces. Restriction and expansion.

Coincidentally, Death & Rebirth.

These 2 energies have been joining forces in Capricorn for the last 12 months. Alongside Pluto, the planet linked to deeper transformation and who is synonymous with the Death & Rebirth cycle.

The Cosmos is always talking to us through energy.

December 2020 marks a shift in energy when these 2 Giants of our Solar System, Saturn & Jupiter, leave Capricorn behind and enter into Aquarius.

Aquarius: Freedom-loving. Rebellious. Futuristic. Technological advancements. Collective Energy.

They meet together in the skies on 21st December. The Winter Solstice. It’s no coincidence I’ve already predicted a huge reveal and u-turn with the US Elections around this date.

The energy I feel as these 2 Giants prepare to move signs is one of giddy freedom. And of peace. The same energy I felt in March 2020. Knowing that there is more chaos to come which will pave the way for freedom as a Collective Revolution ensues. 

The chaos coming from more restrictions being enforced when Saturn reaches the 29th degree of Capricorn, the Anaretic Degree, that one final push to teach us the lessons of Capricorn. 

That we cannot become too consumed with the material without accessing the spiritual. That we cannot become too complacent with our lives, too comfortable, because it leaves a gap for the rug to be pulled.

Saturn is that rug.

Aquarius is the Bridge between the 2 worlds. Between the materialistic, goal-driven & ambitions of Capricorn and the Spiritual & Karmic Past of Pisces.

I expect to see extra restrictions imposed upon us all or last ditch attempts by the corrupt goverments and Elites to impose their powers upon the masses when Saturn reaches that final degree of Capricorn on 7th December where he stays until 17th December before moving into Aquarius. 

A kind of  “Are you really going to go along with everything we say?” kind of approach. To open the floor up for those to either see through the illusion and awaken to the truth…or to continue to believe the illusion and by into believing that this corrupt politicians and world leaders are our apparent “saviours”.

Especially in light of a potential COVID-19 vaccine being “discovered” and ready to be rolled out to the public.

This is part of the totalitarianism. It’s part of the plot. To make people so reliant upon another (the narrative of “they have a vaccine, I’ll take it, it’ll make me feel safe“) that the do not question their own doubts, fears or intuition.

This is the Shadow aspect of Saturn in Capricorn.

This period of time, 7th – 17th December will mark Saturn’s attempts to make one final push to show us where we have been seeking to skip steps in our lives and where we have been hiding in the Shadows. 

Where, once again, we have become too complacent. Too reliant on others.

Despite the lockdowns at the start of the year and people either being forced to go on furlough, to work from home if they could or give up work, some have become comfortable again.

Comfortable with their Shadow. Seeking comfort in the complacent actions such as not wanting to go back to working in an office, doing the daily commute and working longer hours when they can work from the comfort of their homes.

Comfort in holding onto jobs that don’t inspire them and create chronic illness and stress within them because it’s a job and they believe in the illusion that they should be grateful for any job during these chaotic times.

Comfort in staying in toxic relationships because the fear of leaving is too great.

The comfort becomes the prison.

Fear of the unknown.

Once again, putting their own dreams and desires to the back of their mind as they plug into the system that keeps us enslaved.


Collectively, Saturn in the Anaretic Degree will bring up more fear within those who are still hiding in the dark of who they are.

Still putting off going after their goals and ambitions because they find it safer to stay in the comfort of where they are. The illusion being that to most, it isn’t comfortable to stay in a dead-end job or one that creates massive burnout.

And it sure isn’t comfortable to stay in a dead-end relationship either but most are fearful of leaving because of the shakiness of the economy.

Enslavement to The Matrix once again.

Fearing the unknown.

And so people stay. Trapped. Enslaved within their own perceived comforts which are simply an illusion.

Believing that they cannot do anything about this situation they are faced with.

Saturn is not to be feared. He gets a lot of stick in astrology as being one of the Malefics of the Solar System. Alongside Pluto and Mars.

I choose to see astrology differently. I see Saturn differently. In fact, he’s my favourite planet, alongside Pluto.

We only fear what we do not understand.

I also have Anaretic Saturn in my birth chart. I am all too familiar with the challenges that Saturn can present us with and the challenges that we will face when Saturn moves to this Anaretic degree of Capricorn on 7th December 2020.

I’m all too familiar with Saturn sitting my ass down in my chair to learn when I have tried to skip steps in my life and jump to the finish line instead of embracing lessons that Saturn has brought me through the many challenges I’ve faced.

Saturn is the Teacher.

Daddy Karma. The King of Time. The Time Lord.

Saturn measures time. He teaches us the lessons of staying the course with something. That in order to master something, you must stay the course of time with it.

Saturn is the Teacher at school that you hated because they pushed you to succeed over and over again.

Getting you to sit down and study. To retake exams. To do your homework. To learn over and over and over again until you knew something and it made sense to you.

The Teacher who punished you for skipping classes, school or forgetting your homework because they knew that this only hindered your own growth.

The Teacher who singled you out to answer questions when you didn’t put your hand up because they knew you had the answers deep within you. But you were too scared to be seen as the Know It All.

Saturn is that Teacher. The one who pushed you to succeed over and over again…because they saw what you truly had to offer the world and they saw your potential.

If only you would listen. If only you would learn. If only you would commit to doing the work instead of looking for shortcuts.

Saturn is that Teacher. Or that parent (Saturn is traditionally connected with a father figure but energies can be reversed depending on who you experienced the most friction with). The one you may have thought badly of because of everything they pushed you to do.

Constantly on your case to do better.

Push. Push. Push.

Until, one day, you could look back on that time and see that they only ever had your best interests at heart.

They saw within you what you couldn’t yet see. They saw what you were capable of and pushed you beyond your own perceived limits.

That is Saturn.

In Capricorn, Saturn has been pushing us to see where we have become too focussed on the material plane. Too focussed on ambition and goals without creating balance in our lives for our family, loved ones, friends or Self.

Where we have become too complacent in our surroundings. Too comfortable.

Or where we have continued to take risks without realising the consequences of our actions and now those actions are coming back to teach us a lesson.

And they can bite…hard.

In Capricorn, and this will depend on which of the Zodiac’s 12 houses Saturn has been transiting for you, Saturn has been teaching us about the hard slog of going after our goals and ambitions.

Of facing the consequences of where we have sought to skip steps.

He has been teaching us about hard work. Of discipline. That in order to achieve something, you must commit to it and stay the course of time.

Saturn is the Taskmaster of the Zodiac.

That you must bear witness to every action you have taken that has come from a lack of trust in oneself and a lack of belief.

Where you sought to look outside of yourself for growth and answers, instead of going within.

That you cannot skip steps. That you cannot create from a wish and prayer without taking action and doing the work.

This is why I have seen the Law of Attraction teachings -made so famous in 2006 by The Secret – start to fall apart. Those who built their successes on teaching about manifestation, on wishy washy spirituality and LoA based on purely having a desire and wishing for it but failing to take action or do the hard work necessary to create lasting change.

Those who taught about simply believing and raising your vibration but who didn’t get into the nitty-gritty of the energetics behind how manifestation works.

We can all manifest things.

But true manifestation comes in the form of laying solid concrete energetic foundations from which to create solid, stable manifestation that lasts.

When we have done the groundwork (cleared our shit out aka the shadow programming). Laid the foundations (a new energetic framework that we operate all our thoughts, beliefs and desires through). 

And now it is time to build.

The wishy washy Law of Attraction teachings of late have skipped over a lot of steps. And whilst they can work for a while, sooner or later people find that they stop manifesting. That they stop manifesting at the level they’ve manifested at before. Or, they manifest something and then find that another challenge presents itself and they get trapped in this endless cycle of gaining then losing.

Like wanting to manifest an extra £1000 to pay for a holiday and then getting hit with an unexpected tax bill or the car breaking down a few days later.

Because people have sought to skip steps. If you cannot hold the frequency of that money, that partner, that life, that desire – whatever it may be – if your energetic foundations cannot hold that frequency, it will fail to exist for you.

And it will collapse.

Leaving people in an endless cycle of manifesting and losing. Like those online Entrepreneurs I see who have managed to create 6 and 7 figure businesses with apparent ease, only to then struggle to get beyond the next level.

Or, far worse, losing it all.

Because it was built on a lack of truth and integrity. 

I have seen people like that online. Plenty of Spiritual Entrepreneurs & Online Influencers seemingly growing out of nowhere. Fast. Only to have the House of Cards come crumbling down around them.

That is Saturn.

When something is built on a lack of integrity, it will crumble. The steps cannot be skipped. The work to secure the foundations must be done.

It’s like trying to build a house with foundations that don’t go deep enough into the ground. Or instead of making them out of solid concrete, you chose a cheaper more flimsy material.

This is what it looks like when trying to skip steps by not investing in the right materials (energetic foundations) and then expecting the house (the manifestation) to stay upright when the rains come.

It won’t. It will collapse. 

This is what Saturn in Capricorn has been trying to teach us for the last 3 years. That in order to create something – your ambitions, your goals, your material desires and your desires for stability – that you must lay the foundations well.


You must do the work. Knuckle down. Be prepared to face up to your Shadows, face up to where you have tried to find shortcuts in your life, where you have tried to find an alternative means of creating long-lasting stability (Capricorn) by using quick fixes.

Where you have created things out of integrity and now you’re being faced with the harsh reality of facing those consequences.

Where you have sought comfort (job stability) instead of going after your true dreams (to be an Entrepreneur) because you were too scared to take the risks and therefore sold out on your dreams.

Where you have sought to create more income at the expense of your health.

Where you have sought to maintain a relationship when it was already dead because you feared being alone too much.

Whatever is built on an untruth – on illusion – cannot be maintained.

Saturn in Capricorn teaches us that quick fixes don’t work. In time, they will cost you more in the long-term. Like trying to cheat your way through an exam, sooner or later it’ll come back to bite you on the ass and you’ll have to redo it all over again.

But, whatever you have knuckled down with during this Saturn in Capricorn transit, whatever Shadows and skeletons in the closet you have faced up to, whatever hard work you have done to create stability in your life, whatever path you have taken without seeking to cut corners – you will be rewarded.

Saturn rewards those who do the work. Those committed to the discipline of the task at hand. Those who understand that there are no shortcuts to be had. That to stand the test of time (Saturn is the King of Time), you have to build your life on solid foundations.

Choosing to see every challenge and obstacle as an opportunity for growth.

That nobody becomes Master of Time through quick fixes or sticking their head in the sand and refusing to face up to the consequences of their actions.

This the legacy that Saturn in Capricorn is leaving us with before he moves into Aquarius. He won’t return to Capricorn for another 27 years. 

His legacy is that to create a solid and stable life, you must knuckle down to do the work to create the strong and solid foundations. That wishing on a prayer won’t cut it. You must take the action, especially the uncomfortable action to do the work.

That you must face your fears – your Shadows – head on and see where they present you with the opportunity to grow. Even when the growth feels hard and uncomfortable, which it is, you cannot skip this and stick your head in the sand.

That anything created out of integrity (whether a business, a career, a relationship or your finances etc) will present itself to you with the opportunity to rebuild afresh. Creating long-lasting stability.

Saturn rewards the Doers. Those who are prepared to “do” even when it feels uncomfortable and challenging.

These are his lessons. He is the Eternal Teacher of the Cosmos.

And as the energies shift into Aquarius mid-December 2020 – when the 2 Titans of our Solar System, Jupiter and Saturn move signs – we are faced with new opportunities to embrace who we are collectively.

To find our freedom through others. To revolutionize who we are. To embrace the unknown – no longer fearing it – and to come together collectively during this highly anticipated energetic shift.

Things will be uncomfortable.

We are still presented with the COVID-19 bullshit. The patriarchy seeks to put out a vaccine. To numb the masses even more and create a more subserviant society.

But – the people will rebel.

A revolution is coming as people decide that they will no longer be at the beck and call of the governments (Capricorn) and want to embrace a newer freedom together (Aquarius).

Seeking to advance ourselves and society beyond the patriarchal control.

To forgo The Matrix and see through the illusion as more and more awaken to their own inner truth.

As more and more “unplug” themselves from the systems.

This is the energy of Saturn and Jupiter moving into Aquarius in December 2020.

This is the Revolution that is coming.

Freedom is the Revolution.